Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 345

Chapter 345

"Look, he's here," Father Quan smiled as he watched Mo Ting and Tangning enter the hall. He then gestured for Quan Ye to stand up.

Second Master Mo also spotted Mo Ting, but his eyes did not remain on him. After all, he had already seen his face for many decades; it wasn't anything new. Instead, he placed his eyes on the woman by his side, Tangning.

At first glance, this young lady felt quite cold but she didn't seem arrogant; she was quiet with a non-intimidating gaze. Those around her naturally felt comfortable.

Originally, the entire family had expected this nephew of his to remain a bachelor forever. Who would have thought he'd finally be awoken.

However, would someone from the entertainment industry be clean?

"Come sit. Were you stuck in traffic?" Second Master Mo immediately asked.

He originally thought, no matter what reason Mo Ting had for being late, he would create an excuse for him: traffic. However...

Mo Ting pulled out the chair like a gentleman and helped Tangning sit before pulling out his own chair and replying, "There was no traffic."

Second Master Mo's expression changed. Meanwhile, Quan Ye and Father Quan's expression wasn't any better. 

Tangning glanced at Second Master Mo and back at Mo Ting. She noticed the smirk on Mo Ting's face and quickly responded, "I am so sorry. I was the one stuck in traffic. Mo Ting was only late because he was waiting for me. I feel really bad for having made you all wait."

As soon as Second Master Mo heard this, his face warmed up before he looked approvingly at Tangning.

At this time, Mo Ting grabbed Tangning's hand under the table, rubbed it a few times and buried it in his palm.

Tangning understood Mo Ting had done this on purpose to give her a chance to perform and gain a good impression.

"It's no big deal," Father Quan waved his hand. He then pointed at Tangning and said to Second Master Mo, "I know who this young lady is. She's been in the news quite often lately." 

On the surface, Father Quan seemed to be praising Tangning's popularity and fame. But, in reality, he was trying to hint that she wasn't someone simple.

After hearing Father Quan's words, Second Master Mo asked Mo Ting, "You know about this?"

"Of course."

"Good," Second Master Mo completely trusted Mo Ting's judgment. Since he had brought her to such an important meeting, she definitely meant something to him. It wasn't easy for Mo Ting to dispose of the single life, so Second Master Mo wasn't going to let her escape.

As a result, he decided to put in a few good words for Tangning, "It's normal for young people to be fresh and vigorous. Of course, compared to Quan Ye, we still have a long way to go."

In other words: 'How dare you ridicule my niece-in-law when your son changes three women a day?'

In actual fact, the two elders were merely here to put on a show. In the world of business, a sword had no eyes. They had already hurt each other so many times, there was no way they could truly be friends.

Of course, Father Quan was rendered speechless by Second Master Mo. After quite some time, he finally returned to the main topic, "I feel really bad that Quan Ye couldn't keep his mouth shut and has created trouble for Mo Ting..."

"Old Man Quan, did you think everything would be forgiven just because you said you 'feel bad?'" Mo Ting asked.

"President Mo, if you have the ability, you should go prove yourself to the media. Was it necessary for you to complain to my father?" Quan Ye asked with a frivolous tone and arrogant att.i.tude. It appeared he had no intention to apologize. Of course, Mo Ting wasn't here to get an apology from him either. 

"Shut your mouth!" Father Quan roared at Quan Ye angrily, "Apart from playing with women all day, what else can you do?"

"I don't understand. Does Star King need to be suppressed by Hai Rui?"

"It seems President Quan has his objections," Mo Ting looked at the father and son as he lifted his eyebrows. At this time, Second Master Mo did not intend to step in, he just wanted to concentrate on watching the show.

"Let's compete, so you can prove to me that you are a real man?" Quan Ye squinted lazily at Mo Ting.

"Let's do it then," Mo Ting replied swiftly.

"What do you want to compete with me against?"

"Since we have everything we need here, then let's compete for one thing at a time. I'll let you decide on the challenge. We will have 5 rounds. As long as you win one, I'll consider you the victor."

Victory with one win!

Let's not mention Quan Ye, even Tangning was a little surprised by Mo Ting's offer. Victory with one win; how much disdain and shame did this represent?

Quan Ye's face turned red as he stood up from his seat, "Since we are men, we should speak with our fists. The first round, let's compete in boxing."

"You asked for it..." Mo Ting gave a refined smile.

"A word of warning though, I plan to let the media in," Second Master Mo pointed to the furiously photo-snapping reporters.

Originally, Second Master Mo thought Mo Ting would disagree. But, he instead answered in an unexpected way, "Up to you." He then stood up and pulled Tangning up with him, "In 10 minutes, I'll see you in the boxing ring. Let's go get ready."

"Just because you are getting ready, why do you need to take..." Second Master Mo looked at the couple and questioned.

Mo Ting's expression remained composed as he lifted an eyebrow, "I need her."

After speaking, he led Tangning towards the boxing stadium, disregarding the media at the entrance.

Second Master Mo turned around and sighed. He suddenly realized, his normally emotionless nephew had this other side of him - what a shock. 

Quan Ye watched as the couple left. He then stood up and also headed for the stadium.

"Should we go too?" Second Master Mo said to Father Quan.

"Let's go have a look."

In actual fact, Father Quan was also curious how his son compared to others.

Not long after, the reporters were led into the boxing stadium to become the audience for the fight.

"The only reason Hai Rui is being so open today is because they want to clear up the rumors, right?"

"What rumor is he trying to clear with boxing? From my point of view, when has President Mo ever lost? Previously, the netizens discussions were saying that President Quan's body is perfect. I have a feeling President Mo is going to show us all his body." 

"But, he's never been this childish."

"Then how do you explain what we see before us?"

The reporters located their photography vantage points and whispered amongst themselves. They were right, Mo Ting wasn't usually this childish. But, this was before Tangning said one simple thing.

When she said that...

...she didn't want to see him get devalued...

Sometimes, when life got too boring, bringing one's wife out to play could increase the level of enjoyment. Especially when one could...

...teach a jerk a lesson.

Inside the change room, Tangning looked at Mo Ting's naked upper-body. Her face involuntarily turned red, "I don't want others to see it..."

"It's OK, they can only look. From now on, they can merely drool!"