Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 333

Chapter 333

Tangning raised her gla.s.s in reponse.

This man was the youngest ever best actor recipient...

...and he was actually calling her 'junior sister'!

If his fans were to find out, they would go crazy in envy!

The young actor was handsomely dressed in a white c.o.c.ktail suit. He looked at the inseparable couple and down at the wedding rings on their fingers. Although he knew of their true relations.h.i.+p, he simply sighed, "President Mo, you sure are lucky."

Tangning understood the hidden meaning as her eyes darkened a little. But...the man simply smiled and raised his gla.s.s to Tangning once again, "Junior sister, if you need any help from now on, don't hesitate to look for me. Especially if it's related to entering the film and television industry."

"Thank you, senior brother."

Everyone was shocked by the scene unfolding in front of them...

On the surface, Zhen Manni appeared to have won because the CEO of Hai Rui had appeared. But, Mo Ting brought Tangning along with him and even introduced some of the most famous artists to her; opening up opportunities for her in other industries. He even acted extremely affectionate towards Tangning.

"Hey, did you guys notice the ring on their fingers?" some of the artists once again started gossiping.

"But, from the looks of it, they don't look like couple rings. Plus, when I watched Tangning's interview on Feng Cai, I remember her saying that she likes LM, so it's not unusual for her to be wearing one of their designs."

"Yes, it's not weird for Tangning to be wearing it. But, when have you ever seen the President wear a ring? Unless, the President bought one to wear because he saw Tangning was wearing one?"

"If that's the case, that's so sweet. Did you notice, Tangning simply has to follow by the President's side and she's already eye-catching enough? No need for fancy clothing."

"That's a given. With the President next to them at all times, who wouldn't be dazzling?"

From the moment that Mo Ting appeared with Tangning...Zhen Manni had become completely overshadowed.

No matter how bright her presence was and how attractive she was, there was no way she could compare to the drawing power of Mo Ting and Tangning combined. In the eyes of everyone, Tangning was like a miracle; something that usually took others decades to achieve, Tangning managed to do in 3-4 months.

She went from being an outdated top model to her new-found position in the industry...

Actually, she was still missing one last step. But, regardless, no matter how many steps were ahead of her, she had no need to worry, because the Big Brother of the entertainment industry, Mo Ting, had announced he was her personal manager. Personal!

Even with all this, no one felt it was all just a stroke of luck.

This was because every move she made caused quite a stir and attracted a lot of attention. Everyone had seen how she had fought her way to her current position. So, it wasn't odd at all that she managed to attract Mo Ting's attention. However, unbeknownst to everyone, Mo Ting had actually been involved from the start. 

A top female actress also approached Mo Ting. After a simple greeting, she turned to Tangning and smiled, "Junior sister, I really want to raise a gla.s.s to you."

Up until this point, Tangning had already drunk a fair bit. Normally, her limit was one gla.s.s, so today she had already gone beyond her limit.

Mo Ting looked down at her red cheeks and stopped the actress, "Let me drink it for her, she can't handle anymore..."

The actress smiled as she clinked her gla.s.s against Mo Ting's. Although she felt it was a shame for a man like this to be taken, when faced with Tangning, she couldn't possibly hate her because she saw how much hard work Tangning had put in.

Naturally, everyone treated Tangning as their junior sister. Although she wasn't young, for those at the top of the entertainment industry she was definitely their junior.

This was because many of them had experienced even darker and dirtier incidences. For them to get to where they were today, they had broken many teeth along the way.

"Who said I can't handle it?"

Perhaps because Tangning had drunk a little, she ignored the people around her and directly held onto Mo Ting's arm.

Mo Ting did not resist and allowed her to cling to him before leading her to the side to rest...

Plenty of people saw this and started squealing in excitement.

It was obvious they were partially revealing their relations.h.i.+p; all that was missing was an official announcement...

Of course, everyone believed Mo Ting was serious with Tangning. Before Tangning, he had never had any rumors or scandals with another female.

Tangning was the first one!

The first one to make everyone envious!

"Hey, did you guys notice Zhen Manni's expression?"

"Let's not talk about it. When she first arrived, I seriously thought she would win for sure."

"To be honest, here at Hai Rui we have a culture of helping each other. If Zhen Manni is to stay in Hai Rui, I don't feel comfortable with it; it's like my heart is being constantly stabbed. Think about what happened to Jingjing for example."

"I know right! In this family of ours, it's OK not to be friendly, but it's definitely not OK to hurt others!"

Zhen Manni heard the discussions that were happening around her. The hurtful taunts and ruthless laughter seemed to be all directed at her.

Over the years, she had done so much for Hai Rui and suppressed Star King for them. But, what did she get in the end?

Just one single Tangning was enough to make everyone turn their backs on her!

With this thought, Zhen Manni suddenly gathered her courage and walked past everyone straight over to Mo Ting and Tangning, "President Mo, I have been in Hai Rui for many years and have never done anything bad to the agency., I feel that Hai Rui is no longer the Hai Rui I once knew." 

"I don't understand. Hai Rui has always had high standards in ability, but she..." Zhen Manni pointed to Tangning who was standing next to Mo Ting, "...what right does she have to join Hai Rui? I'm sure everyone here at Hai Rui is bothered by this."

After hearing this claim from Zhen Manni, Mo Ting swept his eyes across her and looked at the people standing behind. They innocently shrugged their shoulders...

They were all gesturing that the so-called 'everyone at Hai Rui', did not include them!

Mo Ting leaned back on the sofa. His eyes were sharp and contained a sense of ridicule and contempt.

"I am really happy that you have come to talk to me. Because this shows that Tangning has threatened your position."

"Don't tell me you aren't being biased towards her. We are all from the same agency, but how come she gets to have you as her personal manager? No artist has ever held any importance in your eyes, why are you treating Tangning differently?"

If the other people present were asked about how they felt at this moment, most would definitely be yelling: "Zhen Manni, you are being too brave!"

Others felt she was being so sour, she deserved to lose all her teeth!

"Do I need to report to you about who I want to manage?"

"Don't you think your actions make it hard for you to convince others?"

"Hard to convince others?" Mo Ting asked the people standing behind Zhen Manni. Everyone responded by shaking their heads.

"President, that is absolute nonsense!" the crowd replied.

"Mo Ting, you are a hypocrite! You've always said that you hate people that play tricks, yet you are the one that plays the most tricks..."

"Zhen Manni!" someone yelled, wanting to stop her. Did she bring her brains?

"Let her speak," Mo Ting said coldly as he waved his hand gesturing for them not to stop her.