Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 328

Chapter 328

"I've always had faith in you and this time is no different."

On the way home, Tangning suddenly thought about Fang Yu's daughter and turned to ask Mo Ting, "Why does Fang Yu have a daughter? Is he married?"

Mo Ting wrapped his arm around her and replied calmly, "According to Fang Yu's profile, he is not married. As for his daughter, I'm afraid only he knows the truth. Are you still trying to match him up with Huo Jingjing?"

Tangning shook her head. This time, she was simply concerned about him.

Seeing Tangning in a daze, Mo Ting pinched her neck, "It's OK, don't worry too much..."

"Can I be more worried than you?" Tangning asked. Ever since Mo Ting became her manager, everything related to her belonged in the grasp of his hands. This included small things like what time she'd bathe and what time she'd sleep. Luckily, Tangning never found this annoying. When a person as amazing as Mo Ting is thoughtful towards you, what else could you wish for?

"Hai Rui's celebration dinner is on tomorrow. So, tomorrow afternoon, get Long Jie to accompany you to get your hair and makeup done."

"I can go by myself."

"Make sure you go," Mo Ting ordered with a deeper meaning.

Tangning couldn't argue against him, so all she could do was nod her head, "As you wish. Who told you to be my manager?"

"Also, you can't wear the dress that Long Jie picked, it's too casual. Tomorrow morning I'll get Lu Che to deliver a dress to you," Mo Ting looked at Long Jie scornfully. However, Long Jie did not feel upset by this comment, because this meant Mo Ting cared about Tangning. This was more important than anything. 

Because in the end, between Tangning and Zhen Manni, the winner was actually dependent on Mo Ting...

Whoever this man chose to be the winner - was the winner!

That night, two people gave Huo Jingjing a phone call, one after another.

The first was Zhen Manni, "I heard you've been injured. It's not serious, is it? Who did you offend?"

"Zhen Manni, aren't you tired of keeping up your act?" Huo Jingjing scoffed as she sat up in bed before coughing a couple times. As soon as her a.s.sistant heard her conversation, she immediately brought over a cus.h.i.+on, "Too bad you weren't extreme enough, I'm still half alive." 

"Since you've already figured it out, there's nothing I can say. Think of this as a small lesson to be learned. Huo Jingjing, would you believe it if I told you, if I have the ability to leave you with half a life, I can also make you spend it in violence?"

"Of course I believe you can," Huo Jingjing replied in certainty without a trace of fear, "But, you are being much too conceited."

"I can do what I want. Does anyone have the ability to stop me? Let me tell you...if I spread the rumor that Star King has given me an offer, even Mo Ting will be in a panic."

"How confident are you with what you've said?" Huo Jingjing burst out laughing.

"You just wait and see. At the upcoming celebration dinner, you will be able to witness Tangning's real status!"

"As well as yours!" After speaking, Huo Jingjing hung up the phone; there was nothing else she wanted to talk to Zhen Manni about.

From the moment she entered Hai Rui, she realized the artists in the agency were like a family; whenever someone needed help, there would always be someone willing to lend a hand. But it just so happened, there still existed a greedy person. 

A moment later, she received a phone call from Fang Yu...

As soon as she saw the phone number appear on her screen, Huo Jingjing's mind went blank. She was aware that the rumors over the past few days had caused Fang Yu quite a lot of trouble. Since he already had a daughter, she didn't want to continue implicating him... 

So, Huo Jingjing decided not to pick up the phone.

Fang Yu a.s.sumed she had gone to sleep, so he sent her a message instead.

"Are you OK?"

As soon as Huo Jingjing saw these three words, she sighed and deleted the message without hesitation.

Everything will eventually pa.s.s...

Everything will eventually get better...

She still needed to appear beautifully in front of her French man.

In a flash, it was already 3pm the next day.

This was the night of the Fei Tian Awards Ceremony. After the ceremony, Hai Rui would host their celebration dinner.

This was a tough compet.i.tion in acting and a relatively important awards ceremony, because the Fei Tian Award was an actor's final goal before pursuing international endeavors. It was an award that held a lot of value.

So, the red carpet tonight was extremely lively.

As a model, Tangning didn't originally have any business being at the celebration dinner, but she didn't want to be absent during Hai Rui's 20th Anniversary. So, she headed over to a hair and makeup salon named Luminous which was arranged by Mo Ting. This famous salon only catered to celebrities and their clientele included many well-known figures. Small-time artists had to call ahead to make an appointment; some couldn't even find an empty time slot.

"Couldn't we come earlier? Why did Boss insist we come at this time?" seeing Luminous was overcrowded, Long Jie couldn't help but complain.

The people here were all relatively famous artists. But, for the sake of compet.i.tion, they had no choice but to arrive early and queue up like normal people.

"Tangning, wait here, I'll go look for the best stylist."

Tangning retrieved a VIP gold card from her handbag and handed it to Long Jie, "Use this."

Long Jie took the card and was completely smitten, "Did boss make this card for you?"

"I'm not sure. He gave it to me last night," Tangning shook her head as she sat on the sofa; she had no idea about the features of the VIP card.

One of the attendants saw the card in Tangning's hand, so she quickly walked over, "Miss, how are you? I see you have Cheng stylist's VIP card. Please wait here, I'll go fetch him."

It turned out the VIP card was aimed at a specific person!

Tangning nodded her head and had a look at the time. The celebration dinner was to be held at 10pm, so she still had a sufficient amount of time.

However, at this time, the people around Tangning started to point at her and whisper.

"Isn't that Tangning? I've never seen her come here before. Look, she's even got a VIP gold card!"

"Zhen Manni is also inside. This time, we have a good show to watch."

"Tangning appears soft and weak, if she is to go up against Zhen Manni, isn't she at a loss?"

"That may not be the case. Tangning always seems to exceed expectations."

Tangning didn't say anything as she listened to the discussions. However, she took note of the fact that Zhen Manni was also present. She finally understood why Mo Ting had insisted for her to arrive at this time. It was because he knew Zhen Manni would also be here.

Afterwards, the attendant reappeared and said apologetically, "Miss, I'm so sorry, Mr. Cheng is currently attending to another person. But, if you are in a rush, he can tend to you first."

"Approximately how long will I need to wait?"

"Roughly 3 hours," the attendant replied.

Tangning furrowed her brows and asked, "Who is he attending to?"

"Miss Zhen Manni."

"In that case, ask him to come over here, I'm in a rush." As soon as she heard Zhen Manni's name, Tangning immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed the man away without Zhen Manni knowing.