Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Meanwhile, Mo Ting set off on his flight to Milan. But as he left Hai Rui, Lu Che urgently ran over and stopped him, "President, a problem has occurred with Hong Xin's collaboration. The President is on the phone," Lu Che handed the phone over. 

This was a project they had invested hundreds of millions of dollars into. Mo Ting glanced at his watch before grabbing the phone from Lu Che's hand.

However, the issue couldn't merely be solved over the phone. Since Hai Rui had invested in the project and a problem had occurred, they were required to meet face-to-face to discuss.

Mo Ting weighed out the importance for a moment before heading back into Hai Rui. As he walked, he instructed Lu Che, "Get Fang Yu to immediately fly to Milan and help Tangning secure Excalibur Q's endors.e.m.e.nt."

"But, Excalibur Q is amongst the top ten luxury products. Fang Yu's a.s.sistance won't be enough," Lu Che followed behind Mo Ting anxiously. This was only one of the problems Tangning would face after joining Hai Rui.

If Mo Ting was to accompany Tangning at all times, the things he would give up would not be simple; he would have to make a lot of sacrifices

But, Tangning was already under his agency. No matter who he was to hand her over to, he did not feel completely at ease.

"If they can't secure it, tell him to give me a call!"

After accepting his instructions, Lu Che immediately went downstairs to relay the message to Fang Yu. Fang Yu immediately cleared his schedule and rushed towards Italy, one hour behind Tangning.

After an 11-hour flight, Tangning finally arrived in Milan at 1pm local time. Long Jie dragged her huge suitcase as she followed behind Tangning. The warmth of the sun's rays shone on their bodies putting them in a good mood. 

Not long after, they arrived at the hotel organized by the agency. Long Jie immediately called Lu Che to ask him what the schedule was like and to get updates on the manager. But, as Lu Che held onto the phone, he glanced over at Mo Ting who was currently in a meeting with Hong Xin. He a.s.sured her, "The schedule has been sent to the madam's email. As for her manager, he is on his way." 

"I am currently in a meeting so I can't talk too much."

Long Jie put down her phone and suddenly felt a little baffled. Tangning had already begun her work, yet she still didn't know who her manager was...

How were they to cooperate?

Tangning sat uncomfortably on the edge of the bed. Seeing Long Jie furrow her brows, she naturally asked, "What's wrong?"

"Who is this manager of yours? Why is he so mysterious..."

Tangning endured the discomfort in her stomach as she leaned back on the bedhead and flipped through Excalibur Q's information. Seeing the pale look on her face, Long Jie couldn't help but place her hands on her hips and ask worryingly, "Can you still work like this?"

"I'm fine," Tangning replied as she held onto her burning stomach.

"From now on, let Boss control you. If you can't drink then don't drink...Did Boss give you any hangover soup?"

"Yep, I had some as soon as I woke up..." Tangning nodded.

"Tangning, this is your first job since joining Hai Rui. On top of that, you will be competing with Star King. Although I don't want to place pressure on you, I'm sure you know how important this endors.e.m.e.nt is to you."

"I know what I'm doing," Tangning gently nodded.

"In that case, have a bit of rest. I'll look through your schedule," Long Jie took out her laptop and allowed Tangning to get some rest. She didn't even get a chance to adjust to the time difference before she jumped straight into work.

The interview was scheduled for 3pm the next day. Long Jie looked at the details of the interview before turning to look at Tangning's uncomfortable sleeping expression; Long Jie was extremely worried about her.

If Mo Ting was to know, how broken-hearted would he be...

Tangning was also aware that her current state was not good. From now on, she should avoid drinking in order not to cause her own suffering.

An hour later, Fang Yu also arrived at the hotel organized by the agency and located Tangning's room.

Seeing Fang Yu make an appearance, Long Jie thought he was Tangning's manager. She had a good impression of this man. But, if he really was Tangning's manager, why did Lu Che keep her hanging?

Fang Yu took over the job halfway and understood that Tangning was faced with an incredible challenge. Excalibur Q was an international jewelry brand; becoming the spokesperson, was not an easy task.

Fang Yu turned his head to look at Tangning who was lying in bed. this moment, she suddenly turned over and started vomiting. Fang Yu and Long Jie were so scared their faces immediately turned pale. They immediately sent her to the hospital in Milan. After seeing the doctor, her condition was roughly stabilized.

"She hadn't relieved her alcohol poisoning before boarding such a long flight. Of course her stomach was upset."

"In that case...when will she be fully recovered?" Long Jie asked the doctor in English.

"She needs to rest in bed for 2 days."

Rest in bed...that meant she wouldn't be able to attend the interview the next day...

Long Jie turned and looked at Fang Yu. All of a sudden, she didn't know what to do. Fang Yu remained silent. In the end, he pulled out his phone and reported everything to Mo Ting.

Tangning was afraid Mo Ting would be worried, so she asked Fang Yu not to tell Mo Ting she was in the hospital.

But, after careful consideration, Fang Yu decided not to listen to her and told Mo Ting everything.

"I shouldn't have rushed her to take on an advertis.e.m.e.nt and secure an endors.e.m.e.nt."

"How about we give up on the Excalibur Q contract then?"

Opportunities came around often and Hai Rui never joked around with an artist's health, especially when the artist involved was the most important person in Mo Ting's heart. 

But, contrary to Fang Yu's expectation, Mo Ting laughed and replied, "If she would give up so easily, she wouldn't be Tangning."

"What are you suggesting President?"

"Tomorrow, help her with the interview. But make sure her body can handle it. If there is anything you aren't sure of, give me a phone call..."

Fang Yu held onto the phone and decided to do a little test on Tangning. So, he covered the mouthpiece and said, "President Mo wants you to give up on the endors.e.m.e.nt."

"I do not have a reason to give up..."

Fang Yu's lips curved upwards. Indeed, the person that understood Tangning the most was Mo Ting. So, he handed the phone to Tangning and gestured for her to tell him personally.

The couple were separated by thousands of miles. Tangning held onto the phone, but was too afraid to say anything as she let out a raspy sound. 

"Don't push yourself too hard. As soon as you feel any discomfort, let Fang Yu know."

"OK," Tangning gave a simple one-worded reply.

"Without me by your side, I am really worried," Mo Ting felt a sense of regret. Why did he choose to handle his work first instead of going to Tangning? If he had known she'd make him so worried, he would have thrown away the close to billion-dollar investment... 

"I'm fine, really."

"You aren't allowed to drink next time."

"Uh huh, I won't drink anymore," Tangning nodded her head with self-awareness.

Fang Yu listened to the conversation between the couple. He couldn't imagine how the usually stern President could be so tender when he was in love.

If Tangning was to find out her manager was Mo Ting... far would their happiness go...

It's not that he wanted to curse them, but...