Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 291

Chapter 291

Inside Hai Rui Entertainment's meeting hall, under the flashes of the cameras, Fang Yu sat sternly on the stage. Next to him was the quiet and low-profile Tangning. 

Reporters and fans had once praised Tangning for her aloofness from the world. But, they now felt, her low-profile and introverted personality was all an act to conceal her scheming.

They hated this Tangning. They wanted so badly to tear off her mask and send her far away from their sight so she could realize the terrifying power of the public.

Fang Yu understood the thoughts that were running through these people's heads. After scanning his eyes across the hall, he finally started talking, "From today onwards, Tangning will be an artist of Hai Rui's. I am aware that the public have their doubts towards her; since I made a promise yesterday, today I will satisfy everyone's curiosities. Didn't you all prepare questions to ask Tangning?In that case..."

"...she is right here. Feel free to ask her what you want to know. However, I have one condition: please ask her one question at a time."

Most of the reporters had notebooks in their hands scribbled with a plethora of questions. They were tempted to hand these notebooks directly to Tangning like an exercise book and force her to write down all her answers.

"I would like to ask Miss Tang to explain the entire incident with Han Xiner."

The first reporter was aware that Fang Yu was a master at playing tai chi around their questions, so she learned from her experience and only asked one question, requesting for Tangning to explain everything in one go.

Tangning glanced at Fang Yu and Fang Yu responded with a nod, rea.s.suring her to relax and answer comfortably.

Tangning turned back to the reporters and stared straight into the live broadcast camera, "I did indeed do a test to see if my kidneys were compatible with Xiner. However, after terminating my contract with Tianyi, Xiner has not made contact with me. I found out about her condition at the same time that you guys did. That's the entire story." 

"You're lying! According to Han Xiner's friend, she tried to contact you multiple times, but you verbally ridiculed her and even told Han Xiner to go die."

Faced with the reporter's sharp questioning, Tangning smiled, "Han Xiner's friend? Have you confirmed this person's ident.i.ty? Have you met her in person?"

The reporter froze; she was suddenly speechless, "But, you indeed promised to save Han Xiner, yet she is now dead!"

"For words like this to leave your mouth, I don't think it would be unreasonable for me to slap you across the face," Tangning's voice was extremely cold. "May I ask how this reporter found out that Han Xiner is dead? If you claim someone is dead without doing a proper investigation, I wonder how you got your qualifications. On the other hand, if you did investigate and still claim that she is dead, then I think you must be cold-hearted because your actions are extremely deplorable." 

"Tangning, didn't you know Han Xiner is missing? Didn't you deliberately dispose of the corpse so you could cover up your crime?"

After hearing this, Tangning finally realized, in just a few short days, how badly the rumors had gotten.

"Let me reiterate - Han Xiner is not dead."

"What proof do you have? Show us the proof!"

"If I can prove it to you, will you kneel down and apologize to me?" Tangning suddenly asked the aggressive female reporter. 

"Kneel? Aren't you taking it a step too far, Tangning?" the reporter laughed like she had heard a ridiculous joke.

"Me? Too far? Have you thought about what effect the rumors you are spreading have on me? Do I deserve to have my reputation destroyed by you guys?"

"Fine! If you can prove it to us, I'll kneel."

At the scene, so many people heard her words and saw what happened.

Tangning took one look at Fang Yu before signaling for Yuan Yuan to push Han Xiner through the front door of the meeting hall; making an appearance in front of everyone.

Han Xiner looked at the people around her; at the people that continuously tried to latch onto Tangning. With a resounding voice, she announced, "I am Han Xiner!" as she pulled out her supporting doc.u.ments. Fang Yu had already prepared her for the troublemaking reporters.

The reporters looked at the girl that had suddenly appeared before them and were shocked. Wasn't she missing? Didn't Tangning dispose of her corpse?

"The world sure is big and everything is possible. I simply went in for a surgery, yet when I woke up, I heard everyone saying I was dead. Is the media stupid?"

Han Xiner's personal appearance indeed surprised all the reporters.

The person in question had actually appeared like this?

Was this really Han Xiner?

Han Xiner looked at all the scolding faces. As Tangning's fan, she asked Yuan Yuan to help her stand up and said to everyone present, "Right now, I really want to swear at all of you. Is there something wrong with you? How come I wasn't aware that I was dead? When have I, Han Xiner, ever needed reporters to help me get justice?"

"Let me tell you, Tangning has never owed me a kidney. Since you are all so generous and so compa.s.sionate, why don't you pick one of your kidneys and give it to me?"

"As for my so-called 'friend', in order to frame Tangning, this was all created by Cheng Tian Entertainment's Artists Director, Luo Hao. Didn't you guys ask for proof? Let me show you the proof." After speaking, Han Xiner asked Yuan Yuan to hand over the doc.u.ments in her hands. This was information gathered from the nurse that Lu Che had spoken to.

It included a recording, photos, Luo Hao's method of contact and the nurse's bank account details.

The reporters frantically looked at each other. In the end, Fang Yu projected the information on the screen behind them...

Without a doubt, everything was planned by Luo Hao and in the process, the media was strewn along by the nose...

"I'm not sure if the people that spread the rumor about me being dead had any ulterior motives, but I know, you are all accomplices to the abuse," Han Xiner looked at the media with a piercing expression. "If you still know how to write the word 'shame', then I think, from now on, you should be too ashamed to continue being reporters!" 

"Of course, those that are shameless will continue to run around and hurt people with their cameras."

"I...Han Xiner, am not dead. As for Tangning, she has not done any of the stuff you guys have claimed. In fact, she has never forgotten about my illness and has even sourced a compatible kidney for me; I am scheduled for my surgery soon. Whether she is a good person or not, I think I know better than all of you. If any of you decide to use this incident to hurt or slander Tangning again, then I will need to cooperate with Hai Rui to sue the unscrupulous members of the media."

"When that time comes, you will need to face the consequences."

"If you can't control your own mouths, then we will need to hand it over to the law to control it."

Fang Yu was impressed with Han Xiner. If this child recovered from her illness, he would seriously consider taking her in and training her to be his successor. Because the words she was saying, he had only told her once, and she remembered it all.

After hearing Han Xiner's warning, the media and public were suddenly speechless. As for the aggressive reporter from earlier, her face was completely red; she had vowed to kneel and apologize!

At this moment, all she hoped for, was for Tangning to forget about what they had said earlier. She really didn't want to embarra.s.s herself in front of everyone...


...Fang Yu remembered everything clearly, "Reporter #29, do you still remember what you promised Tangning?"