Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 279

Chapter 279

It seemed she had forgotten it was like a layer of gla.s.s between herself and Lu Che.

At this time, Lu Che lifted his head and noticed Long Jie smiling behind him. The obsessive look on her face gave him gooseb.u.mps.

Lu Che turned around and asked, "Why do you keep sneaking looks at me?"

Hearing this question, Long Jie's mind suddenly went blank as her face flushed red. She subconsciously lowered her head.

Lu Che, you idiot, do you have a negative EQ? Why would you ask me something so awkward and uncomfortable?

Do you really dislike me looking at you?

Long Jie's heart was overtaken by this possibility.

However, being able to interact one-on-one like this, was already enough for her. How could she expect anything more?

With this thought, Long Jie recovered her composure. But, just as she lifted her head to continue looking at Tangning's contracts, a handsome face appeared in front of her. Long Jie was so shocked, she quickly took a step back, "What...what are you doing?"

"I'm letting you have a better look. What's the point of just looking at my back?"

Long Jie tried to contain her racing heart as she panicked. Especially as she looked into Lu Che's glowing eyes, she didn't know what to do. She didn't know whether Lu Che was teasing her on purpose or whether he seriously thought she wanted to have a better look at his face.

Don't tease me like this!

Long Jie complained inside.

She was so tempted to pounce on him.

Lu Che gazed at Long Jie for a moment. After concluding that she had finished looking at him, he stood up and said, "Sit in front of me. Knowing someone is staring at my back makes my hair stand on end."

Long Jie: "..."

Doesn't this idiot know why I was sneaking looks at him? Having negative EQ is indeed an incurable disease. 

Long Jie was a little angry. She grabbed the contract in front of her and went to sit where Lu Che was originally sitting. She lowered her head and quickly entered into her own world, no longer sneaking looks at Lu Che.

Being around someone like Lu Che was going to frustrate her to death sooner or later.

Lu Che bit his pen as he looked at Long Jie's back. His mouth naturally curved upwards.

Are you the only one allowed to look at me? I also want to look at you...

2 days later. Tangning finally completed all of JK's work and focused on her shoot for an international magazine. She took on one job after another; at times she had to travel to multiple sets.

But, after her dazzling performance at London Fas.h.i.+on week, international fas.h.i.+on personalities all started to notice this Asian beauty.

After a long day of work for Tangning, it was time for Mo Ting to return to Beijing. That night, as Tangning returned to the manor, she found Mo Ting had already packed his luggage and was leaning against the car waiting for her. 

Because of a few continuous days of rest, Mo Ting's energy had completely recovered; the tiredness on his handsome face had disappeared. Tangning was extremely satisfied, so she hugged Mo Ting in front of the car and kissed him affectionately.

"When I return, I will be able to stand side-by-side with you," Tangning promised as she leaned on Mo Ting's chest. "When I promise you something, I will definitely fulfill it."

Mo Ting reached out his hand to stroke his beloved wife's hair and placed a kiss atop her head, "I've left some bodyguards for you. No matter what happens, make sure to contact me first thing."

"Understood," Tangning nodded her head seriously.

"Return home soon..."

"If home is where you are, then there's nowhere else I would go." After speaking, Tangning stood on her tiptoes and placed a kiss on Mo Ting's lips. Mo Ting hooked his arm around Tangning's neck and increased the pa.s.sion until they were both out of breath.

However, neither of them noticed, behind the huge wall surrounding the estate, there was a reporter sitting in a tree sneaking photos of them.

Because it was night time and he was quite far, he couldn't capture the man's face, but, their kiss was so obvious that no matter how unclear their faces were, their actions could not escape the camera.

Hua Rong's reporter felt it was a shame not to capture the man's face, but, at least he got a picture of Tangning kissing someone.

The reporter sneered. After the amount of struggling he had gone through, he finally lived up to expectations and got what he wanted.

Tangning, let's wait and see how you will explain to everyone.

After sending off Mo Ting, Tangning returned to the manor. She quietly looked at the sofa they had previously shared and suddenly felt a sense of loneliness.

The person she had only seen not long ago, was now gone. At this moment, her heart disobediently started missing him. However, Tangning understood, in order to become a supermodel, she needed a few more international runway appearances under her belt. This was an achievement that couldn't possibly be achieved back in Beijing. 

Of course, apart from Tangning, Long Jie was also feeling a little sad.

Although these few days with Lu Che meant she had to put up with the idiot's low EQ, she at least got to see him.

Now that he was gone, no matter how busy she was, she no longer had someone to complain about being tired with...

"OK. Tomorrow, you will need to focus on work again. Once you are busy, you won't have time to think about other things," Long Jie knew Tangning missed Mo Ting, so she comforted her as she patted her on the shoulder.

Tangning was silent for a moment, before turning to Long Jie and saying, "You too."

Long Jie blushed...

She involuntarily started to stutter, " are you talking about?"

Was it necessary to point out her thoughts?

Tangning slightly smiled.

It was only a short 2 days, but Cheng Tian's news had been overshadowed by fresh new scandals. Even though the recording still sat at the top of headlines, it no longer attracted the interest of netizens.

These few days, Lan Xi was busy running around trying to get favors from old contacts and trying to retrieve resources. Cheng Tian slowly experienced a turn for the better, mainly because Tangning was still there.

However, Luo Hao's whereabouts over the past few days was a bit abnormal. He spent all his time focused on Han Xiner's situation, especially on her righteous friend.

He told her multiple lies, especially about Tangning and endlessly tried to deepen her misunderstanding. 

For example, at this moment, he turned up at her house with a stack of money, "Tangning is a model. It is normal for her to want to protect her body. So, she hopes that Xiner can understand."

"But, she promised Xiner she was going to save her!" Luo Hao triggered the girl's anger.

"Yuan Yuan, you need to understand, Tangning is a model, she can't put her work aside; that's a breach of contract."

"I don't care about her contract. All I know is, Tangning is dishonest," the girl named Yuan Yuan replied angrily. "She has not followed through with the promise she made Xiner. She doesn't deserve to be a top model. Take this money back to her. If she wants to talk about money, I've got money too!"