Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 274

Chapter 274

"An Zihao wants to leave!?"

"Of course he wants to leave an agency like this. If he stays around, he is only waiting to be destroyed."

"But if An Zihao leaves, what will happen to Tangning?"

"Tangning is still a model of Cheng Tian's"

Hearing that An Zihao wanted to leave, the reporters slowly started whispering amongst themselves. He couldn't be blamed for wanting to leave. After all, he had already revealed all of Cheng Tian's secrets.

Regardless of whether what he said was the truth, Cheng Tian would definitely suffer a loss. Every single incident An Zihao mentioned was bound to leave a permanent stain on Cheng Tian's name and be endlessly dug up and used by opponents until Lan Xi was completely destroyed...

Since An Zihao had already gotten to this point with Lan Xi, there was no way he would be able to continue working with her.

"An Zihao, do you think after leaving Cheng Tian, someone else would want you? You ignored the company's interests and exposed our secrets, do you think you could continue in this industry?" Lan Xi asked. Her voice was sharp but trembling and her words were harsh and unpleasant.

"No one will want you, no one..." Lan Xi roared from behind the bodyguards.

But, so what?

An Zihao's expression had never been so calm. All the struggles and pain he had endured, was finally in the past.

So, An Zihao simply smiled as he responded to Lan Xi, "Since I've decided to leave Cheng Tian, I had no intention of continuing on as a manager."

"Lan Xi, you spent your entire life trying to control others, yet you've never succeeded. In the process, you've instead, lost yourself."

An Zihao's voice was gentle and firm.

From the moment he announced he was leaving, he had already been reborn. In the end, An Zihao turned to face the reporters one last time and bowed before looking at Tangning and saying, " a truly amazing woman. At least to me, she is amazing."

"She is someone that upholds her responsibility and maintains her individuality even in such a glamorous industry. She can't possibly be the 's.l.u.t' that Lan Xi and the paparazzi keep calling her."

"Tangning enjoys walking on the runway because she believes it is her destiny. She originally wanted to use Cheng Tian as a platform for achieving her dream, but..."

"...all she got in the end was endless pain caused by Lan Xi..."

"Towards Lan Xi, I really have no words."

"I just have one thing I would like to ask of everyone. The reality is, Cheng Tian has hurt Tangning more than they have helped her. From now on, whenever an article is released by Cheng Tian regarding Tangning, I would like to request that you don't believe it; you can't believe it."

Finally, An Zihao faced Tangning and asked, "What do you plan on doing?"

Tangning laughed. She said from the start, she was only here today to help a friend, "I need to return to London, can you speed up a little?"

The reporters laughed as they realized Tangning's att.i.tude towards things. She was indeed someone that did not like to attract trouble. She was honest and always kept her promises.

At a time like this, she had no intention of striking back at Lan Xi. It was clear to see that her tolerance was something worth admiring.

Even with the ongoing battle, she still managed to keep herself out of the situation. It was obvious, she truly wanted everyone to pretend she wasn't there. 

At this moment, her main priority was to help An Zihao rediscover himself.

As for what Lan Xi owed her, she was going to deal with it later.

"An Zihao, you can't leave; you will be breaching your contract. Don't forget, you will need to compensate triple the amount if you leave now!" 

Lan Xi's conceited att.i.tude made her believe that An Zihao's name would be completely tarnished after leaving Cheng Tian, and because of this, he would no longer be able to survive in the industry...

Perhaps, he had lost his opportunity to be a manager ever again.

But, that didn't mean An Zihao's life was destroyed.

An Zihao didn't get a chance to say anything before a few men dressed in black entered Cheng Tian's main hall.

They were foreign men dressed in stylish suits. From the looks of it, they were also bodyguards.

Afterwards, a slightly chubby middle-aged man approached Lan Xi with the 4 bodyguards and smiled, "Actually President Lan, I really need to thank you. As my most capable student, I've long wanted to send Zihao to pursue a career in the US..."

"He has a natural talent for film. So, I am planning to send him to the US to be a director; he has a promising future in Hollywood."

"As for your modeling agency, you can continue having fun with it on your own."

So this was An Zihao's decision and plan. Tangning finally let out a sigh of relief.

"Eh, do you guys recognize this man?" One of the reporters had a good eye and immediately recognized the middle-aged man in front of them before squealing, "He is the famous director, Zhu Huanshen!"

"Who would have imagined, not only has An Zihao been a great manager, he even has other talents."

"Then, hasn't Cheng Tian Entertainment embarra.s.sed themselves too badly this time? Here, Lan Xi was, thinking An Zihao was going to starve to death after leaving Cheng Tian...Meanwhile, An Zihao was already scouted by a famous director. Just like that, An Zihao was s.n.a.t.c.hed from right under their nose..."

"What an awesome face slap!"

"I really hope a better agency also s.n.a.t.c.hes Tangning away!" 

Hai Rui Entertainment. Mo Ting was sitting in his office watching the entertainment news. Seeing Tangning acting as a human barrier for someone, he couldn't help but give a slight smile.

The internet was already in an uproar as fans started leaving comments in her fan club, telling her to quickly find another agency; she really couldn't continue working with Cheng Tian.

However, Tangning felt, this was actually the best time for them to work together. Because from now on, Lan Xi's every move would be under public scrutiny and she wouldn't be able to suppress her anymore.

Mo Ting understood what Tangning was thinking. But, it didn't stop him from hoping for something else. Even though Tangning did not leave with An Zihao right now, it didn't mean she had no other plans.

Especially when one of the reporters blurted out that they wanted Tangning to go to a better agency...

...Mo Ting was already planning something.

Of course, Mo Ting did not forget to be happy for An Zihao. Although he could no longer be a manager, Mo Ting believed, An Zihao would be able to have a fresh start in a new city...they may even had a chance to work together in the future.

At this time, the important mission of looking through Tangning's contracts was once again returned to his hands...

Tangning was always worried he'd get tired. But from now on...this was going to become the norm.

Cheng Tian Entertainment's hall was a complete mess. Especially when Tangning and An Zihao started to leave. Luo Hao watched as the two headed for the exit in front of the reporters. In his eyes, Tangning and An Zihao were leaving this room stepping all over Lan Xi's wounds...

Could they really leave just because they wanted to?

When were things ever that easy?

Everyone had neglected this Artists Director that was standing to the side. However...out of everyone in Cheng Tian, he was the one that everyone should be most afraid of.