Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 270

Chapter 270

After hearing these words, An Zihao's eyes grew big as they reddened with anger. He then grabbed Lan Xi and asked through gritted teeth, "Yun Xin is already dead, can't you let go of a dead person?"

"I don't even care about the living, why would I care about the dead?" Lan Xi gave a light laugh as she looked at him with her dewy eyes, "An Zihao, we have been friends for many years; we are the ones that are friends, how could you go help Tangning? What benefits have Tangning given you? Is it really worth giving up our friends.h.i.+p for?"

"Tangning didn't give me any particular benefits. Unlike you, she can't give me the luxuries of fame and fortune, but...Lan Xi, in front of Tangning, I feel human. At least she doesn't constantly try to threaten me..."

After expressing his thoughts, An Zihao loosened his grip and sneered, "So, don't even mention the word 'friend' in front of me - it makes me sick."

As Lan Xi was pushed away, her heart suffered a blow, "I know I make you feel sick, but have you ever considered how difficult of a position I am in?"

"Tangning has it more difficult than you. At least you don't have to deal with a boss that is as sinister as you..." Seeing Lan Xi remain quiet, An Zihao didn't want to continue arguing with her, "I can hand in my resignation, but...if you want me to vouch for your innocence regarding the recording - impossible." 

"If you want to see Yun Xin being scolded by netizens even after her death, then you're welcome to give it a try!"

An Zihao glared at Lan Xi, it took all the strength in his body to hold back the urge to slap her across the face. In the end, he simply nodded, "Fine, I'll help you. What do you want me to do?"

"Hold a press conference, clarify this entire incident had nothing to do with me and tell everyone you created the recording by piecing words together!"

An Zihao stared helplessly as Lan Xi turned her back to him. It was obvious she wanted him to lose all standing and reputation as soon as he left Cheng Tian.

He had already got to this point, would it make any difference whether he took the blame or not?

"Fine," An Zihao replied straightforwardly. However, as he turned to leave, he added, "You better not regret it."

Lan Xi did not turn back. She maintained her pride as a CEO as she snorted in contempt. She a.s.sumed, with Yun Xin's reputation under the line, An Zihao wouldn't be able to play any tricks. 

After leaving the office, An Zihao did not tell anyone about his conversation with Lan Xi. He simply headed to Yun Xin's grave all by himself and sat quietly by her tombstone for the rest of the day.

"Yun Xin...Why didn't you take me with you?"

At this time, it had already hit night in London. Tangning did not receive any updates from An Zihao and was feeling a little anxious. In regards to Cheng Tian, there wasn't much she could get Lu Che to do. Not to mention, Hai Rui had enough on their plate.

With the absence of An Zihao, Long Jie was busy as usual. But there were particular things that took her much longer to do; in particular, anything with English. She didn't understand a lot of professional terms.


"Let me have a look," Tangning grabbed the laptop and looked at the notes An Zihao had written. "This is a void contract, we have already rejected it." 

"Aargh, if only I had known earlier! I've already spent a few hours trying to translate it."

After dealing with Hai Rui's matters, Mo Ting came out of the study room. Seeing the stressed looks on the two women's faces, he took the laptop from Tangning's hands. However, this was exactly what Tangning hoped he wouldn't do, so her mood lowered even further.

After looking through all of Tangning's emails, Mo Ting prioritized all the emails related to jobs Tangning would be taking on next. Because of the success of JK's show, it seemed Tangning would need to stay in London for a little longer; she had received quite a few runway offers from big brands.

"Ting, I want to make a quick trip back to Beijing," Tangning requested.

Mo Ting knew she was worried about her friend. Until the situation with An Zihao reached a satisfactory conclusion, there would be no way she could focus on work. So, he nodded his head, "I'll get someone to organize your flights and reschedule your jobs for 2 days later."

Tangning gently nodded her head as she felt a rush of emotions. She knew Mo Ting always stood by her side and supported her decisions, no matter the situation.

At this time, the new manager sent by Lan Xi, gave Long Jie a phone call. Long Jie reluctantly picked up the phone. Unexpectedly, the manager was even more fired up than her as she exploded in a fit of anger, "What are you doing as an a.s.sistant? Why isn't your model at the hotel room arranged by the agency?"

"Where are you right now?"

"It's already the middle of the night, why aren't you back at the hotel? Are you crazy?"

From the sounds of it, the manager had turned up at the hotel to find no one was around.

Long Jie wanted to respond, but no words came out. She just stared blankly at Tangning.

"Are you dumb? Speak..."

Tangning suddenly grabbed the phone from Long Jie's hand and replied, "You are fired."

"Who are you, how dare you fire me?"


The manager originally thought she was speaking to Long Jie, but now that she realized it was Tangning, her att.i.tude completely changed as she spoke in a flattering tone, "I'm sorry,

Ning Jie.


I couldn't find you guys, so I was a little impatient."

"I'm also sorry. You just insulted my a.s.sistant, so please don't ever show up in front of me. If Lan Xi asks, let her know, even if she packages a bag of rubbish like a manager, it is still rubbish."

After speaking, Tangning hung up the phone and handed it back to Long Jie.

That night, the three of them set out for the airport. With her popularity from the JK show, Tangning had to be extra discreet. As their car sped out of the estate, the Hua Rong reporter did not capture a single clear photo. In fact, he didn't even manage to grab a shot of the back of the car. 

It was not until they boarded the plane that Tangning finally found out about the article Luo Hao released about her flirting with a male model a few days ago. So, something like this had actually happened.

Everyone had kept it a secret from her and Mo Ting had even spent a whole heap of money to keep Lan Xi humiliated at the top of search rankings.

"You didn't need to do this...really."

"I couldn't just watch as you were being humiliated..." Mo Ting responded in a serious tone as he wrapped his arm around her.

Tangning was speechless. She simply intertwined her fingers with his and gently placed a kiss on the back of his hand.

The reporter from Hua Rong once again missed the perfect moment for a photo. But, did he really not capture anything at all?

After an almost 10 hour flight, Tangning and Long Jie exited the airport discreetly. Not long after, a preview appeared on the airport screen: An Zihao from Cheng Tian Entertainment was to hold a press conference...

Tangning was sure Lan Xi wanted to throw the blame on An Zihao.

She understood how it felt to be treated this way.

But, at this moment, Lan Xi had no idea...Tangning had returned.