Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 205

Chapter 205

Yang Jing slightly turned her body, revealing one side of her face to An Zihao. The corners of her mouth curved upwards as the reflection on her made her appear dark and complex.

When had she ever been afraid?

An Zihao didn't say anymore. After all, a good show was about to start...

"I'll just wait and see you get kicked out of Cheng Tian." After speaking, Yang Jing stepped out of the lift with Mu Xia, leaving An Zihao on his own. A helpless look appeared on his handsome face.

On the other side of Cheng Tian, inside the secret waiting room. Long Jie was playing with her phone as she looked at Tangning, "Are you nervous?"

Tangning was resting with her eyes closed as she shook her head, "I just want to see how Yang Jing's expression will be like..."

"Need we say more? Her expression will definitely go from extreme happiness to lifeless...haha," Just the thought of Yang Jing in frustration made Long Jie satisfied; they had already clashed too many times...

Long Jie had to give it to Yang Jing for always having so much energy. Even after being defeated by Tangning multiple times, she still managed to quickly bounce back with a determination to stand in Tangning's way. Where did this courage of hers come from?

"This time, Lan Xi will not let her off the hook so easily," Tangning opened her eyes, they were bright and dazzling.

"Of course not! If my staff tried to threaten me in such a way, I would make them leave immediately. A while ago when Big Boss' authority was provoked, didn't he end up quietening them down?" 

"These words, you can only say in front of me," Tangning warned. She wanted to make sure Long Jie didn't say anything that might be used against them later. 

"Don't worry...I'll just sit back and wait for the show," Long Jie zipped her mouth, gesturing she would remain quiet before picking up her phone.

For now, let's let Yang Jing continue dreaming...

2pm. The official start of the press conference.

Just before Luo Hao entered the hall, Yang Jing pulled him aside and reconfirmed, "Are you sure President Lan will get rid of An Zihao today? If that's the case, then why didn't she cancel the press conference?"

"She already confirmed with me that she will be announcing something else, so there is no reason to cancel it. Plus...shouldn't we give An Zihao a glimmer of hope?" Luo Hao was dressed in a black handmade cropped suit which made him appear tall and handsome like a British gentleman. 

Yang Jing looked around the hall and nodded in agreement, "Of course, I want to see him be stripped of his pride..."

Luo Hao smiled as he strode over to the entrance of the hall and waited for Lan Xi's arrival.

Cheng Tian's huge conference hall, at this moment, was packed with curious reporters as Luo Hao escorted Lan Xi to her seat at the front of the stage.

In reality, the reason for the huge response from the media was not only because Lan Xi had promoted the press conference well, but also because everyone was curious about An Zihao and Yun Xin's scandal a few years back. To this day, no one had found out what truly happened.

Dressed in a and professional suit, Lan Xi appeared smart and competent. On her left sat some of Cheng Tian's higher-ups and on her right sat Luo Hao. As for Yang Jing, she was currently standing below the stage, watching as things developed.

"Friends of the media, I hope you are well," Lan Xi greeted through the microphone. "Firstly, I would like to welcome you all here. Cheng Tian Entertainment has decided to hold this press conference today because of...3 pieces of great news which we would like to share with you all."

"Number one: Cheng Tian Entertainment has been making preparations to enter the film industry. We are currently raising funds for our first film and hope that you can show some support."

"Number two: Cheng Tian Entertainment's subsidiary company will be officially in operation at the end of this month. We are currently on a recruitment drive, if there are any capable professionals out there, we would love to have you join our family."

After listening to two consecutive announcements from Lan Xi, Yang Jing began to relax a little. She was confident...since Lan Xi had not mentioned An Zihao yet, she must have decided not to mention him at all and cover up the news of his homecoming with something else. So, she subconsciously glanced at Luo Hao; their plan seemed to have worked.

However, at this time, Lan Xi suddenly announced the third piece of good news.

"The third piece of good news, which I am extremely proud to announce, is that our most capable manager, Mr. An Zihao, will be returning to our embrace as a top manager and continuing to a.s.sist us with his skills," while saying this, Lan Xi stood up out of her seat and gestured towards the entrance with her right hand...

The media's attention was directed over. There, standing in the doorway, was An Zihao wearing a white suit. He looked like a poised royal prince that had stepped out of a painting.

Yang Jing and Luo Hao's expressions suddenly flushed with red. Or should we say, Lan Xi's move was like a fiery hot slap across the two's face.

Luo Hao looked down like he was deep in thought. Meanwhile, Yang Jing glared resentfully at Lan Xi...

Was Lan Xi really not afraid that she would run off with her resources?


Yang Jing was fl.u.s.tered as she watched An Zihao take one step at a time towards the stage. In fact, if one took the slightest notice of her, they would have realized Yang Jing was currently trembling.

Lan Xi glared at Yang Jing coldly like she was looking at a clown. It was not until An Zihao reached the stage that she finally continued speaking, "I'll now hand the microphone over to Manager An so he can continue announcing the good news."

An Zihao looked at everyone and gave a bow before straightening up his body and speaking in high spirits, "Being able to return to Cheng Tian and President Lan's side is an extremely heartwarming and touching thing. So...I have brought along a gift for President Lan."

After speaking, it was An Zihao's turn to gesture towards the entrance as everyone's attention was once again turned towards the doorway...

A tall figure appeared at the end of the red carpet. She appeared stylishly elegant and possessed her own unique beauty; unlike her usual plain style. 

"Oh G.o.d...Tangning!"

"What is this? Why is Tangning here?" the reporters were in a frenzy. Tangning was like a legend; there were traces of her everywhere even when she wasn't around.

She didn't even make an appearance during the entire Lan Yu incident, yet, at this moment, why was she at Cheng Tian's press conference?

"That's right, it's Tangning. Beijing's former top model, the winner of the Special Contribution Award at this year's Annual Model Awards and currently the hottest trend. Today, I will officially announce that she is signing on with Cheng Tian Entertainment," An Zihao's words were charismatic as he hyped up the atmosphere. 

"As for me, my first mission upon returning to Cheng Tian, is to be Tangning's personal manager. I have faith in her. She is still a superstar on the runway and she will only get better," as An Zihao spoke these words he looked mockingly at Yang Jing and Luo Hao.

A look of shame and reluctance appeared on their faces.

An Zihao thought he heard them say, how dare he bring Tangning!

How dare he sign Tangning behind our backs!

How could Lan Xi trick us like this?

But, was this already too much for them? The Climax was yet to come!