Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258

“Professor Gu, you really don't know how to have some fun,” Ji Meiyi said helplessly .

“You're a student and I'm your professor . Please watch what you say,” Gu Qingli said before he packed his textbooks and said to the rest of the cla.s.s, “Cla.s.s dismissed . ”

For some reason, Mo Ziyan could tell from Gu Qingli's strict response towards Ji Meiyi that he was a bit cautious of her .

Afterwards, Ji Meiyi found her way to Gu Qingli's office, but apparently, she did not see him there .

That afternoon, Mo Ziyan received a phone call from Gu Qingli . He was picking her up for dinner . Mo Ziyan took this opportunity to ask her about something she was curious about .

“I feel like you were extra strict towards Ji Meiyi . Is she someone you know from the past?”

Gu Qingli looked at Mo Ziyan in surprise and laughed, “It seems, you've learned to spot even these tiny changes in my emotions . ”

“Don't forget that I've watched you for 4 years,” Mo Ziyan replied .

Gu Qingli smiled and placed a kiss on Mo Ziyan's forehead, he then replied, “If you were Ji Meiyi, would you waste your time studying a course that has absolutely nothing to do with your current career?”

Mo Ziyan shook her head, “I would be focused on making money, why would I waste this time?”

“Then, doesn't that answer your question, dopey? I'm afraid that Ji Meiyi is here as a test from Auntie and Uncle . ”

“Huh?” Mo Ziyan was a little surprised .

“What are you so surprised about? It's normal for Auntie and Uncle to worry about their daughter and send a test for their potential son-in-law . It's all within my expectations,” Gu Qingli laughed as he sat Mo Ziyan on his lap .

Mo Ziyan's face flushed red as she nodded her head, “Your a.n.a.lysis makes sense . If it's really a test from my parents, then you should handle it well . ”

“Were you pleased with my performance today?”

“Do you really not think that Ji Meiyi is pretty?” Mo Ziyan asked . “A lot of men are completely infatuated in her . ”

“For me, you are the only one in this world that is perfect for me . I don't care about everyone else . ”

With this response, Mo Ziyan came to a firm decision, “I'm going to move tonight . After all, my things are already packed . ”

“Are you sure?”

“I couldn't be surer . I trust in you,” Mo Ziyan said with certainty as she wrapped her arms around Gu Qingli's neck .

No matter what her parents thought, this was the man she had liked for 4 years . It wasn't a short amount of time . Plus, she wasn't afraid of getting hurt . So, she didn't need to ask for any more opinions . After all, didn't her mother often say that no matter what decision she made – whether wrong or right – she simply needed the courage to accept the consequences?

Based on these words, what was she hesitating about?

Didn't her parents have a flash marriage and weren't they still in love until now?

With this thought, Mo Ziyan was set on her decision .

So, after dinner, she returned to her dormitory and grabbed her luggage .

When her roommates saw this, they were dumbfounded, “What are you doing this time?”

“I'm moving home!” Mo Ziyan replied .

“We're not going to get involved . You've been a little strange lately,” one of her roommates shook her head as she looked helplessly at Mo Ziyan .

Mo Ziyan left behind some small gifts and carried her luggage out . At this time, Gu Qingli's car was waiting downstairs . Afterwards, he drove Mo Ziyan back to his apartment and helped her carry her luggage into the bedroom .

“Go hang your clothes in the wardrobe, I've already cleared half the s.p.a.ce for you . ”

“But, Brother Four, I don't feel like moving at all . Packing things is so tiring . ”

When Gu Qingli heard this, he patted the s.p.a.ce beside him and said, “In that case, I'll hug you and have a short nap . Just leave your things there, I'll deal with them later . ”

Mo Ziyan was satisfied with this response because the way that Gu Qingli doted on her made her feel really lucky .

Soon, Mo Ziyan fell into a deep sleep . Gu Qingli shook his head helplessly and carried her to the bed . He then went to prepare for his the next day . When he was done, he helped Mo Ziyan tidy her things and then went to have a bath .

When Mo Ziyan woke up, Gu Qingli was still in the bathroom .

Mo Ziyan's heart began to race, worried that something was going to happen that night . But, after Gu Qingli finished having a bath, he lay down beside her tiredly and didn't do anything that overstepped his boundaries . He simply placed his arm on her waist and helped her adjust the blanket on her body .

She had always wanted to find a man like Mo Ting that was confident, resolute and willing to ignore everyone just to make his wife happy .

But, after meeting Gu Qingli, Mo Ziyan began to wonder whether someone as charming as Gu Qingli would be living a life as beautiful as a painting .

And just like she expected, Gu Qingli's life was certainly refined and he was as gentle as she imagined .

At times, Mo Ziyan even wondered if she was too lucky – or was Gu Qingli hiding his faults too well .

If everything was true and G.o.d had given such a great man to her, should she be shedding tears of grat.i.tude?

Gu Qingli was refined down to the bone; a quality that he inherited from his father .

Was she cohabiting with this man now?

Mo Ziyan was still in disbelief until she noticed their clothes hanging in the wardrobe and her makeup sitting on the dressing table; she finally realized everything was real .

It was real beyond a doubt!

The next day, Mo Ziyan woke up to find that the spot next to her was already empty .

By the time she put on her robe and walked downstairs, Gu Qingli was already dressed and breakfast was already prepared .

“Come have some food . I'm going to go to the university first . Don't forget that you have a cla.s.s in the second period . ”

“OK,” Mo Ziyan nodded as she watched Gu Qingli pick up his briefcase . “You've already eaten?”

“Silly, have you looked at the time?” Gu Qingli asked as he rushed out the front door .

Initially, he was probably curious what time Mo Ziyan would wake up, but he never expected that she could actually sleep for so long .

Mo Ziyan's cheeks were flushed . After eating breakfast, she had a bath, got dressed and left the apartment .

But, today was very different from the previous day . Although Ji Meiyi attended cla.s.s like the previous day, she no longer had anyone following her around .

Her gaze was obviously targeted at Gu Qingli . He claimed that she was disturbing everyone the day before, so now that she resolved it, shouldn't he be praising her?

However, Gu Qingli remained cold…

Not disturbing others was just basic manners, what was worth praising?

So, Ji Meiyi lost her patience and stood up to question Gu Qingli, “Professor Gu, do you have a bias against me?”

“No, stop creating drama . This is all for today, cla.s.s dismissed . ”

Gu Qingli ruthlessly embarra.s.sed Ji Meiyi in front of everyone . If he was an ugly professor, people may have criticized him for what he did . But, this was Gu Qingli…

…the Gu Qingli that was refined like a charming prince from a painting…

Everything he did, deserved forgiveness