Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1220 You Have A Son Now?

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1220 You Have A Son Now?

Mo Zixi did not say a word, but Yao Anqi understood how he felt, "Hand me the kid."

"It's not convenient for you to take care of him right now. I simply came here to ask you if there's anything I should be cautious of and to check if there's any baby products I can take back. I will take Xingzhe back to the Mo Family Home and take care of him," Mo Zixi spoke in a slow and relatively composed manner, but no one knew that his heart was actually fluctuating.

"OK, I'll write everything down and give you a few things to take with you," Yao Anqi said obediently as her eyes turned red.

When Mo Zixi saw this, he immediately explained, "I don't mean to take the child away from you. What I'm trying to say is, if you're busy right now, you can take care of him later when you have some time."

Yao Anqi was a little surprised as she said, "I know about your relations.h.i.+p with Chen Jie. I don't mean to to intrude, nor do I want to break the two of you apart. If you want me to, I can stay away."

"Since the child is already born, there are a lot of things that are destined," Mo Zixi replied.

Yao Anqi did not say another word as she pulled out a paper and wrote down things to be wary of for Little Xingzhe.

She had a calm disposition and appeared as though she was worried about troubling others.

Her writing was neat and detailed and she looked like a reliable person.

However, Mo Zixi noticed that Yao Anqi's complexion was a little pale as though she was unwell. Perhaps, it was a result of overworking.

"I've written everything down. I'll fetch some things from the on-call room for you. Everything else is at home. You can come pick it up next time," Yao Anqi said as she handed Mo Zixi the note in her hand.

She appeared a little distant as though she was trying not to get involved with him.

Mo Zixi nodded his head and did not say another word.

However, just as Yao Anqi was halfway through packing things for Mo Zixi, an emergency patient was delivered into the ER and she was busy again. So, she handed the items she had to Mo Zixi, "Take these first."

After Mo Zixi took the items, he grabbed onto Yao Anqi, "It's important to save people, but you also need to care about your own health. You look like you've lost half your life already."

"I'm just busy today. I have two days off to rest after this."

After speaking, Yao Anqi quickly ran over to the nurse and asked about the condition of the emergency patient as she put on a face mask.

Mo Zixi had no choice but to return to the Mo Family Home with the child.

When Tangning saw him return with a bag of things, she figured that he had gone to find Yao Anqi.

"What did Anqi say?"

"She was busy saving someone, so she wrote down a few things to be wary of and gave us a few things that Xingzhe often uses," Mo Zixi replied. "By the way, this little boy's name is Xingzhe."

"That's a good name," Tangning said as she took the child from her son.

"Mom, when Anqi came to Hyatt Regency last time, she kneeled and begged our neighbor to bring her in, didn't she?"

Mo Zixi asked as he looked at the information Lu Che found.

"Yes," Tangning nodded.

"Give her access to Hyatt Regency and make her a key."

Tangning nodded after hearing this and could tell that her son felt a little bad.

"I'm sorry Mom, but I'll need you to take care of Xingzhe for now. There are some things that I need to put an end to."

"OK, go ahead," Tangning was proud because her son could differentiate between right and wrong and he made good judgment.

Mo Zixi glanced at his son one more time before he turned and left Hyatt Regency; just like Mo Ting said, a man had to act like a man.


Meanwhile, after hearing about Mo Zixi's matter, the newly wed Mo Zichen and Qian Lan couldn't help but sigh, "It's only been a day, but why does it feel like we've missed out on a lot?"

"I originally thought that my love life was a bad enough struggle, I never imagined that my brother would be worse off."

Tangning called Mo Zichen and Qian Lan home because she wanted to tell them to visit often, "When you guys have time, help us take care of the kid and share any burdens. Qian Lan, your stationed not far from Zixi. When you have time, you should visit the hospital and give Anqi a hand."

"Yes, Mom, of course," Qian Lan nodded. "After listening to what you said, I also feel that Anqi is a great person that's worth befriending."

"Zichen, when you have free time, don't just sit around reading, come take care of your nephew."

Mo Zichen looked at the kid and nodded his head, "Of course, he's such a well-behaved child. But, Zixi must be feeling really bad right now. As a man, there are some responsibilities that he has to accept."

"Who told him to get drunk?" Qian Lan made it sound like Mo Zixi deserved what happened.

"But, he is quite a man for being able to end things so swiftly."

At least, he was a lot quicker than they could be.

"However, he's jumped in front of us."


After returning to the army base, Mo Zixi looked a little depressed; it was very different to how he usually was.

His colleagues were originally waiting for him to come home so they could help him prepare for his proposal.

But, instead, he said, "There's no need. I'm not proposing anymore."

"Why? What happened? Did you have a fight with Jingrong?"

"No, I'm with the wrong person..." Mo Zixi began to explain as he shared everything that happened at home.

After his colleagues heard the whole story, they fell silent.

"Does that mean you have a son now?"


"Although I knew that Jingrong always liked you, I never expected her to do something so cheap," his colleague said with doubt. "Could there be a misunderstanding?"

"No, I'm sure that Jingrong lied to me. After all, we didn't just speak about this matter once, but she continued to lead me on and manipulate me into believing that something happened between us. If she was innocent, she would have told me the truth a long time ago. Although I don't want to believe it, this is the undeniable truth," Mo Zixi explained.

"From what you said, this woman sounds like she went a little overboard."

"I understand that Jingrong wanted to hold onto you, but she went too far with her lies. Besides, I've heard that Dr. Yao is a good person; she has a great reputation. It's interesting that she didn't look for you in 3 years."

"If that's how things are, then you should play it by ear. We will help you keep your secret. After all, it's your own private matter."

The colleagues patted Mo Zixi on the shoulder and threw away everything they prepared for the proposal.

Afterwards, Mo Zixi sat in his study room and thought for a long time.

Since he had already made a decision, he had no choice but to look for Chen Jingrong and clarify everything.

Although she had lied to him, they had been together for 4 years, so he had to give her a proper goodbye.

As for Yao Anqi...

...he didn't know what to do for now. All he could do was resolve everything with Chen Jingrong first.

After all, he looked down on men that dated two people at once...

But, was he being an adulterer right now? But...he never knew about the existence of Anqi and Xingzhe.