Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1269 You Should Notify Your Family Firs

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1269 You Should Notify Your Family Firs

His height was more perfect than a model's and his appearance was more attractive than a celebrity's. But, rumors claimed that this young man came from a very poor family background.

If that wasn't the case, then why did he always dress in the same black suit and same boring black-framed

Qian Lan had run into this man in the past; his face was indeed attractive, but his actions weren't very interesting.

However, her friends insisted on pairing them together. So, she gave them some face and agreed to meet with him. To be honest, others did not have a good impression of the young man, but Qian Lan was surprisingly pleased by him.

After all, he was gentle, good looking and he appeared quite frugal, even though he didn't talk much. Qian Lan was surprised that, in this day and age, there was still a man that knew how to manage his money.

"Miss Qian, you are the first woman to sit opposite me for more than 5 minutes in silence without storming off in anger," Mo Zichen laughed. His face was so exquisite that it was practically perfect.

"You're also the first frugal man I've met, who's still in his early twenties," Qian Lan replied with a giggle.

"h.e.l.lo, I'm Mo Zichen, a high school physics teacher."

"I'm Qian Lan, a primary school english teacher."

The two quickly fell silent again, but it wasn't an awkward silence. After all, Qian Lan was well known for being a bit strange herself. She didn't like men that looked too showy and especially disliked men that bragged.

Not only was Mo Zichen not sleazy at all, he even felt a bit cold and aloof as though he was purposely making people forget his existence.

Qian Lan liked his low profile personality.

"Will we get the chance to meet again?" Qian Lan asked straightforwardly.

"Sure, when I have no cla.s.s, I'm usually quite free."

The first meeting between the two was so plain and simple that it made others sleepy just by looking at it. Qian Lan's friend had been monitoring the date from a hidden spot, so, as soon as Mo Zichen left, she yawned and approached Qian Lan, "That guy was much too boring. Forget about it, we'll introduce you to someone else. It's just a shame that he was so good looking."

"No, I'm interested in him!" Qian Lan giggled.

"What?" her friend cried in surprise. "Qian Lan, is there something wrong with your brain? I don't expect you to find a tall, rich and handsome guy, but at least find someone that's normal. Look at Mo Zichen, he looks like a weirdo from head to toe. What do you like about him?"

"You need to think it over carefully, Miss Mayor's Daughter. Although you didn't rely on your parents to get to where you are, you can't be so shabby. Look at your older sister, she married some kinda MIT professor who recently opened his own laboratory. Do you want to lose to her?"

"There are actually plenty of choices at the school. It's just that you won't reveal your ident.i.ty. If you did, plenty of men would throw themselves at you!"

Qian Lan brushed away her friends arm and laughed, "As long as I like him, why does it matter what others say?"

"Oh you, I really don't understand what you're thinking."

"Fine, since you like him, I'll get his phone number for you. There's no need to thank me!"

As a result, Qian Lan got a hold of Mo Zichen's phone number. But, she was too afraid to contact him because she was afraid he would find it too sudden. She was, after all, a woman, so she didn't really want to be the initiator.

After returning home, one of the maids approached and said, "Second Miss, the Big Miss is waiting for you with the Madam."

"OK," Qian Lan changed into a pair of slippers and walked into the dining room. She then sat down at her usual seat on the dining table.

"Qian Lan, your father's found you a few young and capable men, when will you have time to meet with them?" Mother Qian asked as she held back a smile.

"Mom, I want to find someone myself."

"No, I don't trust your judgment. Look at what a great husband your sister's found. Your father and I simply want to find someone to take good care of our little princess."

Qian Lan revealed an awkward smile, but she did not say a word nor look at her sister.

Soon, her so-called brother-in-law came downstairs. But, Qian Lan simply greeted him timidly and left the dining table.

"That child's getting more and more bad mannered."

"Mom, it's fine," the man quickly comforted Mother Qian before he sat down beside his wife.

This man's name was Xu Chunhao. He was once Qian Lan's school senior who she also dated for two years. However, Xu Chunhao ended up going overseas, and when he finally returned, he somehow turned into her brother-in-law.

From that moment on, Qian Lan no longer expected too much from men. She simply wanted someone that was honest and low key; someone like Mo Zichen.

It seemed, Xu Chunhao found her sister was more mature and successful.

That night, Xu Chunhao came knocking on Qian Lan's door and walked in like he was there​ to give her honest advice, "Mom's only doing this for your own good. She wants you to meet some good men."

"If I find a good man, I'm sure you'll be put in a difficult position," Qian Lan laughed. "If there's nothing else, please leave. I still need to prepare for my cla.s.s tomorrow."

There was nothing that Xu Chunhao could do. So, he simply left the room.

The only reason why Qian Lan's sister wasn't jealous was because she knew her husband was going into Qian Lan's room to show off.

After all, it was impossible for Qian Lan to find someone better.

At that moment, Qian Lan felt tempted to message Mo Zichen.

So, she pulled out her phone, and after staring at it for ages, she finally sent him a message. It was just a few simple words: 'Hi, it's Qian Lan, are you asleep yet?"


At the time that Mo Zichen received Qian Lan's message, he was having dinner at home because his brother had returned from the military.

Because Mo Zixi made it into the military university, he had to undertake training at the army base.

"Zichen, you sure enjoy struggling. Hai Rui is such a big company, but instead of casually helping dad out and enjoying the life of an heir, you've gone to be a teacher."

Compared to Mo Zichen's tall slender body, Mo Zixi was more on the built and strong side.

His skin was tanned from his time in the military and it gave him an especially healthy glow.

"Big Brother and Brother Two, stop chatting, come in and help mom carry some dishes," Mo Ziyan cried from the kitchen.

"Coming," Mo Zixi said cheerily as he turned towards the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Mo Zichen tried to recall how long it had been since he last returned home? Even he couldn't remember properly. Perhaps, 5 years...

When he saw that his parents were still as distinguished and elegant as they always were, Mo Zichen felt as though he had only left home for 5 days.

Mo Ting still looked the same and was still as powerful and respected as ever. Everything about him was good except for the fact that he wouldn't allow his three kids to cause Tangning too much trouble because he was a complete wife slave.

Meanwhile, Tangning didn't change much either. Her legs were still long and gorgeous and she maintained her appearance well.

"Zichen, I think it's almost time that you return home," Tangning said to her son.

Mo Zichen had been smart from a young age, so this helped him set his own ideals in life. As a result, he left home many years ago to experience life on his own. But, no one had any idea that he was actually the son of The Big Boss of Entertainment, Mo Ting, and The Mother of Sci-fi, Tangning.