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Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1264 Are You Saying That You're Quitting?

Meanwhile, the teacher in charge of the two kids pretended to break down in tears. He knew he couldn't handle the consequences, so apart from notifying the school and contacting the parents, he also called the police.

Therefore, by the time that Tangning and Mo Ting arrived at the school, the police had also arrived as well. They also began investigating everything that was suspicious. However, they didn't gain any useful evidence.

But, how could two kids disappear just like that?

"I'm so sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Mo, the school failed to monitor your kids. Under the current circ.u.mstances, I can only try my best to a.s.sist the police so they can find your two boys. I hope you can trust in us."

At that moment, Tangning didn't hear a thing. All she could do was stare at the bed where her kids once slept and not say a word.

Mo Ting looked at Tangning worriedly. He then turned to the and said, "Please step out first."

The wanted to do more convincing, but when he saw Tangning's dazed expression, he did not continue to bother her.

"This isn't real..." Tangning mumbled as she touched the little blue bed in front of her. "Ting...this can't be real."

"We'll definitely find them," Mo Ting replied. "Trust me, we'll definitely find them. It's not the time to be upset."

"I should have realized earlier. Elder Nangong went as far as to poison Nangong Quan just so he could go up against Hai Rui, but it seems, this was his motive all along," Tangning turned around and looked at Mo Ting with self-blame. "I shouldn't have left them."

"This wasn't your fault. The most important thing now is to find them."

Tangning remained silent for a few seconds as though she was trying hard to regain her composure. After a little while, she nodded her head, "Yes, we need to find our kids. But, the kidnapper hasn't left behind any clues. Where do we start? Will Elder Nangong let us find them?"

"Yes he will!" Mo Ting replied confidently.

Tangning tried her best to hold back her tears as she approached Mo Ting. However, just as they walked out the door, she almost twisted her ankle.

The two twins had suddenly gone missing...

They disappeared without a reason...

The media immediately caught wind of the incident and surrounded the school.

Soon after, news of the missing kids appeared on every single news source. In fact, it was plastered across the main headlines, "The sons of infamous artist, Tangning, and Hai Rui CEO, Mo Ting, went missing from their school on the XXth. At present, the police are still investigating the matter and haven't received any new leads."

[Twins apparently kidnapped: Tangning's sons suddenly missing]

[Sons of Tangning missing: police currently searching for the kidnapper!]


As a mother who had just discovered that her sons were missing, Tangning immediately called Su Youran, "Give me Elder Nangong's phone number..."

"Ning Jie, I've seen the news."

"Youran, I don't have time to talk about other things. I simply want to find my kids," Tangning's voice slightly trembled.

So, Su Youran did as requested and immediately found Elder Nangong's number on her phone. Afterwards, Tangning punched the numbers into her phone and called the old man.

"Give me back my kids," Tangning said straightforwardly.

"I don't understand what you're saying..."

"Things have already gotten to this point. Why are you still putting on an act?" Tangning asked. "If there's something you're not happy with, you should direct your anger towards the adults. What kind of person would target helpless kids? Why would you do something like that?"

"Why? I did it so I could see you fall apart like this," Elder Nangong laughed loudly. "Tangning, tell the Mo Family that I won't be returning the kids to you. You can think of this as payment for the debt you owe me."

"Let me tell you, I will definitely find my kids," Tangning said clearly between gritted teeth.

"I'd like to see you try!"

After speaking, the old man hung up the phone. Although Tangning didn't gain any information from the call, she was now certain that Elder Nangong was the mastermind behind the incident.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting had already instructed Lu Che to hire the best private investigator in the country and the investigator was on his way to the school.

A famous actress' twin sons were kidnapped; for the citizens of Beijing, this was shocking news. Hence, within half a day, everyone in Beijing was talking about the incident.

At that point, it was impossible for Tangning to guess where the old man's bottom line stood, nor could she guarantee the life and death of her kids.

She could only hope that her kids wouldn't end up being poisoned like Nangong Quan and slowly die away. That would be too cruel!

Over at Hai Rui, Fang Yu was trying to keep public opinion under control while managing the PR. But, the news spread so quickly that it was impossible to suppress it.

Soon, everyone knew about this matter. This included the Tang Family, close friends, and even Elder Mo.

After discovering that his great-grandsons were implicated by the grudge he created many years ago, the usually optimistic old man was saddened by the news.

In the end, they each utilized their own contacts to hire their own private investigator, in hopes of finding even the slightest clue. The scene was quite a mess.

That day was difficult to get through, but Tangning ended up with no leads nor any idea of who else to ask for help and what else to do.

As for Mo Ting, he continued to expand his search in hopes of finding the slightest trace of his sons...

However, an entire day pa.s.sed and there were still no results...

Meanwhile, after Nangong Quan heard about the incident, he was so angered that he almost had the urge to kill his grandfather himself. He never imagined that slandering Hai Rui was just a distraction, while the old man's true target were the twins.

How cruel was he...?

There was no way Nangong Quan could tolerate it...

"Quan, what should we do now?"

"Let's contact Mo Ting and help the police by joining the search. This time, we're not just searching for the two kids, we're also searching for ourselves." Nangong Quan didn't hesitate as he picked up the phone and called Mo Ting. He then explained everything, including how he was being blackmailed, to the police.

Soon, the police sent their men to escort Nangong Quan over and the father's joined forces to form a small search team.

Even though it was getting late at night, the men sat down together and held a meeting insid the school.

"This is a high-cla.s.s private school, if no one allowed him access, he wouldn't have got in. So, he definitely had one or two accomplices, any more and he'd be at risk of being discovered. These accomplices must be staff at the school and they must be very familiar with the boys."

"We've already spoken to the teacher in charge, but he seemed like he didn't know a thing."

"We have another team of police that are getting an arrest warrant for the suspect." In other words, they were going to detain Elder Nangong for interrogation.

The police began to piece together what may have happened.

Mo Ting sat at the back with Nangong Quan by his side.

"After we find my kids, your grandfather's dead!"