Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258

Now, whenever Little Eggsh.e.l.l saw the old man, she automatically hid in her room in fear. It seemed, the incident last time had truly traumatized her. Moreover, she had roughly understood the cause of her father's near-death experience, so, she wanted to hide from the old man as much as she could.

Elder Nangong accepted the fact that he would probably spend the rest of his life on his own, so he did not expect too much from Little Eggsh.e.l.l and Su Youran.

After all, he was simply focused on the past and not on the future.

But, this persistence was purely to avenge his 20 odd years in prison.

Was he ruthless?

This was beyond doubt.

Then, was he pitiful?

If one thought about it, he was indeed pitiful.

Su Youran often felt bad for the old man, but it was impossible to get close to him and show some care. She was scared that if she got close to him, she would end up being used by him.


That night, Su Youran walked into the study room after having a bath and found Nangong Quan staring at a photo of his parents. Without items like this, he would have already forgotten how his parents looked like.

"Will Grandfather really be happy after he gets his revenge? Even if he succeeds and makes the Mo Family suffer, will be really be happy?"

"He is no longer at the point where he cares about his happiness. He is simply living for one reason: to make the Mo Family suffer. He can't stop because, if he stops, he will lose all motivation to live," Nangong Quan said as he wrapped his arm around Su Youran.

Su Youran's heart ached for Nangong Quan. Even though Elder Nangong almost caused him to never wake up again, he did not hate his Grandfather, he even gave him a chance to seek his revenge.

This man looked tall and dangerous, but he was actually very kind-hearted.

"Can you share all your pain with me? Seeing you this way makes my heart ache..."

Nangong Quan gripped onto Su Youran's waist and smiled, "Shouldn't all men be tolerant like this?"

"No, of course not."

At least, Mo Ting would never suffer such a loss.

And Tangning would never allow it either.

They both treated themselves really well.

"That's enough, everyone has their own life motto. Your favorite Tangning, for example, is persistent in following her motto of not attacking those that don't attack her first. Whereas, my motto is to not throw the blame on fate nor others and to always be kind-hearted."

After hearing this, Su Youran let out a laugh, "You're wrong, my favorite person isn't Tangning. My favorite you!"

"From now on, if anyone tries to bully you, I can beat them up for you. Don't forget that I came from the military."

"Silly!" Nangong Quan lowered his head and kissed Su Youran on the lips. Afterwards, the couple went to bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

It was because of Nangong Quan's n.o.ble nature that Tangning acknowledged him as a person, and it was also the reason why she was willing to help him.

However, the two families had an odd relations.h.i.+p.

They were originally enemies, but now, one of them saved the other's life.

On top of that, there was also the unfortunate fate between Little Eggsh.e.l.l and the twins...


Of course, Elder Nangong remained all alone, especially during the time when he was waiting for the announcement of 'The Ant Queen 2's' release and was going back and forth between the US and Beijing on his own. Unfortunately, he wouldn't get what he was waiting for in the end.

Over a year had pa.s.sed since they first announced they'd be filming 'The Ant Queen 2', but Hai Rui still did not confirm an official release date nor did they provide any updates.

Tangning simply focused on post production because she wanted the visuals to be as detailed as possible and she wanted their effects to surpa.s.s the quality of what Glory produced.

But, as the anniversary of 'The Ant Queen' approached, not only did Hai Rui not promote 'The Ant Queen 2', they suddenly announced an anniversary event and focused all their efforts on promoting that instead.

Although fans didn't receive any news regarding 'The Ant Queen 2', the anniversary event had many attractive gifts and prizes and Christmas was nearing, so the event quickly sparked their interests.

On top of that, Hai Rui announced that they would give everyone a huge surprise on the midnight of the 16th.

Everyone ended up turning their attention to the event without any idea that it was related to 'The Ant Queen 2'.

When Elder Nangong heard that Hai Rui was making such a big fuss over an old film, he couldn't help but sneer, "If you're that great, you should set a release date for 'The Ant Queen 2' instead..."

The Americans were ready to go at anytime, but there was still no movement from Hai Rui...

This meant, his original plan to attack the twins during Christmas would not be able to go ahead either.


This time of year, Beijing was at its coldest. But, the theaters remained popular.

Hai Rui was holding an event for 'The Ant Queen' and the theaters were handing out some mysterious coupons which could be exchanged for a huge surprise on the night of the 16th.

"What kind of a surprise could this be? Have you guys received a coupon?"

"I'm not sure what it is, but it's really interesting."

"I never thought Hai Rui would hold such a big anniversary event for 'The Ant Queen'. I must say, they've put in a lot of effort, but I'm actually more interested in the release date of 'The Ant Queen 2'."

"Who cares? The 16th is a Sunday, so we might as well go see what the suprise is."

"We'll be going too..."

The public were fascinated by Hai Rui's event and many had already decided to take their coupons to the theater on the 16th to see what surprise was in store.

But, no one expected that the coupon would be exchanged for an opportunity to view the premier of 'The Ant Queen 2'!

Of course, there was a limited number of coupons; each theater was only allocated a few. This was all a part of Hai Rui's gimmick. If things went as planned, these mysterious coupons would create quite a surprise!

As it was only days before the premier, Tangning began to feel a little nervous..

She wasn't as cool and collected as she originally was...

"Are you finally feeling worried?" Mo Ting laughed as he looked at Tangning's expression. "Wasn't this something you should have been worried about from the start?"

"I know there won't be any problems. I'm just naturally nervous," Tangning mumbled. Rather than being nervous, it was actually more accurate to say that she was antic.i.p.ating the reactions of the audience.