Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1229 He Couldn't Be Snatched Away

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1229 He Couldn't Be Snatched Away

Who would have thought, at the last minute, just before he sent Mo Ting to his death, a simple phone call from Tangning would ruin everything he had planned.

Worst of all, the explosives he set up had a huge safety flaw because he did not plan to leave Mo Ting a chance to survive.

But, now that the shoot was canceled, he had to clean up everything he set up or he'd be exposed.

Actually, Tangning didn't make her decision based on instincts, she did it because she wanted to be extra cautious.

After all, if someone decided to tamper with the explosives, who could guarantee her husband's safety?

Unfortunately, Qiao Man was focused on filming the next scene, so she instructed some miscellaneous a.s.sistants to quickly clean up the set. As a result, they started clearing the explosives before Elder Nangong arrived and accidentally triggered one of the traps that Elder Nangong set up.

A loud boom echoed through the set, causing the entire film studio to be stunned by the noise.

The set covered in fire and debris while the staff tried to recover from their shock. As they looked at the scene in front of them, one thought came to mind: it was an explosion!

The studio quickly erupted with screams, quarrels and questions. In response, Mo Ting told Lu Che to report to him and instructed him to call the police.

In an instant, news of the explosion began spreading like crazy and speculations started appearing online.

The amount of deaths and the cause were still unknown.

But, Mo Ting and the people around him, all knew what had happened.

After the police arrived, they quickly cleared the scene and confirmed the number of deaths and injuries. Fortunately, even though the explosion was triggered by a staff member, the staff member quickly jumped into a nearby pit and did not receive serious injuries. As for everyone else that was near the explosion, they only suffered a few surface scratches.

How fortunate...

No one was seriously injured.

"Where's the explosives technician? Where's the person in charge of the explosives? Are they licensed?" the police officers began to ask. That was when everyone realized that Elder Nangong was nowhere to be seen.

At that exact moment, Mo Ting received a phone call from Nangong Quan, "I thought long and hard and couldn't think of what to do. But, I think I know who you should be cautious of: the explosives technician."

"Your phone call was a little late. Haven't you seen the news yet?" Mo Ting asked.

Nangong Quan furrowed his brows and asked his a.s.sistant to hand him his phone. That was when he read about the explosion at Hai Rui's film studio.

Soon, Tangning arrived on set and immediately ran over to hug Mo Ting, "Lucky you're OK..."

Mo Ting returned his wife's hug. If not for her phone call today, he may have already...

"I'm OK, I'm fine, don't worry."

"Let's help the police with the incident first and chat when we get home," Tangning regained her logic as she turned to comfort the staff.

Seeing this, Mo Ting instructed Lu Che to contact Fang Yu so he could write out a detailed report of the incident.

In reality, Mo Ting wanted Fang Yu to sift through the incident carefully for any clues because he knew Lu Che wasn't as detailed as him.

Afterwards, Hai Rui released a statement to confirm that there were no deaths. They also confirmed that the police were still investigating the cause of the explosion and an answer would be provided soon.


Of course, after such a huge incident that almost took Mo Ting's life, Elder Mo returned to Hyatt Regency as soon as he saw the news.

"That old weasel is extremely tricky. It's normal that you didn't find anything. Twenty years ago, we also exhausted a lot of manpower and resources to send him to prison. Who would have thought that he'd go straight for my grandson's life as soon as he was released."

"It's lucky that Xiao Ning reacted quickly this time..."

Mo Ting did not say a word after returning home. He simply sat on the sofa and looked at his grandfather with a cold expression.

"If you managed the issue properly back then, no one would come back to seek revenge."

"Who would have thought that he'd actually be released," Elder Mo humphed.

"Now that his plan failed, his ident.i.ty has been exposed. He won't use a fake ident.i.ty to get close to us again. At least, this is a good thing," Mo Ting said as he stood up. "He's got a group of followers that all want to take the Mo Family's lives. I'm afraid, there's going to be drama when he returns to the Nangong Family Home."

Elder Mo humphed but didn't say a word.

This was the first time he was scolded by someone younger than him.

"Let's wait for Fang Yu's report and see what the situation is..." Tangning said as she patted Mo Ting on the back of his hand comfortingly. "At least, no one got hurt. That's already the best outcome."

"Now that he's out in the open, he won't be able to make a move so easily."

Mo Ting did not say a word, but his gaze was dark. After Elder Mo left, he dragged Tangning into the bathroom, filled the bathtub and lay down with her.

As Tangning watched her husband's eyes close, she asked, "Tired?"

"Just like Nangong Quan, I don't want to be dragged into this mess. We simply want to live ordinary lives. No matter how old the grudges are, I don't want you or the kids to be implicated."

"But, you've already been implicated, what are you going to do?" Tangning asked. "You can't expect grandfather to shoulder it on his own. Besides, what he did back then wasn't wrong."

"Don't force me to make a move," Mo Ting said calmly as he opened his eyes. However, Tangning could see a darkness in his gaze that she had never seen before. "I don't care if I get threatened or hurt, but if something happens to you..."

"I will definitely send him to h.e.l.l..."

"Today, when your life was threatened, I already wanted to send him to h.e.l.l," Tangning said as she cupped her hands around Mo Ting's handsome face. "Ting, don't think of me as someone that's weak. With you around, I have nothing to fear."

"We've long been accustomed to the dramas in the industry. It's just a simple revenge, isn't that a common issue?"

"Let's see how Nangong Quan handles the matter first. After all, that old weasel has no choice but to return home!"


Due to his failure, Elder Nangong had no choice but to get rid of his ident.i.ty as the explosives technician, causing the police to be met with a dead end.

He then pretended that he had just been released from prison and returned home.

But, was Nangong Quan happy to see him?


It wasn't because he didn't want to see his grandfather, but because the old man had just caused an explosion in someone else's territory. Most frightening of all, his grandfather did not think that he did anything wrong and had absolutely no respect for the lives of others!