Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1200 Don't You Want This Family Anymore?

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1200 Don't You Want This Family Anymore?

Therefore, Elder Mo cooperated with the police to take the Nangong Family down. He handed over some important evidence and had Elder Nangong admitted to prison.

After the fall of the Nangong Family, the entire Beijing, including the entertainment industry, barely mentioned their names again. But, now that Nangong Quan was back, it seemed, this old matter was about to be dug up again.

Nangong Quan was back to make the Mo Family suffer.

Mo Ting wasn't afraid. After all, Elder Mo never did anything wrong. But, he had a weakness: Tangning.

Tangning could see the worry in Mo Ting's eyes, so she teased, "Is President Mo afraid?"

"Let's get some rest," Mo Ting said without answering Tangning's question. He then wrapped his arms around his wife and lay down to sleep.

Tangning wasn't a typical woman. Whether it was physically or mentally, she had a strength that other women couldn't compare to. This was something that Mo Ting never worried about.

A few days later, Nangong Quan successfully held a press conference and announced his role as the CEO of Springfall Film and Television. He also wished 'Parasite' the best.

When Tangning saw the man on the entertainment news, she found herself naturally feeling cautious of him. She often judged a person's soul through their eyes, and this man's eyes looked tired but fierce.

Of course, his appearance in the industry attracted a lot of debate. He was obviously here to oppose Hai Rui; a conclusion that could be made from 'Parasite' alone.

After Elder Mo saw the news, he immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call, "Has the rascal from the Nangong Family caused you any trouble?"

"Haven't you already seen everything on the news?"

"I'm referring to other things," the old man humphed. "He plays the same sneaky tricks that his grandfather used to play."

"He hasn't done anything yet," Mo Ting replied.

"This rascal might be worse than his grandfather. You need to be careful."

"You should worry about yourself first," Mo Ting said before he hung up the phone.

"That rascal..." Elder Mo humphed as he also hung up.

Afterwards, Mo Ting heard a knock on his office door and Lu Che stepped inside with an invitation, "President, this is from Springfall!"

Mo Ting received the invitation and threw it aside after taking a glance at it, "Nangong Quan wants to meet."

"Are you going to go?"

"Of course, we have a lot to catch up on."

"Do you want to notify the Madam about this?" Lu Che asked as he peeked at the invitation beside Mo Ting's hand.

Mo Ting froze for a second before he nodded his head, "Of course."

From Mo Ting's perspective, he worried about Tangning, but he never treated her like an average women. After all, her ability to judge a situation was better than any man. So, he decided to tell her everything so she could prepare for it.

That night, after returning home, Mo Ting told Tangning about the invitation and asked, "Do you want to go with me? I feel the most rea.s.sured with you by my side."

Tangning shook her head in response, "You should go by yourself. I'll stay at home and not make you worry."


"But, I keep feeling as though something's off," Tangning said confusedly. She kept feeling like there was something she hadn't figured out yet.

"Zichen has his next appointment at the doctor's in 2 days," Mo Ting reminded.

"Oh, yes, that's right," Tangning remembered.

"I'll send a few extra bodyguards​ to protect you. Take mom with you to the appointment."

"OK," Tangning nodded.

Afterwards, Tangning called Xia Yuling and warned her to be careful. She, at least, needed to be aware of any dangers. But, Xia Yuling responded in a relaxed manner, "I know to be cautious and I'll protect my grandson well. You guys don't need to be so anxious. This isn't 20 years ago!"

Tangning understood that she was overreacting a little, but who knew what Nangong Quan's bottom line was? After all, they had never crossed paths before and he was a fierce criminal.

Two days later, Mo Ting arrived at Dynasty Hotel to meet with Nangong Quan. Dressed in a grey suit, Nangong Quan smiled as he greeted Mo Ting from a table beside the window.

"It's been a long time."

Mo Ting removed his suit jacket and walked over to sit opposite Nangong Quan. The two handsome men immediately attracted the attention of the women in the hotel.

"President Nangong has made quite a grand return."

"How come your wife didn't accompany you today? I felt like I should personally explain the matter regarding Glory to her," Nangong Quan said courteously, "My men didn't handle the matter well. Sister-in-law must be upset."

"My son had a doctor's appointment today, so my wife went with him," Mo Ting replied calmly. "As for the matter concerning Glory, my wife didn't gain much from the situation, but she didn't lose out either."

"After I returned to Beijing this time, I noticed that the industry's changed a lot. It seems to be ruled by you now," Nangong Quan laughed.

"Did President Nangong simply invite me here to catch up?"

"Of course. After all, the Mo Family are the only people I'm familiar with in Beijing. Now that I'm back with my daughter, it's only natural for me to meet with old friends. Otherwise, my daughter will have no one to visit and her holidays would be very lonely and cold."

The conversation between the two men was actually a mental battle to test each other's bottom line.

"If there's something you want to say, then go ahead and say it. After all, I don't think my grandfather did anything wrong all those years ago," Mo Ting said straightforwardly. "I don't think the Mo Family owes you anything."

"I never said that the Mo Family owes me anything. I honestly contacted you because you're the only person I can talk to. As for 'Parasite', that is merely business that is managed by someone else. I can't say that I was completely aware of it," Nangong Quan explained calmly. "Mo Ting, even if I was to target you, I would do it openly."

"Others may not know you, but I know you perfectly. Besides, I have a daughter now."

"It wasn't easy for me to get to this point. I don't want my daughter to lose her father over an old grudge."

"Let's meet often from now on. I'll make you believe me."

Whether Mo Ting believed Nangong Quan or not, he was still cautious of him. After all, the Nangong Family's grudge wasn't determined by Nangong Quan alone.

In the past, the Nangong Family's power was complex. One false move and it triggered a domino effect. So, plenty of people were implicated by Elder Nangong's admittance to prison. But, they all went into hiding. Now that Nangong Quan returned, they finally had someone to lead their way. Wasn't this the perfect opportunity for them to make a move?