Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1190 You Are My Queen!

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1190 You Are My Queen!

He may have taken Liang Yongyu's money, but he ended up transferring a portion of it straight into his doctor girlfriend's account. Although it wasn't everything, it was the majority. However, he had no idea that as soon as he transferred the dirty money to his girlfriend, she immediately donated it all to the hospital.

The reason why the doctor girlfriend decided to be the one to put on the act was because she could pretend to be pregnant without arousing suspicion.

But, this would be the only time. She was only doing it to teach the jerk a lesson.

On the surface, the couple had agreed on a wedding date and were planning to register their marriage the day after. But, the doctor girlfriend had already decided that she was going to leave.

During this time, Tangning kept an eye on the progress of the incident, but she also started to prepare Superstar Media for a comeback.

Long Jie was about to give birth to her second child, but Lin Qian was ready to return and take charge. Tangning planned to remain behind-the-scenes, so she had no intention of getting involved with management. After all, she still had to continue with Qiao Sen's dream.

But, it was a shame that Qiao Sen was gone, because it was difficult for her to find a business partner with the same mindset that could a.s.sist her with her sci-fi film. Especially since she didn't know which director to use for 'The Ant Queen 2'.

At this moment, there was an artist suicide incident within the entertainment industry. To be exact, it wasn't an artist but a lonely arthouse director.

As he was obsessed with producing artistic films, he ended up using his family's entire savings, causing his daughter to die from starvation.

After hearing about the incident, Tangning was surprised that a person could starve to death because of those conditions.

Fortunately, the director did not succeed in committing suicide and was saved by his a.s.sistant.

This incident caused quite an uproar and attracted a lot of sympathy.

Tangning watched the director's films and discovered they were all heavy, depressed and a little crazy.

This was an example of his extreme character! As a result, Tangning suddenly had an idea...


A few days later, Liang Yongyu finally discovered something was wrong with her bank account. At that time, she was getting a few treatments done at the beauty salon and discovered that she didn't even have a cent in her account.

At first, she thought it was an error with the card machine, so she tried again. But, even after a few tries, the machine still said her card was declined.

In the end, Liang Yongyu gave her bank a phone call to confirm and discovered that all her money had been transferred out with a cheque.

All of a sudden, Liang Yongyu thought of Qi Lei and how he had gotten her to sign something the other night. Immediately, she woke up from her confusion.

So, she gave Qi Lei a phone call, "Qi Lei, where are you?"

From the tone in her voice, Qi Lei could tell that she had already found out about her money, so he replied, "I'm overseas on a business trip!"

"What happened to my money?" Liang Yongyu asked.

However, her question was met with an endless dial tone...

Liang Yongyu was thrown into a panic. So, she immediately ran over to Qi Lei's home to look for him. But, the only person that was home was Qi Lei's doctor fiancee.

"Who are you looking for?"

"Who are you?" Liang Yongyu asked.

"I am Qi Lei's fiancee!" the doctor deliberately put on an act. "Are you at the wrong place?"

"That's impossible. If you're his fiancee, then who am I?" Liang Yongyu asked as she pushed away the doctor and stormed into the home to look for Qi Lei.

"Stop searching, he's not home," the doctor said with her arms crossed. "I said I felt like pineapple cake from Chengnan, so he went to buy it."

"This can't be...This is impossible."

"What's so impossible about this? Liang Yongyu, everyone knows about you. You had two daughters and one miscarriage and you were abandoned by a rich family. Everyone's already been criticizing you, why would Qi Lei want to be with you?"

"Besides, I'm already carrying Qi Lei's child and he's already proposed to me. You wouldn't actually believe that he'd date a pair of used shoes, right?" the woman ridiculed in disdain. "Oh, by the way, he's already transferred me the $1 billion you gave him!"

With the mention of her $1 billion, Liang Yongyu immediately stepped forward and grabbed onto the woman's shoulders and shook her, "Give me back my money. Give it back..."

"Why should I give it back to you? Didn't you scam this money from the Zhai Family to begin with? Besides, I've already donated it all to the hospital. Your dream of being a socialite has gone down the drain, so I think you should give up any hopes of being rich as well."

Liang Yongyu retreated a couple of steps and started shaking the doctor even more. Just as the two women were tugging at each other, Qi Lei returned with a box of pineapple cake. When he saw his beloved woman being attacked, he immediately ran over and pushed Liang Yongyu away, "What are you trying to do, you crazy b*tch?"

"Qi Lei...why did you do this to me?"

"You were the one that was cheap enough to throw yourself at me!" Qi Lei yelled as he protected his fiancee. "Gold diggers like you that try everything to marry into a rich family, are easy to deal with. I'm just enforcing justice on behalf of heaven!"

"You're shameless!"

Liang Yongyu fell to the ground and started crying helplessly, "Give me back my money!"

"I don't know what you're talking about. If you don't leave, I'm going to call security on you."

In the end, Liang Yongyu was kicked out by a security guard. At that moment, Liang Yongyu was terrified; she had nothing left...not even a cent!

Her $1 billion!

She actually gave it all to Qi Lei so easily and helped him fund his wedding!

But, this wasn't the worst thing. The worst thing was, somehow the media heard about her incident and rushed over to take photos of her crying outside Qi Lei's apartment. It was an extremely ugly sight.

"Hey, isn't this the 'rich socialite' with $1 billion? Why is she crying on the floor?"

"Stop talking, hurry and take photos. This is such a pitiful sight."

"Apparently, she was scammed out of the breakup fee she received from the Zhai Family. How pitiful."

"Get lost, all of you. Stop taking photos of me...stop it! You are all bullies!"

The cameras were filled with scenes of Liang Yongyu crying. But, an endless amount of pain was still waiting for her. Of course, at this time, Qi Lei had no idea that the reporters below his apartment were arranged by his fiancee. He simply felt it was strange!

That night, Qi Lei's fiancee gathered evidence of how Qi Lei and Liang Yongyu colluded to go against the Zhai Family, as well as evidence of Qi Lei's cheating and scamming. While he was asleep, she also made a copy of his contact list and posted the things she prepared to everyone on the list!

Afterwards, she packed her belongings and got ready to leave...

But, where was she going? She was going overseas to distance herself from the scandals.

That night, Qi Lei slept soundly. But, when he woke up...

...he was shocked by the number of missed calls on his phone.