Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1185 They Disappeared From School!

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1185 They Disappeared From School!

It was meant to be a proper wedding, but the bride stirred up a huge commotion and caused the Zhai Family to be humiliated. However...the Zhai Family's true loss was still to come.

After all, Zhai Lintian struck Liang Yongyu in front of everyone and she now had the right to ask for even more money.

Liang Yongyu used Tangning as a trigger. After a fight broke out and everyone was drawn over, she deflected the humiliation onto the Zhai Family and went home with their money. This was Liang Yongyu's​ true motive.

From outside the hospital, Zhai Lintian could hear Liang Yongyu crying to the media. He was so tempted to walk inside and sew her mouth shut. If he knew this would happen, he would have never been gentle on her.

"The Zhai Family abused my daughter to death and Tangning refused to provide help when we needed it. I will resolve these two issues with the law..." Liang Yongyu cried as she answered the media.

The current situation was already beyond the Zhai Family's control. After all, Liang Yongyu created such a drama at her wedding!

Soon afterwards, the Zhai Family apologized to Mo Ting and Tangning, "I'm sorry, President Mo...As you saw, we were betrayed and badly damaged, I hope it didn't cause you and your wife too much stress."

"I'm sure Liang Yongyu had the guts to do this because someone taught her. You should pay close attention to her," Mo Ting suggested. "You also need to convince your son not to be angered by Liang Yongyu. Otherwise, he'll just fall deeper and deeper into her trap."

"Thank you, President Mo, for being so forgiving."

No matter how much they disliked it each other, it wasn't worth Mo Ting's time to dwell on the matter, especially since the Zhai Family were badly schemed against by Liang Yongyu.

Tangning had told Mo Ting to forget about everything at the wedding. After all, the Zhai Family were already in deep trouble.

"But, Mrs. Mo's reputation..."

"Just focus on your own family." In other words, he was telling them not to worry about his woman.

This time, Tangning was implicated and was placed in an awkward position. Everyone knew she didn't do anything wrong, yet Liang Yongyu made her sound evil just because she didn't take in her daughter.

Different versions of the argument at the wedding soon began to spread throughout the industry. It seemed, people treated it as a joke.

But, worst of all, Liang Yongyu used Tangning and Mo Ting as stepping stones to achieve her motive!

How dare Liang Yongyu step on Tangning to advance!

"Think of a way to strike back. Everyone's laughing at you and saying you're like the first wave at a beach!" Long Jie was unhappy after hearing all the gossip. "How dare that woman step all over you in such a bold manner?" 

"If this is her way of getting revenge on me, then she succeeded," Tangning laughed.

"I don't like this. I don't like it at all!"

"How many days of happiness do you think the Zhai Family will give someone like Liang Yongyu? They're simply waiting for the hype to die down. As soon as the focus is turned away, it will be time for her execution," Tangning said. "She may be proud for now, but I'm afraid her days won't be good from now on."

"Long Jie, find a chance to take note of Liang Yongyu's movements. Make sure she doesn't leave Beijing," Tangning instructed. "Perhaps, she might have already guessed what my next move is and is planning to strike first!"

Indeed, Tangning's guess was right. To stop Liang Yongyu from making things worse, the Zhai Family ended up offering her $1 billion in private.

Although they felt as though Liang Yongyu had gone too far, offering her $1 billion was still better than giving her half of Zhai Lintian's a.s.sets.

So, after accepting the $1 billion, Liang Yongyu appeared in front of the media and began to cry. She told them that she saw her daughter in her dreams and that she decided to cut ties with the Zhai Family because it was her daughter's wish. She also told them that she wasn't taking anything except a small breakup fee!

This made Liang Yongyu appear cool and brave to the public, but shamelessly boastful in front of the media.

"I hate money the most. I simply wanted to know if there was true love in the socialite circles, but I lost the bet!"

"Following on, I'm planning to enter the film and television industry with all the money I've got. I think a woman should have her own career..."

But, as soon as Liang Yongyu joined the film and television industry, she announced she was producing a film called 'The Ant Queen's Death'. As soon as news got out about this, everyone knew her motive.

"What the h.e.l.l, this is another scheme to leech off Tangning. This piece of trash might as well call her film 'The Ant Queen 2'."

"Although I'm not planning to watch this film, when I think about it screening in the theaters and lowering the average quality, it makes me furious!"

"Can't the authorities give the exclusive rights to producing a sci-fi film to Tangning? Please don't let this sl*t wreak havoc!"

But, no matter how the public ridiculed her, Liang Yongyu still received the attention she wanted. She knew she had offended the Zhai Family, so appearing in front of the cameras, every now and then, was enough to ensure her safety, in case the Zhai Family planned to seek revenge.

Besides, her film was called 'The Ant Queen's Death'. The words 'Ant Queen' weren't owned by Tangning, so there was no problem with her using it.

But, the smartest thing she did was, she hired a famous actor to take part in her film. After all, she had plenty of money and this was the only way she could compete with Tangning. Unfortunately, this all-or-nothing approach only made everyone frustrated. They felt, Tangning must have been down on her luck to attract a stupid b*tch like that.

As a result, everyone wanted to take a stab at Liang Yongyu!

In the past, there was the fake replica, Ma Weiwei. Now, there was Liang Yongyu.

Just because Tangning refused to take in her daughter, she kept clinging to her and wouldn't go away.

"Do you want to change the name of 'The Ant Queen' series?" Long Jie felt disgusted by Liang Yongyu's film t.i.tle. She really didn't want any involvement with the piece of trash.

"Why should we change it? Even if we change it, Liang Yongyu will find another similar name. It's unavoidable," Tangning laughed.

"I know. I'm​ just feeling disgusted! Everyone's already acknowledged your film. I just wished the authorities would do something about it!"

In regards to this point, Mo Ting had already thought about it. Although they couldn't force Liang Yongyu to change her film name, he had a way of making Tangning's films easily identifiable.

By doing that, they wouldn't have to worry about the public being fooled by films like Liang Yongyu's, that had similarities. Especially not in the international market!

"I'm planning to establish a new business: Tang Film and Television. They would be in charge of the PR for 'The Ant Queen' and would have their logo on everything related to our franchise. That way, even if someone tries to leech off you, the public would know that it has nothing to do with us..."

"As for Liang Yongyu, let's leave her for now. I want to see how effective our plan is!"

In other words, let her hang on with her last breath and enjoy her last few days.