Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182

So, to fulfill his wife's wish, the professor agreed to adopt the little girl as soon as he heard her story. He also promised he'd never let the Zhai Family know of her existence.

The couple were already in their forties, but they still took good care of the little girl as if she was their own. Although they weren't rich like the Zhai Family, they still did all they could to give the child a good life.

When Tangning found out about this, she was deeply relieved. At least, the child had a comfortable life.

As for Liang Yongyu's attacks, she was going to deal with it when it came...

What was so good about their rich socialite wedding?

They were simply showing off and flaunting their money.

It was a bit too showy, but it matched Liang Yongyu's new ident.i.ty. Besides, the Zhai Family could easily make back the money at the wedding ceremony.

As she looked at the hyped up news, Tangning couldn't help but laugh. She had a feeling that Liang Yongyu's life was being plunged into an abyss of misery. But, of course, Liang Yongyu did not feel that way.

In that case, Tangning was going to attend the wedding and see what show Liang Yongyu had prepared.


Soon, the day of the wedding arrived.

As it was almost summer, Tangning put on a black off-shoulder dress that outlined her figure perfectly.

Afterwards, she kneeled down and helped her two little sons put on their suits.

Technically, this was the first time she and Mo Ting were attending a public event with the two brothers. Since the Zhai Family specifically invited them, they were happy to attend.

Mo Zixi was a typical child and was easy to coax; one piece of candy was enough to make him behave and stand still for Tangning to help him put on his suit.

On the other hand, Mo Zichen was like an old man.

Although his movements were slow, he knew how to put on his own suit. No wonder the couple had to take him for an examination.

As Tangning looked at her son she looked down and asked, "Do you need mom to help?"

Tangning had a feeling that her son understood.

Mo Zichen shook his head as he looked at the tie on Mo Zixi's neck and fiddled with the one around his own neck.

Tangning couldn't help but laugh...

Soon, Mo Ting returned home. After seeing that the mother and two kids were already dressed, he also walked into the wardrobe and got ready in ten minutes.

"Since we're ready, let's get going..." Tangning wanted to carry the kids, but Mo Ting stopped her. Instead, the couple each led one child out the front door.

"New car?" Tangning looked curiously at the new car outside the house. "Is this necessary?"

"It's the first time we're taking the two rascals out. I wanted it to be comfortable..."

No matter how comfortable he wanted them to be, he didn't need to buy a limited edition Rolls Royce, right?

Actually, President Mo simply wanted to help his low profile wife gain some face. She was used to keeping to herself and never put on airs like a superstar, but today was different.

"Your aim for attending this wedding is to steal the limelight from the bride."

Tangning laughed and pouted as she glared at Mo Ting...


The wedding was held at a 7-star hotel.

The hall had a capacity of over 10 thousand people and was covered in a sea of flowers. According to rumors, the roses were imported from France and there were roughly 100 thousand of them.

This type of wedding was exactly what most women dreamed of. Judging by the sounds of admiration coming from the socialite ladies, it was clear to see how much they longed for something of the same calibre.

Because the Zhai Family were slightly involved with the entertainment industry, the venue was packed with many big celebrities.

Soon, a new white Rolls Royce pulled up outside the hotel and Mo Ting's family of four stepped out, drawing in a lot of attention.

Even though Liang Yongyu was greeting guests while covered in jewelry with enough diamonds to draw everyone's gaze, she did not expect that Tangning's appearance would make everyone so excited. All of a sudden, everyone's attention was drawn away from her...

"Tangning brought both sons at the same time. Is she deliberately trying to annoy Liang Yongyu?"

"You can't blame her. After all, she gave birth to two sons at once. The average person isn't that lucky."

"Look at Tangning's sons, they're so handsome!"

Liang Yongyu watched as the guests turned their attention to the twins and anger began to boil inside her.

So, as soon as Tangning sat down at her seat, Liang Yongyu approached Tangning and said, "Mrs Mo, can we have a chat?"

Tangning looked down at her two kids and looked back up at Liang Yongyu, "If you want to say something, can't you leave it for after the wedding? After all, it's not convenient because I need to take care of two kids."

"I'll be waiting for you in the third floor resting lounge. I hope you can come up and meet me there."

So, was she forcing Tangning to meet with her?

Tangning ignored her. At this time, Mo Ting came out of the bathroom. After seeing the expression on Tangning's face, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Liang Yongyu asked me to meet her in the third floor resting room."

"Who does she think she is?" Mo Ting laughed. "There's no need to pay attention to her. How are the kids? Are they uncomfortable around strangers?"

Mo Zixi was playing happily but Mo Zichen didn't say a word. Even so, he looked quite comfortable.

"I've noticed a lot of familiar people here. Can you help me greet them? It's only polite. With the two rascals around, it's inconvenient for me to greet them..."

"OK, I'll be right back," Mo Ting said before he disappeared into the crowd.

Since this was Liang Yongyu's wedding, it wasn't possible for her to play any obvious tricks. After all, she didn't want to risk ruining her own wedding.

Besides, Tangning wasn't easy to bully. So, Mo Ting didn't have much to worry about...

Soon, someone ended up approaching Tangning, "Ning Jie, can I take a photo with the kids? They're so cute..."

Tangning smiled and replied, "As long as you don't make the photo public, I have no reason to reject you. After all, I want them to keep a low profile."

"I won't make it public. Besides, kids change quickly and the two of you protect your kids so well; there's no way that the media would know."

The woman was in her early twenties.

Looking at her eyes, she looked pure and innocent; it didn't seem like she'd play any tricks.

So, Tangning did not reject her.

After getting approval from Tangning, the woman knelt down and pinched Zichen on the cheek. But, Mo Zichen did not like being touched by a stranger...