Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

After Han Yufan's PR news was posted up, he paid out a few influential social accounts to help them clean their reputation. In the next three days he used every method he could to clean up Mo Yurou's professionalism and image - again, his intention was to continue throwing the blame on Tangning. After all, gossip like this usually only lasted a few days before the public became bored. Once new news gets released, this little scandal would just disappear into the depths of everyone's memories. It wouldn't be long before Mo Yurou would be able to return to work.

Their plan was to help Mo Yurou win the Top Ten Model Awards and then announce she would be going overseas to study. At that time, she could sneakily give birth to their child. The only reason Han Yufan was willing to accept the child was because Mo Yurou was his first love and she had stayed by his side patiently for many years. On top of everything, Mo Yurou currently had a promising future, so he wasn't going to give up on this money tree.

Tangning's manager had an expression of irony as she looked at the PR news Han Yufan had released. She sneaked over to Tangning's home and let herself in since she had the keys, but to her surprise, Tangning wasn't home.

So, out of uncertainty, she decided to give Tangning a call, "Tangning, why aren't you home?"

Tangning was in the middle of filling up a bathtub for Mo Ting. She let out a chuckle, "I haven't had the chance to tell you...I moved houses."

"Where did you move to? Is it safe? Does Han Yufan know?"

Tangning turned around and looked at Mo Ting who had just entered the bathroom. Just as she was about to explain, she was interrupted by Mo Ting, who didn't realize she was on the phone, "Stuff like this, you should have left it to the maid..."

On the other side of the line, Long Jie listened attentively. She heard the voice of a man and immediately asked in a high pitch voice, "Tangning, who are you with? In order to upset Han Yufan, have you used extreme measures? I knew it, who would give a helping hand to a retreated model during this time of chaos.'re really frustrating me, is someone supporting you?"

"Where are you? I'll come get don't need to stoop so low..."

"Where are you? I want to see you right now, or else I'll die!"

Tangning didn't know what to do. She looked over at Mo Ting as she covered the mouthpiece on her phone and asked for his opinion, "My manager seems to have a misunderstanding regarding my moving houses. So...I need to pop out for a little to explain to her."

"Do you trust her?" In actual fact, Mo Ting had already investigated Long Jie in private. She was pa.s.sionate and professional - even though she was often simple-minded and far from being a top manager - but she was loyal to Tangning and was a helpful person to have around.

"Uh huh."

"Then let me immediately go pick her up."

Tangning thought about it carefully. She understood what Mo Ting meant and trusted his judgment. She was no longer the Tangning from the past that would allow others to play games right before her eyes. So, she told Long Jie she would be sending someone over to pick her up from her old house.

Long Jie sighed, giving off a sense of disappointment.

Tangning smiled as she hung up. She put down the phone and turned to Mo Ting, "I've filled the bath, are you going to bathe yourself now?"

Mo Ting raised an eyebrow as he re-b.u.t.toned his s.h.i.+rt, covering up his attractive collarbone, "We have a guest, the man of the house must be present...most importantly, I want to bathe...with you."

Tangning blushed, but...nodded shyly.

Long Jie was extremely frustrated, she felt it wasn't worth it for Tangning to give up so much for Han Yufan. She especially couldn’t believe that Tangning had willingly thrown herself at a man when there was obviously no true love in the entertainment industry. Most people in the industry just wanted one night of fun – the next day they would pretend they don’t know each other. How could she be so silly to take part in something like this?

Long Jie was fuming as she walked back and forth cursing under her breath until Lu Che arrived at the house and saw Long Jie, "If you want to see Miss Tang, come with me."

Long Jie was familiar with Mo Ting, however…she didn’t recognize Lu Che at all. So, she wasn’t very friendly towards him. She lifted her leg and gave him a kick, "If anything happens to my precious Tangning, I will paralyze both you and your boss."

Lu Che held his tidy hairstyle in place, the sudden kick made it hard for him to keep his image as his face screwed up in pain, "Let’s not talk about who’s going to paralyze who, come with me first."

Long Jie gave a "hmmph", raised her head and glared at Lu Che as she boarded the car with him. Throughout the entire journey, Long Jie tried to test Lu Che by threatening him with all different methods, even mentioning Tangning’s family background. All that was missing was a knife to his neck. Finally, as the car pulled up into the estate, Long Jie finally grew silent in shock.

Hyatt Regency, this was one of the landmarks of the city of Beijing.

This estate only housed 30 households. Each household was rich and powerful. Just simply searching up the background of any random house in this area would make the average person speechless.

"He...he....who the h.e.l.l is your boss?" Long Jie felt weak at her knees.

"You will find out once you go inside," Lu Che replied in an annoyed tone. He too had a bit of a temper.

Long Jie’s heart nearly jumped out of her chest in fear as the fire inside her subsided - whoever was inside was definitely not someone she would dare mess with. Not long after, the car swerved in through a metal gate that surrounded a beautiful villa with a fountain out front. Long Jie was escorted out of the car and into a Spanish palace-style living room.

Tangning was sitting on the sofa wearing comfortable white home clothes, she didn't have any makeup on, but she was just as beautiful as ever.

"Tangning, what is all this? Did you find yourself a rich old man?" Long Jie asked in a hushed whisper as she approached Tangning, "Did you sacrifice yourself for the sake of Han Yufan?"

"Long Jie, there’s something I need to tell you. But…you can’t be upset." Tangning pulled Long Jie onto the sofa next to her.

"Speak…did you find a new boyfriend?"

"No…" Tangning shook her head, holding back a smile.

"That’s good…"

"I’m married."

Long Jie: "…"

After a couple of minutes, she suddenly burst out, "What did you say? You’re married? Who did you marry? Why would you play games with your happiness?"

While Long Jie was questioning Tangning, Mo Ting had just finished dealing with some business issues and appeared out of the study room upstairs. To Long Jie’s surprise, he walked over to just behind the sofa, leaned over affectionately and whispered gently into Tangning’s ear. Tangning turned to face Mo Ting and nodded obediently, "I know, I won’t take longer than half an hour."

Mo Ting was pleased with her response. He observed Long Jie for a moment and headed back upstairs. Everything that happened in this short moment was enough to make Long Jie freeze in disbelief.

"Tangning, quick, pinch me. I want to know if I’m dreaming."

"Why?" Tangning tugged at her to bring her back to her senses,

"So, the person you married is the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment, Mo…Ting?"

"Uh huh."

"For real?" Long Jie asked again to confirm.

"You’re not seeing things, it’s him, my new husband," Tangning nodded seriously.

After hearing her answer, Long Jie went from extreme sadness to extreme happiness. "No wonder your article stayed at the top of search rankings and Han Yufan had no way of removing it no matter how much money he spent. Tangning, this is such a great surprise!"

"You’ve made the right decision! If you’re going to get married, it definitely can’t be with trash like Han Yufan. I just never thought you would actually marry the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment. Hai Rui is on a whole new level than Tianyi! So refres.h.i.+ng…this completely cures my hatred. If Han Yufan was to find out, how satisfying would that be?"