Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 178

Chapter 178

Lan Xi personally made a phone call to offer Tangning a contract with Cheng Tian Entertainment.


Although Tangning was trying her best to remain calm, she was still a bit surprised.

"President Lan..."

"Tangning, I am so sorry. In actual fact, straight after you canceled your contract with Tianyi, I already had the intention to sign you on. But, someone told me you were signing with Creative Century, so I gave up on this thought."

"However tonight, I had a little chat with Father Five. He told me you had no intention of signing with Creative Century. In that case, are you willing to join Cheng Tian?"

Before Tangning could respond, Lan Xi smiled as she tried to prevent Tangning from rejecting her offer, "I've already taken a look at your portfolio. My staff did not handle things properly, I hope it did not upset you."

It seemed, Lan Xi already knew about Yang Jing scheming behind her back.

"Thank you, President Lan, for your appreciation..."

"Let's meet tomorrow, I want to have lunch with you."

Tangning agreed. After she hung up the phone, she felt she was dreaming. Thinking about how Luo Hao had felt guilty today, she guessed Lan Xi must have given him the mission to contact her, but...

...he didn't do it.

With the addition of what happened to her portfolio, she had been stopped twice from joining Cheng Tian. It seemed, Father Five had unintentionally given her a helping hand.

Thinking up to here, Tangning suddenly felt Luo Hao and Yang Jing's fate did not look promising. Although Lan Xi was a woman, she had the ability to get Cheng Tian to where it was today, which meant, she still had plenty of power in her hands.

How dare Luo Hao and Yang Jing treat her like a fool; posing a threat to her and provoking her position?

"Did something good happen?" Mo Ting had just stepped out of the bathroom as Tangning approached him from the window and pressed her warm body against his. He leaned over and placed his head on her shoulder.

"I've been given the opportunity to sign with Cheng Tian." Tangning turned around and wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's neck, "Lan Xi personally made a phone call to me. It seems she didn't want Luo Hao and Yang Jing to know about this."

At this point, Tangning explained the entire incident to Mo Ting from the start; Mo Ting could relate to how Lan Xi felt. It didn't matter if his staff did unreasonable things or did things to benefit themselves, as long as he never found out or saw it with his own eyes...

Otherwise, he would deal with their actions seriously, even if they were his right-hand men.

"After you join Cheng Tian, Lan Xi will definitely appoint a manager for you. When that time comes...will you tell them about our relations.h.i.+p?"

"I will have to see if that person is worth it," Tangning's eyes deepened as she spoke. "If I get a new management team, you won't have to work so hard anymore. I don't want the same thing to happen to you like what happened a few days ago when you didn't tell me about your fever."

Mo Ting gently played with Tangning's hair as he planted a kiss on her forehead, "That was just an accident. Even if you get a new management team, I will still run my eyes over all your doc.u.ments. Not everyone is like me..."

"How so?"

"Not everyone wishes the best for you like I do..."

Tangning smiled as she stood up on her tiptoes and placed a kiss on Mo Ting's lips. Mo Ting took advantage of this opportunity to wrap his arms around her waist; increasing the pa.s.sion between them. He then whispered in her ear, "The truth is, I don't actually want to let you go. After you go to Cheng Tian...we will have less time to see each other."

Tangning hooked her arms around Mo Ting's neck as her cheeks flushed red, "President Mo, why do I sense a trace of fear?"

Mo Ting's words were not unreasonable; after Tangning signed with Cheng Tian, she would have less free time. On top of that, more people would be paying attention to her and she wouldn't be able to do whatever she wanted like she did now.


Tangning did not respond to his fear nor make any promises. No matter how high she advanced in her career, she would never forget the one thing that motivated her: to stand on the same level as Mo Ting.

If she neglected Mo Ting because she was too busy, then she would have lost the reason behind everything she did...wouldn't that be pointless?

Above all, Mo Ting was the most important person in her heart. No matter what was to happen in the future or how things changed, she had long made the promise that as long as it concerned Mo Ting, no matter big or small, she would treat it with great importance.

As Tangning did not make any response to his fears, Mo Ting bent over and lifted her in his arms over to the bed, "I need a sense of security...honey."

"What do you want me to do to rea.s.sure you?" Tangning gently lifted her brows.

"Of course...I need to become one with you..."

In actual fact, Tangning also felt a bit uneasy inside. Joining a big company was something to be happy about, but...with it, came challenges and right before her eyes, were Luo Hao and Yang Jing.

The next morning. Cheng Tian Entertainment.

It was early in the day, but Yang Jing had already started to organize all the auditions for the models that had shown up. As Lan Xi was leaving the building, she pa.s.sed by the busy Yang Jing; a thought came to her head. She approached Yang Jing and said, "As planned, we will be signing 5 new models. You only need to find 4, leave one empty, I already have other arrangements."

Yang Jing stared back at her blankly before nodding her head, "Yes, President."

Lan Xi patted her on the shoulder, encouraging her to continue working hard. Her eyes contained a sense of ridicule and mockery, but Yang Jing had already turned her head away, so she didn't notice. Lan Xi was heading out to sign a contract with the one person Yang Jing had worked so hard to keep away...

Since Lan Xi's dignity as CEO had been provoked, she was definitely going to find a way to teach Luo Hao and Yang Jing a lesson. If she wanted a person, how dare they stand in the way?

She decided she would let them audition other models. They would think she actually gave up on Tangning. But, after the contract with Tangning was signed, she would officially announce it and destroy the couple's arrogance!

By 10am the sun was a lot harsher than it was earlier in the day. The weather was accompanied by drafts of cold refres.h.i.+ng air. Tangning and Lan Xi were both on time to their meeting. The two got along extremely well; their chat lasted the entire afternoon.

Tangning was younger than Lan Xi by 3 years. She had previously seen Lan Xi on the runway. At that time, she was quite famous in the modeling industry; no one would have expected she'd end up working behind the scenes instead...

"Tangning, in a couple days, my friend will be holding a show. I want you to go do the opening; you've rested long enough. But, don't let anyone know about our contract just yet. I want to prepare a grand contract signing ceremony for you..."

"When that time comes, there will be a good show..."

"OK," Tangning nodded.