Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1131 I'm Sorry, I Said The Wrong Thing!

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1131 I'm Sorry, I Said The Wrong Thing!

After hearing Tangning's arrangements, Long Jie felt like they had returned to the time when she first became an actress, "Do you still remember the ridicule you received when you first filmed 'Stupid'? So many people were waiting for you to be a box office flop."

"But, from 'Stupid' to 'Survivor', every single film you featured in, has created miracles in the box office."

"What's pa.s.sed, is in the past. Let's keep our focus on what's ahead of us," Tangning reminded. "Don't ever dwell on past results. Otherwise, you will never view yourself clearly. Besides, who's to say that 'The Ant Queen' won't be a flop?"

"Knock on wood!" Long Jie yelled. "Who would jinx their own film like that?"

Tangning looked at Long Jie's reaction and laughed. She then downloaded Han Xiuche's videos onto her phone. Although she was being ridiculed, she had a feeling she'd be able to find clues about the culprit from these videos.

Of course, Mo Ting supported Tangning's decision...


That afternoon, Tangning and Mo Ting's living room was empty, but the entertainment news was playing.

"Two-time Fei Tian Best Actress, Tangning, is about to release her next project onto the film scene. But, not too long ago, some leaked footage was revealed online. Judging by the quality of the leaked videos, the film does not look promising. That's why, we are taking you with us today to Hai Rui to interview President Mo. Let's see if we can get some more accurate information from him."

Afterwards, the cameras turned to Mo Ting who was walking out of Hai Rui.

"President Mo, can you confirm whether the videos that are circulating online are real or not?"

"You will know as soon as the film's official trailer is released," Mo Ting replied.

After walking for one minute, this was the only response he gave. However, this response was almost the same as not responding at all. Even though, he indirectly hinted that the footage did not belong to Tangning's film. After all, if it did, then they couldn't possibly stick to their original marketing schedule.

It seemed, there were still a lot of doubts behind the authenticity of the leaked videos.

But, from the views of most people, Tangning was indeed a hard worker. For the sake of producing a good sci-fi, she even implicated Qiao Sen's life. However, hardworking and professionalism were two different things. Although Tangning was a meticulous person, there was still a possibility that her film would be a flop.

Because, this wasn't any normal film, this was a sci-fi film!

Sci-fi films were the most difficult.

Whether it was the filming process or post production, the audience could clearly see the results. It could not be faked.

So, the industry did not have high hopes for the film.

This wasn't because Tangning didn't know how to act or because she wasn't hardworking enough, but because she had chosen the most difficult path.

Tangning knew this truth better than anyone, but what did that mean?

Tangning looked at the list of upcoming films; there were strong ones and weak ones as well as a big American blockbuster, but the antic.i.p.ation for her film had been decreased. Seeing this, Tangning felt a sense of familiarity. So, she laughed helplessly. Why did she experience situations like this everytime she worked on something new?

Meanwhile, Mo Ting was completely unaffected by everything that was happening. So, after Hai Rui did a final check on the trailer, they decided it would be released three days later in theaters throughout the nation.

Hence, during this entire incident, Tangning was once again contemptuous towards Han Xiuche's provocation.

This made Han Xiuche furious!

As for Tangning's fan club, Long Jie no longer revealed anything to them nor did she provide any explanation for what had happened.

But, even though Han Xiuche's methods fooled outsiders, it couldn't possibly get past his own brother.

"Last time, you almost caused your brother to kneel down and apologize on your behalf. What were you thinking this time? You were the one that made those fake videos, weren't you?"

"Bro, I owe you," Han Xiuche only showed the slightest bit of weakness when facing his brother.

"I must owe you from a past life. Stop hiding and come home. No matter what happens, I'll be here for you," Han Xiuche's brother said gently. "Out of everyone in this world, I'm sure you know that I treat you the best."

Because Han Xiuche had been lacking a mother since he was small, his brother took on the responsibility of two roles.

He was aware that his brother had difficulty with expressing his emotions, so he was extra lenient with him. Even when Han Xiuche caused a huge drama, he would still try his best to understand and forgive him.

That's why, when it came to small matters, Han Xiuche was rebellious, but when it came to big matters, he still listened to his brother.

"It appears, you'll be opposing Tangning for the rest of your life..."

Actually, as soon as Han Xiuche's brother found out that Han Xiuche made the fake videos, he had already decided to locate him. Because, he knew that it wouldn't take long before Tangning found him too. Therefore, he had to guarantee his brother's safety.

"But, even if Hai Rui come looking for you, I will do all I can to protect you and prevent you from receiving any harm!"

If someone asked for an example of how to spoil a person, then Han Xiuche's brother was the perfect sample.

"I can't believe you thought of doing this. You actually used this point to slander Tangning!"

From the sounds of it, his brother felt his actions were quite childish. But, he personally felt it was simple and direct; the best way to deal with Tangning!

The following few days, neither Hai Rui nor Tangning provided an explanation or served a face slap for the fake videos. Because, for Tangning, these videos practically never existed.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting had already arranged for the first round of promotional trailers to be released in three days time on a Sunday afternoon.

As it was the weekend, people were expected to gather at the theater. After the theaters spoke to Hai Rui, they immediately agreed to play the trailer...

So, on that particular afternoon, film fans entered the theater without any expectations. When the first trailer started playing, they were shocked by the sudden appearance of a huge ant on the theater screen. However, they felt excited because the footage was too captivating.

Afterwards, a few other exciting scenes appeared on the screen, but everyone's focus was placed on a particular person...

...the male lead...

This man that made people feel cautious, was Mo Ting!

Following on, the director's names appeared on the screen: Qiao Sen and An Zihao!

Then, the producer's name appeared: Tangning!

After the 20-second trailer was over, the name of the movie finally appeared on the screen: 'The Ant Queen'!