Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1129 Look How Tricky The Mo Family Are?

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1129 Look How Tricky The Mo Family Are?

"I understand...but...I really don't want to see Lu Che in so much pain," by the time Long Jie was done with these words, her eyes had turned red.

"Actually, this situation isn't beyond repair. My Long Jie may be a rough and loud person, but she's not stupid, right?"

Long Jie looked helplessly at Tangning, "What should I do?"

"After listening to everything that happened, Lu Che's father sounds like he's still quite logical. Perhaps you could try salvaging a little bit for Lu Che."

"But, he might not be willing to meet with me."

"This is where you need to put in the hard yards. Long Jie, you need to remember that love from family is very special. It's not bad to be related by blood, but when it comes to using relations.h.i.+ps to act recklessly, outsiders may understand their limits, but family might not."

"You can fight or s.n.a.t.c.h, but when it comes to dealing with relations.h.i.+ps like this, you should be careful. Because, the only reason why you feel hurt is because the person you care about is stuck in the middle and you care about him!"

"However, family also has its positives. Families do not hold grudges. Because, when faced with someone they care about, it's easy to come to a truce even if they were once at odds with each other."

Which family didn't have their moments?

"I'll give you a bit more time off so you can resolve this matter. Otherwise, you'll simply come to work in a daze."

Long Jie nodded her head. After all, this was a scar in her heart. So, seeing Lu Che suffer made her suffer.

But, the thing she didn't expect was, by the time she found Father Lu, he had already finalized his divorce with Mother Lu.

Long Jie thought she was asking to be hit by showing up in front of Father Lu at this time, but Father Lu did not get annoyed at her. Instead, they found a cafe and sat inside calmly.


"I know what you want to say. I made this decision on my own, it has nothing to do with the two of you. Is Lu Che doing well?"

Long Jie shook her head, "Last night, after he returned home, he cried a bit and locked himself in the study room for a while."

"No one wanted to see things turn out this way, but...I think I hold the biggest responsibilty. If I had noticed that my wife's thoughts had become so messed up, I would have corrected her earlier and things wouldn't have gotten to this stage."

"But, that's not your problem. It's a matter between the two of us."

"From now on, I hope you and Lu Che can live a good life together. Stop worrying about what others think."

"But, you..."

Knowing that Long Jie was truly concerned about him, Father Lu said with a relaxed smile, "We've both lived over half a lifetime already. Do you think we wouldn't​ know how to take care of ourselves? I've already reached retirement age. I simply want to spend the rest of my life growing some gra.s.s and tr.i.m.m.i.n.g some flowers."

"If the two of you still acknowledge me as your father, then bring my little granddaughter to visit me every now and then. I don't expect anything else."

"We acknowledge you, of course we acknowledge you."

Afterwards, Father Lu spoke to Lu Che on the phone. The father and son laid everything out on the table and discussed it in detail. Of course, there were some things that could never be changed.

"Dad, take good care of yourself. When the day comes that you are willing, move in with us and spend some more time with your granddaughter."

"Now that things have gotten to this point, I need some time to gather my thoughts. Let's leave it at this."

Father Lu rejected Lu Che's invite.

But, either way, Lu Che felt a lot better.

As for a certain woman, ending a relations.h.i.+p was simple for her. Besides, she still had her side of the family to rely on, so Lu Che didn't worry about her.

But, just as Lu Che was about to hang up his phone, Father Lu suddenly spoke up and held him back, "Xiao Man came looking for me. It seems, she truly cares about you and knew you weren't feeling well, so she didn't retreat even though she knew I might blame her. Now that she's pregnant, you should take good care of her."

"OK, Dad."

Either way, Lu Che was able to take a huge weight off his shoulders. As for Long Jie, he was definitely going to appreciate her.


That afternoon, An Zihao arrived at Hyatt Regency. He had finally found some time to watch 'The Ant Queen' and he was here to tell Tangning his opinion after watching it.

"Although I can't believe it, the special effects were indeed not bad. You've trained up a really strong team. The plot may be a little weak, but President Mo and Coco Li's acting was really good, so it made up for this small flaw. On top of that, the suspenseful music made the film feel complete. Although, my filming technique wasn't as good as Qiao Sen's, I must say that you've definitely completed 'The Ant Queen' in a spectacular way."

"If you want to praise her, then go ahead. You don't need to act professional," Long Jie criticized.

Tangning burst out laughing. Since her matters had now pa.s.sed, Long Jie had returned to her loud and direct self.

"No, we completed it together!"

"What do you have planned for later?"

"I've already finished the first promotional trailer and will be starting the first wave of promotions. Afterwards, we will do a few test screenings to see if there is anything else that needs fixing," Tangning replied. "This time, the test screenings will target specific types of people. For example, film critics and fans that enjoy sci-fi."

"I see. If you need my help with anything, just speak up," An Zihao responded.

"How's Xingyan been lately?"

With the mention of this cheeky brat, An Zihao simply shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, "I planned an international path for her, but she insisted that there aren't enough female action stars in China, so she wants to pursue that area of acting. Yet, she hasn't considered how bad it looks for her to act so rough when she's a girl and also Mo Ting's sister!"

"You're simply too stubborn to admit that you're worried she'll get hurt," Tangning exposed. "Xingyan's right, you know? China is honestly lacking in female action stars."

"We have special effects..."

"But, that's still very different to the realistic result produced by physical punches."

An Zihao rubbed his neck awkwardly.

"Zihao, I don't care what you do, but Mo Ting has handed Xingyan to you, so you are responsible for her happiness and safety."

"I understand. Are you putting up a sister-in-law front now?"

They continued to chat happily like all their troubles were now in the past. But, Tangning had no idea that the biggest danger was currently lurking in her fan club.

As they were about to hold test screenings, Tangning decided to give some of the viewing slots to fans. Apart from comforting them after the recent scare they received, she was aware that there were a lot of professionals in her fan club that could give some input.

Of course, even if she didn't invite her fans, she would still let them know about it on the night before the release of the promotional trailer, so they could co-ordinate with marketing.