Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 843

Chapter 843

Auntie Two was a prestigious woman from a socialite family, so how could she withstand this kind of humiliation?

She had never been treated like this in her life!

"Lu Che, I am older than you. I simply said a few words and you got upset at me? What about the fact that you're a two-timing jerk? From what I see, neither of you are too good for the other because rotten people are drawn to each other. That's why the two of you are a perfect match."

"That's enough. Shut your mouth!" Lu Che's Uncle Two couldn't take the embarra.s.sment any longer, so he stepped out and stopped his wife. "You're arguing with someone younger than you, yet you're trying to criticize him?! You should hus.h.!.+"

On the surface, Uncle Two sounded like he was trying to prevent a drama. But, Lu Che and Long Jie could tell that there was a sting to every word that these relatives said and that they were actually insinuating something.

So, after enduring for a few seconds, Long Jie couldn't help but speak up, "I'm aware that everyone here thinks my ident.i.ty is beneath them and you all dislike the fact that I work in the entertainment industry. So, it's normal for you to look down on me."

"But, from my point of view, the elders here may come from a prestigious background, but none of you have any manners!"

"A person with manners would not make others uncomfortable even if they look down on them and definitely wouldn't ridicule them. If you all take a good look at yourselves, you would realize that your manners don't live up to your ident.i.ties!"

"I may come from a poor background, but I've never felt self conscious because of it. Firstly, in this day and age, I am a person that relies on myself. Unlike rich heirs and heiresses that do nothing all day long except act high and mighty when they are actually a bunch of nosy gossiping people."

"Secondly, we live in an open-minded society where people are free to marry whomever they want. It doesn't hurt anyone for Lu Che and I to love each other, so others have no right to judge us."

"Thirdly, you are all just a bunch of average citizens, waiting to watch a show, so stop acting high and mighty. You obviously like to follow the crowd, yet you are saying others are an embara.s.sment. Aren't you all hypocrites?"

Auntie Two was a bad tempered old woman. Unable to withstand the provocation from Long Jie's words, she immediately stood up and slammed her hands on the table.

"Stop talking nonsense. You don't think we all know what type of person you are?!"

"What type of person am I?" Long Jie laughed.

"You are indeed an entertainer. You're so shameless."

At first, Long Jie wanted to say more, but Lu Che stopped her. Underneath the table, he held onto her hand tightly as he gestured for her to let him handle everything.

"I suggest we stop talking during this event, otherwise, the atmosphere will become very awkward. Since we won't be crossing paths again in the future, why must you make the atmosphere so tense?"

"Lu Che..."

"I think it's best if Auntie Two keeps her mouth shut. If your daughter falls pregnant in the future and you come asking for help, I may not be available to a.s.sist you."

The threatening tone in these words were obvious.

And, of course, it was enough to shut his Auntie Two up.

"By the way, my young cousin. Before you question your sister-in-law, you should first deal with your two boyfriends​."

"As for other embarra.s.sing matters, I will not discuss them in public. Since you all know what I do for work, then you must know that I'm extremely fast at digging up information. If I want to get revenge, no one here would be able to escape."

"So, do you want to continue?"

The relatives were dumbfounded.


At this time, Long Jie leaned over and asked in Lu Che's ear, "How did you know about this?"

"I, of course, came prepared."

Back when Mother Lu asked him to attend his 'son's' hundred days celebration, he had already done some research on these people. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to make them shut up.

At that moment, no one spoke. Even though the anger in their hearts were stronger than ever, they couldn't do anything about Lu Che.

They could only place their hope on Mother Lu.

"OK, it's almost the auspicious hour. I'm going to go in and fetch the little rascal..." Mother Lu said as she looked at her watch and stood up. She then said to Lu Che, "This is the first time you'll be seeing your son right? Look at him properly."

This was the main show!

However, Lu Che wasn't afraid. In fact, his expression was indifferent.

Meanwhile, Long Jie tried her best to contain her laughter...

"Your relatives are certainly hard to please. Aren't people from socialite families meant to be easy to talk to?"

"The ones that are easy to talk to, haven't spoken. I mean, which socialite family doesn't have a few spoilt brats?" Lu Che asked.

That was true...

Those that were smart knew that at a scene like this, it was best not to say anything. Only stupid people would go off like a firecracker.

Soon, Mother Lu walked out from the bedroom with Lu Che's 'son'. She had organized for the child's mother to take care of the baby at the Lu Family home. Since she needed to hire a nanny anyway, she decided it was better to bring the mother back with her.

What she was doing was violating her contract. But, for the sake of her grandson's health, she thought it was best for the child to receive breastmilk from his birth mother.

"Lu Che, come and have a look at your son!" Mother Lu said happily as she held onto the baby and approached Lu Che.

At this time, the other relatives quickly approached and started playing with the child, "So cute..."

"He's so cute and he looks a lot like Lu Che!"

After hearing this, Long Jie almost burst out laughing...

However, Lu Che turned around and looked at her. Of course, it was a loving look, telling her not to get carried away.

"Brother Lu Che, look over here, this is your son. He looks a lot like you."

"How does he look like me?" Lu Che asked. "Explain it to me in detail."

"His eyebrows and lips!"

"Lu Che, what's wrong with you? Why are you still sitting there? Hurry over and look at your son," Mother Lu rushed. She a.s.sumed her son would end up being charmed by the child and would stop wasting his time on Long Jie if he took a look at it.

However, Lu Che was unmoved...

"Lu Che!"

"It's time for the main show. I would like to officially declare that, I, Lu Che, only have one daughter and no son," Lu Che replied.

"Lu Che, are you crazy? How could you not acknowledge your child when he's so important? Do you know how traumatic it is for a child to not receive acknowledgement from his father when he's still growing?"

"Your point?" Lu Che asked.

"Move back home and take care of your son!"