Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119

"Don't exaggerate too much," Tangning poured Long Jie a gla.s.s of water.

"I'm being honest!" Long Jie sipped some water while she tapped herself on the chest as a guarantee, "Everything was truly amazing. I'm being honest!"

"Is it really up to standard?"

"It's way above standard, OK? If you do a bit of extra editing, it will be even better," Long Jie was enthusiastic like she was on steroids as she gave 'The Ant Queen' a relatively good appraisal. "I never expected that you and Qiao Sen would be able to create something like this. It's something I never imagined."

"The only issue is, Qiao Sen and An Zihao's styles are very different. But, that's just a small flaw, it doesn't matter."

"It's because of both their efforts that we have the completed version of 'The Ant Queen'!" Tangning understood this, that's why she couldn't accept any flaws except for this one.

"Has An Zihao seen the film yet?"

Tangning shook her head, "You're the second person to see the completed film...Even I haven't seen it yet."

"How could you resist not watching something so amazing?" After watching 'The Ant Queen', Long Jie was so excited that she couldn't control herself. She never imagined that Tangning actually managed to create a sci-fi film and even made it so good in such a short period of time.

"Stop praising me. Mo Ting told me to work hard on promoting the film, so I'm going to be very busy from now on," Tangning closed her laptop. The only thing she had to do now was to perfect her film.

"Don't worry, a good film like this will definitely be acknowledged by film fans. Trust me," Long Jie patted Tangning on the shoulder...

"Thank you for your hard work..."

Long Jie wanted to nod her head, but her stomach suddenly started turning, so she rushed into the bathroom. Tangning immediately followed behind, "Are you pregnant?"

"No, I went with Lu Che for a stomach exam recently, but I haven't received the results yet."

"You're obviously pregnant. How is this related to your stomach?" Tangning glared at Long Jie before she shook her head, "It seems, I need to find myself a temporary a.s.sistant."

Long Jie was a little surprised as she tried to remember her last period.

"No, this won't do, I need to go buy a pregnancy test!"

"You might as well head straight to the hospital with Lu Che!" Tangning gave Long Jie back her phone.

After receiving her phone, Long Jie said to Tangning in seriousness, "Even if I'm pregnant, I can still help you for a while. You don't need to find a temporary a.s.sistant yet."

"OK," Tangning replied with a smile.

Long Jie rushed out of Hyatt Regency. Afterwards, Tangning gave An Zihao a phone call, "The film's completed..."

"Send it to me so I can watch it," An Zihao replied before he hung up the phone.

He was curious what Tangning had done with the post production in such a short period of time. If the effects were cheap and nasty, then there was no way of creating a new image for Beijing sci-fi films.

It didn't take long before Tangning carefully sent the first version of the completed film to An Zihao; she understood that her main priority now, was to adjust and perfect the film.


Long Jie's stomach had been uncomfortable for a while, but she had never considered the possibility of pregnancy. This was consistent with her careless att.i.tude. After all, a lot had happened with Superstar Media, so it was normal for her to be this way.

After arriving at the hospital on her own, she initially wanted to give Lu Che a phone call, but Lu Che did not pick up. Long Jie thought he was busy, so she did an ultrasound on her own. In the end, she realized she was already over 2 months pregnant.

Long Jie was dumbfounded.

Previously, when Mother Lu told her to have another baby, she couldn't do it. Yet now, the baby had arrived unexpectedly.

As she held onto her examination report, Long Jie's emotions were complex. She originally wanted to go home and think about the situation on her own. But, as soon as she returned home, she discovered her front door was unlocked. And, when she pushed it open, Lu Che and Mother Lu were sitting on the sofa surrounded by an obviously unhappy atmosphere.

Because of this, Long Jie quickly hid her examination report.

"How come you're back?" Lu Che asked when he saw Long Jie. "Doesn't the Madam need you?"

"What's happening here?" Long Jie questioned as she pointed to Mother Lu with her chin. "You didn't tell me you were seeing someone today."

"I happened to run into her when I came home to fetch some doc.u.ments," Lu Che explained. "Don't think anything of it. I didn't invite her."

"Hmmph," Mother Lu humphed after hearing this. "I've never heard of a mother having to ask permission from her daughter-in-law to see her own son. Lu Che, your father and I didn't teach you to be like this. For the sake of this woman, you actually abandoned your own parents. That's such a ruthless thing to do."

"Why are you here?" Lu Che turned and asked Mother Lu. "Xiao Man and I are both busy. We have no time to entertain you."

"You may not want your father and I, but what about your son?" Mother Lu pulled out a photo of a baby and placed it on the gla.s.s table in front of them. "You agreed to having this child from the start. Now that he's born and requires fatherly love, you should free some time to see him."

"We agreed that after this child was born, you wouldn't interfere with my life again. So, I should be asking you what you're doing?" Lu Che asked. "Besides, I don't have a son, I only have a daughter."

"I really don't understand what you're thinking. You have a great son that you don't want. Instead, you insist on keeping these two cursed wenches by your side," Mother Lu took back the photo as she yelled at her son. "This child is almost 100 days old. When the time comes, I hope you can attend the celebration so your son can receive acknowledgment from the family!"

Lu Che did not respond as he pointed to the front door, gesturing that Mother Lu leave; no one in the home welcomed her.

"Don't come looking for me again. You should stick to the promise you first made. Otherwise, I don't know what I'd do," Lu Che warned just before Mother Lu left. However, Mother Lu did not take him seriously.

"After you see your son, you will know how adorable he is."

This time, Lu Che did not hold back as he yelled at Mother Lu, "Get out!"

He was a husband, so he simply wanted to protect his wife. As for the 100 days celebration?

He was going to attend it, but it wasn't because he wanted to see his son...

He was going there to give a face slap!

As his mother, Mother Lu had already done too much.