Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1112 Mrs. Mo Is Indeed An Expert!

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1112 Mrs. Mo Is Indeed An Expert!


Ma Weiwei's agency actually mentioned acting. Who the h.e.l.l gave Ma Weiwei the confidence?

Even though Tangning was surrounded by rumors, her acting was highly impressive; something that everyone could clearly see. Meanwhile, Ma Weiwei's 'shocking' acting had already been displayed during her audition in front of the American producer earlier. So, how did she have the confidence to compare herself to Tangning?

Of course, Ma Weiwei and her agency weren't stupid. It didn't matter whether she compared or not. The important thing was, Ma Weiwei's fame continued to rise. This was exactly what Han Xiuche's brother predicted! To survive in the industry, who didn't have a few tricks up their sleeves?

Anyone with a bit of intelligence could immediately tell that Ma Weiwei was taking advantage of Tangning. Everything Tangning did was an example for her to follow. After all, it was a guaranteed path to stardom for her.

As long as she created hype, made money and advertisers and investors were happy, then the public could criticize her as much as they wanted. After all, some people only cared about fame and others only cared about profits. As long as they could pocket some money, clearing their name later was an easy task.

"Tangning's acting is so good, yet she's being mentioned in the same breath as a cheap toy like that. It's completely disgusting."

"Now that we've reached this point, all I can say is Ma Weiwei's agency is sure shameless."

"I obviously know that she is trying to create hype, but I can't help but contribute to it. I am also a part of the evil."

As a result, the netizens were finally reminded of Tangning's positive points. She was simply criticized every time she tried to reinvent herself. But, at least she had something to show no matter what she pursued. Ma Weiwei, on the other hand...

...she was obviously treated as a joke, but she didn't care.

Yet, Tangning had no choice but to avoid the wench because she was too shameless. If Ma Weiwei claimed that Tangning was scheming against her again, what would Tangning do?

Long Jie observed everything that Ma Weiwei did and was boiling with anger. A person like that had no shame whatsoever, what could one do to her...?

Worst of all, Superstar Media was still in her hands.

But, Long Jie was the one that personally gave Superstar Media away. So, what right did she have to b.u.t.t her nose into Tangning's matter?

Ever since Superstar Media got in trouble, Long Jie locked herself at home and tried to keep her daughter company as much as possible because she could no longer face herself.

Via the news, Mother Lu who had been waiting to take Lu Che's 'son' home, saw that Long Jie was often home with nothing to do, so she decided to visit their place while he was at work. Although Lu Che had been resolute towards breaking ties with her, they were still mother and son. No matter how intense of an argument they had, he would still think of her as his mother, right?

How could there be a grudge between them?

With this belief, Mother Lu arrived at their home.

As soon as Long Jie saw it was her mother-in-law, she immediately froze. At this time, Mother Lu directly pushed her aside and walked in.

"I've heard about your incident. I guess, after all this time, you were actually nothing." Mother Lu took a quick glance at her granddaughter with disdain. After all, she now had a 'grandson' born through surrogacy that she believed was Lu Che's.

"It is a woman's responsibility to satisfy her husband and teach her children. Look, after fiddling around for so long, you ended up with nothing!"

"May I ask what Mrs. Lu is here for?" Long Jie asked stiffly.

Mother Lu turned and looked at Long Jie. Not wanting to go around in circles, she said straightforwardly, "Back when I asked you to give Lu Che a son, you made it sound more difficult than anything. Now, you are no longer required because Lu Che already has a son. Of course, I don't expect you to accept this child, but Lu Che must take responsibility since he is the father. That's why I am here to tell you that Lu Che will be spending more time at mine and his father's place. It's best if you and your daughter understand this, but it's also OK if you don't. If you want to live in peace, then you will have to learn to endure this."

After hearing this, Long Jie felt extremely amused, "Why must you make everyone so tired?"

"I don't have anything else to say to you. That's all for today." After speaking, Mother Lu left without showing any concern for her granddaughter.

Because, she thought she already had a 'grandson'!

As she thought about this, Long Jie leaned on the table and laughed for quite some time; she was both sad and amused.

At night, when Lu Che returned home, Long Jie casually told him about the encounter earlier that day. Lu Che took one glance at her and carried his daughter in his arms as he responded in a dull voice, "I will always support you and our daughter. Besides, you already know the story behind that child."

"When will you resolve this matter?"

"It needs to be done on a big occasion for it to have the biggest impact. Don't you think?" Lu Che asked.

After following Mo Ting for so long, Lu Che had become a lot more black-bellied.

Sometimes, people made compromises for the sake of their family. But, these compromises simply resulted in more misunderstandings and pain.

Since that was the case, why restrict oneself?

Long Jie looked at Lu Che and trusted him wholeheartedly, "Don't worry, I didn't take it to heart because I know you are a good husband and father. As for your parents, we've already tried our best with them. Even if we get criticized and get called unfilial, I am willing to accept it."

"That's good. By the way, the Madam told me to tell you that you can always return to her side as an a.s.sistant if you are willing."

Long Jie lowered her head and gave a bitter smile, "Of course I'm willing."

What other choice did she have?

She had worked so hard, only for someone else to benefit.

"Remain positive. Don't look so depressed. This isn't like you."

Long Jie nodded her head, but suddenly felt nauseous as she ran into the bathroom to vomit. She hadn't been eating well lately and drank a lot of alcohol, so her stomach was bound to rebel.

Lu Che did not think much of it as he called the hospital and asked for a familiar doctor to give his wife a checkup the next day.


Meanwhile, Ma Weiwei's​ actions became even more reckless after seeing that Tangning had no response. Not only did she create hype for her film by leeching off Tangning and Jones, she even started promoting her charity work and mocking Tangning for never doing any generous deeds.

There were times when Tangning couldn't understand the point behind Ma Weiwei's​ attempt to create an invincible image for herself.

Since Jones was still in Beijing, Tangning had no time to respond to Ma Weiwei. Instead, she was going to sit back and see how far this woman could go.