Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 171

Chapter 171

"President Mo, did something happen?" Lu Che guessed after seeing the expression on Mo Ting's face.

"The people at Creative Century have taken Long Jie and are forcing Tangning to have dinner with them. It seems they are going to pressure her into signing a contract."

"But, Creative Century has been operating legally in recent years, it doesn't seem like they would result to such despicable methods," Lu Che was worried as he thought about how Creative Century used to be: they had once force-fed drugs into the mouth of a female celebrity, causing her to commit suicide - the incident went viral back in the days. After the incident, the company swapped out their boss and turned over a new leaf, no longer partaking in illegal activities. Yet, how could they be so brave as to pressure Tangning?

"The root of evil has already been planted deep within their bones!"

"Should I take some men with me to retrieve madam?" Lu Che suggested.

"You don't need to go...I will go myself." After speaking, Mo Ting stood up from his office chair, picked up his car keys and left the building.

It's not that Tangning wasn't aware of Creative Century's past, but, so many years had already pa.s.sed. Hadn't they already turned over a new leaf and seen great success as a result? Why were they suddenly using such despicable methods against her?

Tangning rushed to the restaurant with mixed feelings; preparing herself emotionally as she approached. Back when she was in France, she had once witnessed a fit model being force-fed drugs in a hotel until she died - all because she had gotten on the bad side of a big boss.

The industry had too many bitter stories; unlike the glamorous image that was portrayed to the public.

Tangning collected her thoughts and reminded herself to remain calm; she wasn't alone, she had Mo Ting.

Half an hour later, Tangning arrived at her destination, but she didn't enter immediately. She instead waited quietly in her car. She had just sent Mo Ting her address not too long ago, so she decided to wait for the bodyguards to arrive before she entered to look for Long Jie.

10 minutes later, the bodyguards had not yet arrived, but the people at Creative Century had called to rush her. Tangning put down her phone - ready to make a move - but amongst the darkness, a long arm stretched out to hold her back.

Tangning turned around cautiously. Realizing it was Mo Ting's arm, she let out a sigh of relief, "Why are you here?"

"Let's go in first," Mo Ting placed his arm over her shoulder and hurried her into the restaurant. He bypa.s.sed all the staff and headed straight for the VIP room.

The people at Creative Century would never imagine Mo Ting would make an appearance with Tangning.

The entire incident stemmed from the reporter, Lu Xiaoqian; he was the G.o.dson of Creative Century's CEO. After suffering a big loss today, he, of course, had to find a way to fight back. As for Creative Century, after being rejected by Tangning so many times, they had long held a grudge against her. After finding out his G.o.dson had suffered a loss because of Tangning, the president swiftly put together today's scene to scare this measly model. However, he never expected, Hai Rui's CEO, Mo Ting, would be accompanying her.

Sitting at the luxurious crystal table was Lu Xiaoqian and the CEO of Creative Century; a man known as Father Five. Mo Ting arrived with Tangning and sat opposite the two men as he glared at them.

Regardless of whether Father Five had been frightened by this sight, Lu Xiaoqian...

...was trembling...

He thought he was seeing things. How was it possible that Mo Ting was helping Tangning solve this problem? Who was she? How did she manage to do this?

"I didn't expect that by inviting Miss Tang I would be able to meet with President Mo from Hai Rui, please excuse me for not coming out to greet you." Father Five was a 40-something-year-old man; he was lean and full of energy. His piercing eyes swept across Mo Ting and Tangning, "I think there must have been a misunderstanding here. If I had known Miss Tang was somehow connected to President Mo, I would not have done something so reckless no matter how brave I was. Please excuse me President Mo."

"No wonder Miss Tang has managed to get out of so many sticky situations, it's because she has President Mo supporting her..."

Mo Ting looked at the man; this man was well known for being a veteran in the industry and extremely two-faced. Even so, he knew to show respect in front of Mo Ting.

Tangning, who had remained quiet the entire time, glanced at Lu Xiaoqian and realized, she had not been careful enough; all this was because of this man that she had offended.

Mo Ting did not speak. He simply lifted his chin and brushed his hand through Tangning's hair. After a little while, he finally spoke, "I've only known Tangning for 2 months. In private, our relations.h.i.+p has been very good, but we have never crossed paths professionally. She does not need my support, so I have not felt the need to say anything in public."

"This little model is quite interesting; she doesn't want to depend on anyone to help her advance, so I have not helped her in any way. But, that doesn't mean, I will allow anyone to step all over her," while speaking, an icy cold aura swept across Mo Ting's eyes. It wasn't just a simple warning.

"So, I hope this will be the last time. What do you say, Father Five?" Mo Ting glared at the two; the powerful aura in his eyes forced them to retreat. "I have no control over how you treat other people, but...I won't allow you to treat her like this."

Father Five's heart skipped a beat as he quickly revealed a defeated smile, "Of course, it's my fault for not realizing Tangning's importance. If I had known Tangning was President Mo's friend, I definitely would not have done something so silly."

"I hope you remember what you have said today."

"Xiaoqian, hurry and bring Miss Long out."

Lu Xiaoqian was terrified, he was worried Tangning and Mo Ting would mention how he had tried to blackmail Tangning. If he thought about it carefully, it was possible...

...the person helping Tangning to make decisions behind the scenes, was Mo Ting.

Lu Xiaoqian's back was suddenly covered in a cold sweat. If he had known earlier that Tangning and Mo Ting were so well acquainted with each other, even in a million lifetimes, he wouldn't dare defame Tangning.

Afterwards, Long Jie was escorted out of the waiting room. In reality, she wasn't hurt at all, because no matter how crazy Creative Century were, they would never go back to how they used to be.

"Also, Tangning and I are well acquainted, but I don't want anyone finding out. If..."

"Don't worry President Mo, no one will find out about this," Father Five had a smile on his face the entire time. He knew Mo Ting was more ruthless than he appeared right now, especially when he was working; he didn't want to risk losing Creative Century.

"Regarding Tangning's management contract, she won't be signing on with Creative Century, so don't waste your time."

"Of course," Father Five's expression was one of flattery. He smiled at Tangning, "Miss Tang, I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble."

Tangning looked at Long Jie without responding to Father Five.

Seeing Tangning had no response, Mo Ting didn't want to waste any more time. So he stood up and led the two out of the restaurant.

Father Five watched as the trio left, "These two have an unusual connection. If they are close, why hasn't Mo Ting signed her on with Hai Rui? But if they aren't, how did she manage to get him to make an appearance?"

"Apart from this time, be careful from now on. Compensate Yang Jing a little and try to stay out of defaming Tangning..."

"Could it be, Mo Ting is actually Tangning's advisor?"