Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105

Han Xiuche simply never imagined that Tangning would act so quickly.

Was it because she had Hai Rui to back her up? She wasn't this capable when she was in foreign territory in England.

Han Xiuche had never seen a more fake and arrogant woman in his life.

Soon thereafter, Han Xiuche tried to contact Ma Weiwei again, but he still heard nothing from her.

It appeared, this had something to do with Tangning's return.

Since that was the case, there was no point waiting around. He would have to return to Beijing first...


It had already been one day and night since Ma Weiwei was first locked up inside Superstar Media's office.

Her phone didn't work and she couldn't contact the outside world. By this time, her agency was probably panicking. So, Ma Weiwei tried to negotiate with the bodyguards, "You can't keep me locked up here. Aren't you afraid that my agency will call the police?"

Actually, Tangning had already told the bodyguards, "If Ma Weiwei wants to go, you can let her go."

"But, Madam, if she gets out and calls the police, what should we do?"

"Let's see if she has the energy to do that," Tangning replied.

S.A.J.'s incident had already started circulating at this point. Although, news that Ma Weiwei had become the boss of Superstar Media was already exposed long ago, the response to the earlier news was still stronger than the new one. No, to be exact, it was a simultaneous bomb.

Since Ma Weiwei wanted to be the boss of Superstar Media, then she could have that role.

However, Tangning also told the bodyguards that if Ma Weiwei didn't personally ask to be released, they shouldn't bring it up themselves.

So, as soon as Ma Weiwei asked to leave, the bodyguards replied, "You may leave."

Ma Weiwei looked at the bodyguards in surprise, she obviously didn't believe that Tangning would let her off so easily. But, the truth was, Tangning indeed had no traps set up for her. However, as soon as Ma Weiwei reached downstairs and stepped out of the building, she was immediately surrounded by reporters.

"Ma Weiwei, how did you become the new boss of Superstar Media?"

"Ma Weiwei, S.A.J. is being detained by the police. As the new boss of Superstar Media, how do you feel about this?"

"Ma Weiwei..."

Ma Weiwei's face turned pale in shock as she retreated into the building. She knew things wouldn't be so simple when Tangning let her go. Now that she thought about it, that was indeed the case...

After catching the elevator back up to Superstar Media, Ma Weiwei immediately charged her phone and called Han Xiuche, "What happened?"

"Where are you?" Han Xiuche asked.

"I'm surrounded by reporters. I can't leave Superstar Media," Ma Weiwei replied angrily. "What have you done? I only just took control of Superstar Media. Why have S.A.J.'s members been detained?"

"Wait for me, I'll come and get you," Han Xiuche instructed over the phone. "Don't speak recklessly and don't go anywhere."

Where else could Ma Weiwei go? All she could do was call her agency and tell them not to worry about her.

However, her agency was also suspicious as to how she suddenly seized control of Superstar Media.

If not for S.A.J., what a great story it would have made.

What a shame...

Now, not only had Ma Weiwei not gained anything, she even had to cooperate with the police because of the group of four. Worst of all, more news was likely to arise from the incident.

Like that, news began to spread...

No one knew what happened to Superstar Media. All they knew was, the group trained by Long Jie was suddenly taken to the police station because they were caught taking drugs. But, how did the boss of Superstar Media suddenly become Ma Weiwei?

Would Long Jie come out to give an explanation? This was the question on the media's mind. Especially since Superstar Media was given to the cheap replica, Ma Weiwei, of all people.

Did Long Jie not know the correlation between Ma Weiwei and Tangning?

The internet was in a mess. Mainly because everything happened too suddenly, causing the nosy observers to be dumbfounded.

But, the most attention-grabbing thing was still Tangning.

Was both Tangning and the business she created disappearing out of nowhere?

"This entire incident is filled with questionable points. I'm not taking sides until we receive more inside information."

"It feels like another big show is on its way. I hope it doesn't disappoint!"

"Can't the media be more positive? They keep arguing everyday and tearing other people apart!"

"It's not right for the commenter above to say that. Without these arguments, wouldn't life be really boring?"

After looking at the comments online, Tangning closed her laptop.

She had already turned the tables. Han Xiuche was out in the open, while she still lurked in the shadows. No one knew how Superstar Media operated better than she did, yet Han Xiuche dared to steal it off Long Jie's hands. Did he really think that there was no one else in Superstar Media to stop him?

"S.A.J. was created by Long Jie, what if the police call for Long Jie as well?" Lin Qian asked as she sat worriedly beside Tangning.

"Don't forget who introduced these four to Long Jie..."

"The relations.h.i.+p between Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei alone is enough to give the audience a good show. Did you think they would still care if Long Jie was in the know or not?"

"I've already asked someone to spread news about the two. They will now have to wait for trouble to find them."

Tangning sat on the sofa, not intending to sacrifice a single p.a.w.n. After the two was finished with their act, she would step out to clarify everything about Superstar Media's owners.h.i.+p.

As a result, the industry soon started spreading rumors about Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei.

"Have you guys heard that the members in S.A.J. are university juniors of Han Xiuche? He deliberately introduced them to Long Jie and set up a scheme to reveal their problems after Long Jie exhausted her efforts training them..."

"He then blackmailed Long Jie into giving up on Superstar Media or he'd expose the matter to the public!"

"As for how Ma Weiwei became the new boss of Superstar Media, I'm sure the answer is obvious. She must be in a secret relations.h.i.+p with Han Xiuche."

"If we look at it from another perspective, the reason why Han Xiuche was so determined to go against Superstar Media must have been because Ma Weiwei was a replica of Tangning."

"Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei must have schemed against Superstar Media from the start!"

"I know, right? A jerk and a sl*t make the perfect team."

These were the results gathered from online speculation. But, why was it so close to the truth?

Because Tangning leaked some information...

"A despicable person deserves to be punished. Supposedly, the members of S.A.J. were caught taking drugs during filming, that's why their contracts were canceled."

"In that case, the crew of that show has a high moral standing!"

"But, was Long Jie aware of their drug-taking habits​ all along?"