Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1102 Bei Chendong Was Furious!

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1102 Bei Chendong Was Furious!

But, Tangning couldn't be bothered wasting time on Ma Weiwei. So, she immediately retreated with Superstar Media's people and launched an investigation on the incident between Long Jie and Superstar Media.

Afterwards, Tangning contacted Lu Che. At this time, Lu Che had just arrived in City Z, where, to his surprise, he ran into Han Xiuche when he went to visit the set of the show that S.A.J. were filming.

"Where's Long Man?"

"Long Jie said she had something urgent to deal with, so she returned to Beijing. Didn't you see her?" Han Xiuche asked as he acted innocent.

Lu Che had already heard about what happened with Ma Weiwei, so he immediately grabbed onto Han Xiuche's s.h.i.+rt and said, "If Long Man is missing even a hair on her body, both you and your brother will have your bones shattered!"

Han Xiuche freed himself from Lu Che's grasp and sneered, "What use do you have when you can't even keep an eye on your own woman?"

Lu Che couldn't be bothered wasting his breath on Han Xiuche. His main priority was to find Long Jie. So, he traced the information given to him by the hotel and eventually found Long Jie's new location.

It was rare for Long Jie to get drunk and to ignore the world by locking herself in her room.

Lu Che had to reveal his ident.i.ty and warn the hotel that his wife was committing suicide before they opened Long Jie's room door in fear of being held liable.

As soon as he smelled the stench of alcohol, Lu Che carried Long Jie off the bed and placed her into the bathtub. He then turned on the shower to wake her up.

It took a while, but Long Jie finally came to her senses. As soon as she saw Lu Che, she asked, "Why are you here?"

"Your phone was turned off and I couldn't contact you!" Lu Che said coldly before he lifted her out of the bathtub and wrapped her tightly in a towel. "Don't you remember what I told you just before you left China?"

"Since you're here, you must know what happened," Long Jie turned and looked at Lu Che. "I was useless. I couldn't protect Superstar Media."

"Even if you couldn't protect it, you should have come home straight home. What's the point of wallowing alone in your failures?" Lu Che asked.

"Are you angry?"

"What do you think?" Lu Che asked. "I sometimes question whether I'm your husband. I'm never the first person you contact, no matter how big of a problem you encounter. You'd rather drink until you die than to say a single word to me."

Long Jie lowered her head, unable to rebuke, "Don't lecture me so quickly. I'm still trying to figure out where I went wrong."

"Do you know why Han Xiuche targeted Superstar Media?"

"Tangning offended him, so he took his anger out on me..."

"So? Are you trying to blame the Madam?" Lu Che asked.


"The Madam has returned..."

"She's back?"

"Otherwise, how would I have found you so easily? Han Xiuche has given his shares to Ma Weiwei and Ma Weiwei turned up at Superstar Media to flaunt her power without knowing of the Madam's return. The Madam has now detained her and everyone is worrying about you!" Lu Che took a deep breath after he finished talking before he dug out some clean clothes for Long Jie to change into.

Long Jie remained quiet like an obedient little wife.

She could tell that Lu Che was truly angered.

She had been inconsiderate and unrestrained. But, at that time, she was so upset that she didn't think straight...

After finding Long Jie, Lu Che immediately gave Tangning a phone call, "Madam, I found her. I'll bring her back right now..."

"Don't blame her too much, she's your wife, you should understand her better than anyone," Tangning reminded.

"I know what to do, Madam."

After hearing the conversation between the two, Long Jie felt even worse than before. She had no idea that she had caused such a mess and whether she could retrieve Superstar Media. She felt she had truly disappointed Tangning.

Lu Che could tell that she was upset, so he did not blame her anymore. As he drove, he said to her, "I didn't get angry at you because of Superstar Media. I was simply worried about you."

"I know..."

Soon, Lu Che returned to Hyatt Regency with Long Jie.

However, having to suddenly come face to face with Tangning made Long Jie a little nervous...

"Go ahead."

Lu Che led Long Jie into Hyatt Regency while Tangning was reading a contract. It was the contract set out by Hai Rui during the initial setup of Superstar Media.

As soon as she saw Long Jie return, Tangning stared straight at her and asked, "Why didn't you call me as soon as something went wrong?"

Long Jie felt a little guilty, but she didn't like to keep things to herself, so after a short silence, she replied, "Because Han Xiuche said he planned all this due to his hatred for you. I thought you guys had a deep grudge...I thought..."

"I don't even know him," Tangning cut in. "If I was to say that I only saw him a few times around the college in England, would you believe me?"

"Of course I believe you," Long Jie replied. "I will always believe you. It's just..."

"There's no need to explain anything, I understand," Tangning stopped Long Jie from speaking any further as she looked into her eyes, "While waiting for you, I've already done some research on Han Xiuche. He was brought up by his brother with a lack of motherly love. From his works, it's clear to see that he has a desperate yearning for love, but he's too arrogant; he does not acknowledge any women and does not think much of then."

"It seems, I may have angered him during our encounter, so, I do hold some accountability."

"But, Superstar Media is already in the hands of Ma Weiwei..."

As soon as Long Jie said these words, Tangning lifted the contract in her hand with a slight smile, "Not necessarily."

"But, the media has already been notified about this and they will definitely create a huge commotion about it..."

"But, haven't I returned?" Tangning said to Lin Qian. She then said to everyone, "Just because I was gone for a few months, am I no longer me?"

"When have I ever made a loss like this? If Ma Weiwei wants to be like me, then go ahead..."

"I will definitely give an explanation to all of you, especially regarding Han Xiuche. Just wait for a good show."

For some reason, as they listened to Tangning's words and looked at the gaze in her eyes, Long Jie and Lin Qian felt that Tangning had become a lot more confident.

"I will put Superstar Media back into your hands unscathed. As for S.A.J., I will send them directly to the police station. Long Jie, I understand that you put a lot of effort into this group, but if we don't deal with artists that have an indecent history in a timely manner, they will eventually drag you down with them. I won't let you receive a black mark against your name. It won't help you in fostering other artists."

Long Jie nodded her head after hearing this, "I understand. Do what you need to do..."

"Go home and get some rest...Lu Che must have been worried sick. You should go home and comfort him."