Transmigrated As The Ex-Wife Of A Heroic Man - Chapter 763: Yang Jiashan

Chapter 763: Yang Jiashan

Chapter 763: Yang Jiashan

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Just as Yao Fang was feeling uneasy, someone knocked rhythmically on the tightly shut door.

Knock, knock, knock! There were three rhythmic hits.

This was the signal between Yao Fang and Yang Jiashan.

Yang Jiashan was the man that Yao Fang wanted to elope with. They grew up together and were childhood sweethearts. Before Yao Fang got married, she gave her virginity to Yang Jiashan. Unfortunately, Yang Jiashans parents didnt like Yao Fang.

They despised Yao Fangs family for being too poor and couldnt afford dowry. They forced their son to marry someone who was more well-off. Yao Fang ended up marrying to Trinity Village in despair. Unfortunately, her life was not good. Her husband died after less than two years, leaving her with the t.i.tle of a widow. She couldnt even go back to her parents. Once she went back, she would be chased out in disgust.

Yang Jiashans parents also spread the news. They exclaimed that they were lucky their son didnt marry her back then. Otherwise, it would be their son who died.

However, many people believed this kind of nonsense. Yao Fang scoffed in her heart. She hated them to death and finally decided to give up. Then, the incident of Su Xuewu and Su Xueqiang causing a huge ruckus happened.

Originally, Yao Fang wanted to live a good life with Su Xueqiang, but at this time, Yang Jiashan came to find her. After all, it was her first man, so it was different for Yao Fang.

Back then, Yang Jiashan was forced by his parents to marry another woman. On the night before their wedding, he had secretly come to her, crying and apologizing, clinging onto her and refusing to let go.

The two of them spent the night together. The next day, Yang Jiashan went back to marry another woman.

Yao Fang still remembered that night. He was a grown man, but he cried like a child in front of her.

Yao Fang remembered that scene clearly. Perhaps it was that scene that moved Yao Fang. In addition, Yang Jiashans wife had died from a difficult labor. No one could stop them. When Yang Jiashan proposed to elope, Yao Fang was moved.

After knowing Su Xueqiangs true colors, Yao Fang immediately made a


She decided to elope with Yang Jiashan.

While Yao Fang was thinking, Yang Jiashans knocking became more urgent. He knocked harder and faster as if he was not afraid of being discovered.

In the past, he came over secretly. He didnt act this way.

Yang Jiashan was very afraid of being discovered by Su Xueqiang.

Coming. Yao Fang responded softly and opened the door.

As soon as the door opened, Yang Jiashan rushed in impatiently. He closed the door behind him and hugged Yao Fang before kissing her eagerly.

Fang, I missed you so much.

Yao Fang thought of Su Wens words and was lost in thought for a moment. By the time she reacted, her clothes had been removed by Yang Jiashan. Meanwhile, his rough hands were all over her body.

Yao Fang pushed Yang Jiashan away without thinking.

What happened to you? Yang Jiashan was very dissatisfied, and a vicious look flashed in his eyes. However, he quickly covered it up.

He would coax this b*tch first. When he was done, he would just sell her off when he was tired of her.

Thinking of the large sum of money he was about to get, Yang Jiashan immediately put on a gentle and sad look. Fang, whats wrong? Didnt we say it that day? Let bygones be bygones! Lets start over.

Nothing. Although Yao Fang was a shrew with no bottom line, she could not bear to see Yang Jiashan sad.

After all, he was the first man she had grown up with. It was different..