Transmigrated As The Ex-Wife Of A Heroic Man - Chapter 761 Tell the Truth

Chapter 761 Tell the Truth

761 Tell the Truth

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w.a.n.g Chunyan pretended to be disappointed and sad. With that, Su Qing became fl.u.s.tered and gave out the address in confusion.

Su Qing only came back to her senses after w.a.n.g Chunyan left in satisfaction.

Third sister, did Aunt Chunyan bring pen and paper out? She felt that Aunt Chunyan had come prepared.

Su Xius brows were tightly knitted as she noticed something wrong. She turned to look at Su Qing in confusion. Second sister, do you like Lin Weiguo?

Su Qing blushed and denied, What are you talking about? He is my cla.s.smate.

Tell me the truth!

Err Then let me ask you, do you like He Changming? Su Qing managed to turn the tables in time.

Su Xiu was so angry that she stomped her feet. Forget it, I dont care. Anyway, I think its not good to give Lin Weiguos address to others without his consent. Youd better write a letter and tell him.

Okay! Su Qing suppressed the uneasiness in her heart and nodded heavily.

At this moment, a few figures appeared on the road in the distance. She stood on her tiptoes and looked around. Sure enough, it was her Big sister, but brother-in-law was not there. The other person beside her looked very familiar.

Do you think that person is He Changming? Su Qing b.u.mped Su Xiu with her shoulder.

Su Xiu recognized him. Its him!

Speak of the devil. She was just talking about him! He immediately appeared.

Su Xius beautiful eyes were fixed on He Changming. After not seeing him for a few months, he grew even buffer than before. The fierce aura on his body could be felt even from so far away. Thinking of the words that Sister Yulan told her from time to time, Su Xius beautiful eyebrows furrowed slightly.