Thriller Paradise - Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036: Chapter 978-roarer



[System restriction of 30%] was a state that most players had never experienced before.

This level of limitation had already broken through the limits of the players in the scenario. If anyone could still remember how Feng bujue and Li Ruoyu entered the inner world at the same time, they would know Thirty percent was the limit of the inner world.

In this state, the game menu would no longer appear in front of the players eyes, but directly appear in the consciousness.

The interface they were observing was completely new

The status bar in the new menu had completely disappeared. The players survival, stamina, mana, and abnormal statuses would not be displayed in data form. Now, the players had to rely on their own senses to feel and measure these things.

In addition, the players sense of pain would also be enhanced, and considering that the forced disconnection mechanism had failed, this was Still very scary.

Of course, this state had its advantages and disadvantages.

Although the auxiliary functions given by the system had been reduced, relatively The restrictions had also been reduced. The players perception would become more detailed and Real.

The increased restrictions of the system would undoubtedly allow some of the more high-end players to display stronger combat power than usual, but There would be a corresponding risk.

Two minutes after the invasion, in s.h.i.+vas conference room.

How is it? Can you guys do it? Brahma anxiously asked his four teammates at the conference table.

Its easy to tell Vishnu shrugged his shoulders and replied,if it works, those who succeeded would have already turned into white light and went offline.

F * ck Brahma couldnt help but slap the table and curse.

Eh? Asura was stunned for a second after hearing that. He asked in confusion,why isnt the word F * ck blocked?

Hey, hey At a time like this, you still care if the system blocks out vulgarities? Brahma asked in return.

No, this might be very important. Among them, the female player, Yama, was the calmest. She said in a deep voice,you all heard the system audio just now I think that the reason why the curse words were not blocked and the change in the game menu Is related to the 30% limit.

Well At this time, the fifth person sitting at the head of the conference table, s.h.i.+va, finally spoke.I didnt expect What he said to be true.

He? When Vishnu heard this, he sharply sensed something.Who is it? What did he say?

Three days ago, s.h.i.+va replied,that morning when I forfeited, Feng bujue sneaked into my home and told me On the day of the final, there will be an Army of anomalies invading the game s.p.a.ce.

WOW! Wow! Brahma was shocked. His eyes widened as he read,boss The information in your words is a little shocking

If it was in the past, I wouldnt have believed a single word of that. s.h.i.+va didnt reply to him. Instead, he continued,but Because of some things Ive experienced recently, I dont know what to believe now. He sighed in relief and laughed bitterly.Ha If I had to choose, I would rather believe Feng bujue

Cousin, what exactly did you experience? Asura was a Chuunibyou, and one of the characteristics of Chuunibyou was that his intuition was very accurate.Could it be that Ive seen a ghost?

Before he finished, s.h.i.+va turned to look at his 17-year-old cousin.Its not a ghostIts an Angel.

Ha? An Angel? What the h.e.l.l is this? The Great Brahma expressed his opinion without any hesitation.

s.h.i.+va was about to reply, but


Suddenly, a loud crash came from one side of the meeting room wall.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

Immediately after, there were three more sounds that were even more rapid and fierce The wall was knocked out.

What the f * ck? This time, even Vishnu started to curse.Theres actually something outside this wall?

Logically speaking There should be nothing. Because outside the wall is the data layer, the s.p.a.ce there and the s.p.a.ce we are in are two different concepts. s.h.i.+vas reaction was surprisingly calm. As he stood up, he explained,according to Feng bujue Link and ed have created a kind of ma.s.s-produced creature called redundant soldier. This kind of creature can move at high speed in the data layer in the form of data, and take shape in an instant when approaching the physical s.p.a.ce and invade it.

Bang! Bang!

Just as he was narrating, the metal wall of the conference room was broken and torn apart.

In the next second, a soldier with a purplish-black skin stuck its long and narrow head in and let out a terrifying groan.

However, these guys strength shouldnt be high. As s.h.i.+va spoke, he stepped forward and used [divine Fang force] to stab at the soldiers forehead.

Immediately after, there was a crack sound, as if the sh.e.l.l of a crustacean was broken. s.h.i.+vas finger pierced through the soldiers forehead and exploded. The fatally wounded redundant soldier didnt even let out a wail before he suddenly lost all his strength and turned into a stream of data light Dissipating into the air.

If it hits a vital point, this level of skill is enough to instakill one. s.h.i.+va explained in a commentating tone and retracted his right hand.

However, before he could finish his sentence, several more arms and heads poked out from the cracks in the wall.

Seeing this, s.h.i.+va took two steps back and said,In short These are the main forces that you will be facing next. As he spoke, he glanced at the exit of the conference room.Lets get out of here before the exit is destroyed. Well meet up in the mall through the log-in lobby.

Ang! Ang!

Ah, Yingluo.

s.h.i.+va was halfway through his sentence, but the redundant soldiers seemed to understand him. They let out low roars and sped up their movements to squeeze out of the crack.

Remember, dont stay in a narrow s.p.a.ce. s.h.i.+vas reaction was still quite calm. He reminded his teammates what to pay attention to, and he punched again, using pure physical skills to force back the attack of the redundant soldiers.Whether its the log-in s.p.a.ce, personal warehouse, or thriller box As long as the redundant soldiers sense a data reaction in a certain parallel layer, they will invade it. Even if you can withstand their siege in a small s.p.a.ce, once the surrounding walls are taken down, you will still be sucked into the data layer Only G.o.d knows where you will be teleported to next.

I understand. At this moment, Yan Mo had already reached the entrance of the conference room. Before she left, she turned around and said,then, well do the same thing See you at area 101.

Since brother Jue had set front lines most commonly used shopping center in area 101, many of the players who knew Feng bujue would set their shopping center there to be able to meet brother Jue once in a while. Over time, the players teammates and good friends had changed their common settings Thus, area 101 had unknowingly become a gathering place for star players from all over the world.

Boss, well be waiting for you. After the door in front of him closed and opened, Brahma also said these words and walked in.

About the topic of angels When Vishnu retreated to the door, he also turned his head and said,I look forward to the follow-up. After saying that, he also entered the door.

In the blink of an eye, only the two of them were left in the meeting room.

Cousin, you should leave too. Leave this to me. At this time, Asura had entered a Chuunibyou mode and said something similar to a death FLAG.

By the way s.h.i.+va glanced at him.With your ability, you can move freely in the data layer, right?

Thats right. You can leave first, Asura replied with great vigor.Ill go in through this crack in a moment With that, his eyes were filled with fanaticism.That pretentious link Ill take him down!

At the same time, in area No. 4 of the mall.

Eh? Whats going on? A middle-aged man stood in a corner of the mall, scratching his head, looking confused.

The mans surname was li, and his first name was Feng. He was the house master of ruoyun house, and even Feng bujue had to call him uncle li.

For those of you who have forgotten the previous part, when you read this part, you might think that Im introducing the leader of some underground organization. However Those of you with a good memory should still remember that ruoyun house is in the business of auctioning, appraising, and displaying art pieces. Furthermore Its run by Ruoyus family.

At this point, I think everyone has understood. Thats right Li Feng is li Ruoyus father.

Speaking of RUO Yus father, he was definitely a winner in life in reality.

Lets talk about his family background first Among Li Fengs ancestors, there was a very famous figure, and that was the superstar who was well-known at the beginning of the century, the legendary superstar, Xi Qiao Li Hua. Even in 2055, half a century later, many people still regarded him as a Prince Charming.

Although Li Feng was not Li Huas direct descendant and had a saying that said wealth can not last more than three generations A starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Li Fengs family background was still quite good since he was young.

Looking at his growth Li Feng had received a good education in the first half of his life. Although he was a little shy, he did not have social barriers like his daughter. It could be said that before the age of 20, he had basically not encountered any twists and turns in his life.

Until He met Shui ruoyun, who was also Ruoyus mother.

The two of them met when they were studying in Vienna. The story of one being attacked and the other being attacked has been going on for three or four years. Its not a big problem to write a romance novel on their own, so I wont go into detail.

To make a long story short, not long after the two returned to the country, they entered the hall of marriage and established the ruoyun house.

At that time, Li Feng didnt know that Shui ruoyuns parents Just as Gu Chen had said, were two of the ten most powerful spiritual ability users on this planet. As for Shui ruoyuns aunt, she was Gu Chens wife. Gu Chen and his wife Were obviously not easy to deal with.

In short, Li Feng had unknowingly joined the luxurious lunch Oh no He had joined a family with a very dark background.

In fact, Li Feng still did not know about the existence of the supernatural world (because he was too easy to fool, his wife and daughter kept it from him in order to protect him). He was just an ordinary person.

But This ordinary persons luck was really good. Perhaps He was a positive example of good people being rewarded, and fools being blessed.

In this unprecedented crisis of the game s.p.a.ce being invaded Li Feng, who was only at level 10 (although he had created his character a long time ago, he rarely had time to go online. He would only occasionally play in non-sleeping mode), had lived longer than many high-level players even though he was completely unaware of the situation

As he could not squeeze through the crowd of young people, when the first wave of attacks arrived, Li Feng was very far away from the crowd near the big screen. Thus, he was spared from the first round of attacks of the redundant Army.

And because he was standing with his back to the system store, when the invasion broke out, the fleeing crowd didnt rush to him.

A few minutes later, as more and more soldiers poured in, the rate of increase had far exceeded the killing speed of the guard robots. At this point, a team of soldiers finally arrived in front of Li Feng.

At the same time, the NPC in the shop behind uncle li Made his move.

Usually, the NPCs standing in the system shops were jokingly called wooden stakes by players. These guys basically didnt talk or do anything. When players came to buy something, they only needed to stand in front of the counter and call out a virtual menu to complete the transaction. Those NPCs were only standing there to create a shop-like feeling.

Originally How could in-game shops use the chat purchase mechanism? If they really used that kind of selling method They had seen banks lining up for business, right? Youve seen the supermarkets cas.h.i.+er before, right? Not to mention a game with hundreds of thousands or even millions of players, even if it was a game with tens of thousands of players online at the same time Why dont you try to change the shop selling health potions into a talk-buy mechanism? If you dont line up for a few nights, do you think you can buy something?

However, today, those wooden dummies revealed their true ident.i.ty to the players with their actions. They were the enhanced guarding robots.

Just as Li Feng was about to be killed by one of the soldiers, the owner of the equipment store behind him jumped out of the counter and kicked the soldier in half. After that, the owner of the equipment store put on a good show in front of Li Feng. He single-handedly blocked the surprise attack of 70 to 80 redundant soldiers and killed them as if they were pigs and dogs

Unfortunately, this situation only lasted for about two minutes

There were only about 60 shop owners and guard robots in the area. Although the guard robots had the ability to teleport and were equivalent to level 60 players, they were not as powerful as the level 60 players.(The maximum level for players is 50, but the robot guards can be set to 60. In addition, the original limit for players in the game s.p.a.ce is 2%, so they cant fight at all. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the robot guards have more than enough to manage the players.) Physical skills, but they also have a limit. When the number of redundant soldiers reaches 10 to 1, or even 20 to 1, the robot guards cant hold on any longer Once there is damage, it is only a matter of time before they are destroyed.

As for the shop owners, they could easily take on a hundred of them. Their upper limit was higher than the average guard robot. When their quality reached a certain level,quant.i.ty would no longer pose a threat to them.

However, in the Army of Redundant soldiers that link and Ed had created, they did not only have the lowest level of redundant soldiers. They had also created something even more advanced,raid.

In a more detailed explanation, these creatures were independent redundant disk arrays Of course, there was also a simple name for it, the [Raider].

The Raiders appearance was very similar to a human s, but their entire body was covered in the same black-purple sh.e.l.l as the redundant soldiers. From their size, they did not seem to be as intimidating as those tall and redundant soldiers, but the difference in combat power between the two Was simply like the difference between heaven and earth.

Even though the Reapers were not very intelligent, they were as strong as level three anomalies, and they all had tactical control module. The most important point was that Rogues were ma.s.s-produced things. As long as there was enough time and resources, they could be produced no matter how many they were.

12 minutes after the invasion began The first roarer appeared, followed by the second, the third

It turned out that the ma.s.sive number of redundant soldiers were only the vanguard in charge of the charge And the moppers were the main force to complete the clean-up.

Bang Bang Bang

With a loud explosion, the NPC in front of Li Feng exploded into pieces of data under the combined attack of the three Raider.

Uncle li, who was covered in cold sweat, took a few steps back until his back was against the counter of the system store. He had to stop.Uh I dont know whats going on, but with so many monsters surrounding me Im probably going to die

This time, it was impossible for the guards to come and save him. The guards and shop owners in Area 4 were all surrounded and could not even take care of themselves. The surviving players were basically gathered in groups of three to five and formed a defensive formation to resist the attack.

But If I die, Ill just die and return to the log-in s.p.a.ce Right? When he muttered the last word to himself, uncle li lost his confidence.

At the same time, a Raider had already arrived in front of him and raised his fist

Bang Bang Bang

One punch, hit!

This was a solid punch, a punch that burned with blazing fighting energy.

However, this punch was not from the Rogues, but

Uncle, are you alright?

At that moment, a back with extremely clear back muscles appeared in front of Li Feng. The rower who had raised his fist a second ago was nowhere to be seen

Uncle li rubbed his eyes and looked at the other partys ID, Yingying [seven kills].

Um Im fine. Thank you, young man, uncle li replied.

Hehe Youre welcome. Qi Sha turned his head and raised two fingers to his brow. He waved them gently as a greeting to uncle li. As he did this, uncle li could clearly see white smoke rising from seven kills right glove

Uncle, dont be afraid. The next second, another voice was heard, followed by a brawny man holding a giant s.h.i.+eld.Well protect you.

It was obvious that the person who had come this time Was long Aomin.

Dont be careless. Uncle li is only level 10. The political commissar tan lang also quickly appeared on the top of the shop.If he is touched by the other party I may not even have the chance to heal him.

Eh? Uncle li felt strange. How did they know his surname was li? His in-game nickname should be [Yun dan Feng Qing].How did you know

However, before he could finish his question, the commander of blades, Army destroyer, appeared and interrupted him.The political commissar is right Cheer up! If anything happens to uncle li, well all have to go to the section Chiefs place for tea


Lets go all out!

This is the only place We must absolutely defend!

At this moment, the members of the blades were in high spirits. They had never been so aggressive before, not even in a game.