The Novel's Extra - Chapter 124 – Chae Jinyoon (2)

Chapter 124 – Chae Jinyoon (2)

I found it hard to believe, but the doctor’s hopeful voice didn’t seem like a lie. My mind completely blanked. I couldn’t even feel happy because I’d given up a long time ago.


The doctor’s voice grew softer as my head rang and my vision turned blurry. I slowly turned to the side and saw Kim Hajin. His perfectly average face seemed especially vivid today.


I wasn’t sure what to think, but I knew I had to go to the hospital. He seemed like the only one who could help.

“Please give me a ride.”

Kim Hajin looked at me with a heavy expression. Did he overhear the call? 

He sighed as Yoo Yeonha asked, “A ride? Did something happen?”

“Huh? Erm…”

“Let’s go. It won’t take more than 20 minutes,” Kim Hajin spoke as I struggled to answer.

So he did overhear. I smiled at how reliable he was even in this situation.

“I thought only your eyes were good, but I guess your ears are too.”

“We can talk about that later. Where did you park your motorcycle?”

“Follow me.”

“What? What happened?”

Shin Jonghak shot up and asked. Yi Yeonghan, Yoo Yeonha, and Kim Suho also seemed concerned. I ran to the parking lot with Kim Hajin without explaining. Soon, we reached the motorcycle.