The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 3535

Chapter 3535

3535 Unt.i.tled

But it seems like this Wraith King has already lost its own consciousness, said Xie Tongyn.

Thats natural. If it has its own consciousness, he probably wont dare to feed it. Since its basically dead, hes afraid of being consumed by it. Xie Tongyun pouted, unhappy with that man in the black coat. If he has the skill, feed one with its consciousness intact, then it will be even stronger.

Looks like his skills arent that good, said Xie Tongyn, looking down on him.

That man in the black coat was furious.


Not only were these two men not afraid, but they were also even being sarcastic.

They even started looking down on him!

If they had skills, then they should feed a Wraith King with its consciousness intact!

Feeding a Wraith King with its own consciousness intact would only end in one way: the feeder being consumed by the Wraith King.

However, the man in the black coat did not notice something.

Just when Xie Tongyun and Xie Tongyn were talking to each other and looking down on him.

Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling had already secretly found something out.

The two each motioned a Lin Character Mantra.

It was their first time facing a Wraith King, so the two did not dare to be careless.

But luckily, the Wraith King did not have its own consciousness.

Although it was strong on its own, its skill was more dependent on the skills of the man in the black coat.

After all, this Wraith King did not have its own consciousness and was completely controlled by the man in the black coat.

Because of this, its skill was reduced drastically.

If it were a Wraith King with its own consciousness, even Xie Tongyun and Xie Tongyn would not dare to be sarcastic.

Then, Xie Jiwen motioned a Zhe Character Mantra and struck it on the Wraith Kings body.

The Wraith King roared and was trapped for a while.

But not long after, it escaped the Zhe Character Mantras bondage and rushed toward Xie Jiwen.

Xie Jiwen used the soul beating whip and lashed out.

The whip continuously extended and wrapped around the Wraith King.

Quick. This is not the real soul-beating whip, it cant last long, said Xie Jiwen.

It was a soul-beating whip that he replicated, so its power could not compare to the real soul-beating whip.

But now, it had already weakened the Wraith King by a lot after wrapping its soul.

Xie Jiling used this chance to motion a Jie Character Mantra and struck it on the Wraith Kings body.

A huge Jie Character was marked on the Wraith Kings body, and then it disappeared.

It seemed like it had seeped into its body.

The soul-beating whip and Jie Character Mantra targeted the soul.

With their combined abilities, the Wraith King roared in pain.

The soul-beating whip suddenly broke into sections.

The Wraith King waved its hand, and a thick, grey fog appeared.

This grey fog wrapped around Xie Jiling and the others.

Suddenly, the surroundings became pitch black.

They could not even see their own hand.

In response, Xie Tongyun motioned a Xing Character Mantra.

In this pitch-black fog, a golden light appeared around the four.

It was slowly forcing the grey fog outward.

While the light shone, they also saw that among the grey fog, souls with hideous faces were rus.h.i.+ng toward them.

This is the vengeful aura that was fed to the Wraith King! said Xie Tongyn.

At the same time, Xie Tongyn sent out a series of Xing Character Mantras and struck them on the vengeful auras.

Upon touching the light that came from the Xing Character Mantra, these vengeful auras were scorched.

Green smoke appeared from them.

At the same time, these vengeful auras gave out a miserable shriek as they disappeared with the smoke.

Clean! Xie Tongyun drew something rapidly on his palm and slapped his palm on the ground.

A faint, golden light appeared from the ground and burned upwards.

It burned off all the grey fog.

The beads on Xie Jilings wrist flew out directly toward the Wraith King.

The Wraith King opened its mouth and swallowed the beads.

That man in the black coat sneered.

However, Xie Jiling was not anxious at all.

Xing! Xie Jiling said aloud.

A line of Jue Character beads came out from a place that the man in the black coat could not see.

It could be said that it came from within the Wraith Kings body.

It was different from the previous times when the golden light came from above.

This time, the pillar of golden light came out from the Wraith Kings body.

The Wraith Kings face collapsed as it gave out a miserable shriek.

That man in the black coat could not believe that the Wraith King that he had worked so hard to feed was so vulnerable under the attacks of these four!

Big Brother, help! Xie Jiling felt like she could not handle it by herself.

Xie Jiwen immediately added Mantras.

Xie Tongyun and Xie Tongyn also motioned a Xing Character Mantra each.

The four Mantras attacked at the same time.

The Wraith King could not take it anymore.

And the Wraith Kings injury was reflected on the body of the man in the black coat.


The man in the black coat spat blood out as a result of the backlash.

He looked at the four in front of him, and his face was ferocious.

These four came to ruin his plan!

The man in the black coat spat his blood on the Wraith Kings body.

That being the case, he would go all out!

The Wraith King absorbed the blood of the man in the black coat like a sacrifice.