The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron - Chapter 3166 - 3166 Chapter 3,054, identity exposed

Chapter 3166 - 3166 Chapter 3,054, identity exposed

Chapter 3166 - 3166 Chapter 3,054, ident.i.ty exposed

3166 Chapter 3,054, ident.i.ty exposed

The former Emperors killing sword was an evil sword that was full of slaughter and parasitism to its host.

Later, Su Yu extracted the G.o.ds blood from the emperors killing sword. Its power dissipated and became dull. Its power became similar to an ordinary sword.

But now, the emperors killing sword had come back to life.

Veins were wriggling on it, and one could faintly hear the powerful heartbeat from the Emperors killing sword.


What was even more terrifying was that the surface of the emperors killing sword was emitting a thin layer of blood-red light.

Under the illumination of the blood-red light, the column of destructive light that swept over was actually split into two!

The emperors killing sword was like this, and the divine thrones of Heaven and earth also underwent a drastic change.

Not only did the divine seat of heaven and earth that surrounded the sun, moon, and stars look brand new, but ancient human figures also appeared around the Sun, Moon, and stars.

Some of them held their heads high in the sky, some sat cross-legged, some lowered their heads in silence, and some maintained their battle stance.

The appearance of the illusory figure caused the divine seat of Heaven and earth to release a layer of incomparably mysterious clear light.

The clear light purified everything within thirty feet of the divine seat of Heaven and earth, including the terrifying black light beam.

Zhan wushuang, who was about to be melted by the black light pillar, was saved in an instant!

His eyes were filled with disbelief as he stared at the emperors killing sword and the divine seat of heaven and Earths abnormality. His heart was thumping wildly, This is?


The divine seat of Heaven and earth moved to Zhan Wushuangs body and let him sit on it, protecting him in the center.

The emperors killing sword, which had undergone a metamorphosis, contained a fierce and ruthless aura as it fell into Zhan Wushuangs hand.

Holding the emperors killing sword, Zhan Wushuangs heart was instantly filled with hatred and a vicious aura. He grinned and revealed a sinister sneer, So thats how it is!

The emperors four-piece set can only display its true power when its combined with fate!Zhan wushuang laughed coldly, his eyes filled with boundless excitement.

The newly activated Emperors killing sword and the divine seat of Heaven and earth displayed the power of the two items.

Seeing that the black pillar of light was still attacking, causing the divine throne of Heaven and earth to dim, Zhan Wushuang waved his sword.

An unprecedented blood-colored sword qi burst out from the emperor killing sword!

That sword Qi actually split the destructive black pillar of light into two halves, causing the black pillar of light to fly past the two sides of the divine throne of Heaven and earth.

The ferocious ten thousand Saint Beast suddenly stopped in its tracks, and its eyes, which were filled with killing intent, actually moved for a rare moment.

There was a trace of fear in its eyes!

After hesitating for a moment, the Ten Thousand Saint Beast roared once again and charged over with its enormous body.

Zhan wushuangs entire body was surrounded by pitch-black light shadows, causing him to appear as if he had been possessed. His entire body emitted a cold and gloomy aura.

Ill come back to meet you later!Zhan wushuang said coldly. He turned around and the divine seat of Heaven and Earth disappeared.

In the next moment, he appeared in an extremely distant place and was about to catch up with Su Yu.

Su Yu, who was in his invisible state, sensed something. He turned around and could not help but change his gaze.

He almost did not see anyone coming out. The divine seat of Heaven and earth that Zhan Wushuang was sitting on was the divine seat that he had almost destroyed.

And the one in his hand that had an extremely powerful destructive aura was actually the former emperors killing sword.

What happened?

The two of them were completely different from before?

Fortunately, Zhan Wushuang could not see through the emperors new clothes. Thus, he pa.s.sed it straight to Su Yu without noticing.

The emperors four-piece set, could it be used for another purpose?Su Yu could not help but think.

The Ice Crystal Crown on his head was s.n.a.t.c.hed by Su Yu with great difficulty. Moreover, it was with the help of the Blue Heart Iron.

At the moment, Su Yu could not use his body to withstand the ice crystal crown and could not activate the true power of the Ice Crystal Crown.

Heavenly Fate Emperor? Humph!Su Yu did not believe this.

In the past, he did not care about the two four-piece emperor set, but he would not let Zhan Wushuang get this one no matter what.

Even if he could not use it, he had to destroy it, so that Zhan wushuang would never be able to gather the four-piece emperor set.

Lets Go!Su Yu sent a voice transmission. Behind him was the Ten Thousand Saint Beast, and he did not have the slightest time to waste.

At the moment, they had fallen to the back, and had become the ten thousand Saint Beasts closest target.

Miss Songs lips also turned green. She followed Su Yu closely and ran toward the depths of the sixth treasure area.


The Ten Thousand Saint Beast let out a wild roar from behind and stepped into the sixth treasure area.

What was different from the past was that when they arrived at the Sixth Treasure Trove, the Ten Thousand Saints Beasts footsteps were clearly much more cautious, as if it was afraid of something.

This way, Su Yu and Miss Xiao song would not be caught by the Ten Thousand Saints Beast in a single step.??e?e?????. c?

However, they did not have much time.

At this moment, Su Yu took out the fire lion.

The fire lion had already been put away by Su Yu when they were at Heaven Breaking Mountain. Now that it was suddenly taken out, the fire lion was chewing on a piece of meat in its mouth with relish.

Hey, Hey, Little Su, can you be a little more civic-minded? Can You Say h.e.l.lo to me when you summon me? Youre making me lose my appet.i.te!The fire lion noticed the sudden change in the surrounding environment and became very unhappy.

Su Yu did not say anything else and pulled little song along to ride on it.

The fire lion rolled its eyes and looked back while mumbling, HMPH, theres no need to ask. It must be causing trouble again. Its going to rely on me to escape.

But when it saw this, the fire lion was so scared that all the hair on its body stood up. It cursed loudly, F * ck! A fierce beast at the middle stage of the Ten Thousand Saints Realm?


F * ck! F * ck! F * ck! !

The fire lion spread its four limbs and ran desperately. It kept shouting, F * ck! Do you dare to let my little darling live a few days of comfortable life?

How long has it been since I was chased by the old woman of the Ten Thousand Saints realm of the Soul Saint Clan? And now, Im being targeted by a fierce beast at the middle stage of the Ten Thousand Saints realm? Oh My G.o.d! My Little Darling!

In the face of great danger, the fire lion burst out with unprecedented speed, reaching the All Saints realm at one time. In the vast void, a fiery red afterimage streaked across the sky.

Under its rapid speed, it quickly caught up with the reincarnation king and the sky-covering patriarch, leaving them behind.

What is it? Another All Saints realm ferocious beast?The two of them were shocked by the fire lions astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

Somethings Wrong!The reincarnation king quickly realized that something was wrong and said, Theres someone on the fire lions Back!

It turned out that the fire lions speed was too fast. The emperors new clothes couldnt cover everything perfectly.

Su Yu and Miss Songs aura leaked out a bit, but for the quasi-ten thousand saints, even a bit was enough to attract their attention.

Its that kid from sky-breaking Mountain!The sky-covering Patriarchs old eyes suddenly narrowed as he said in shock.

He had once cursed Su Yus body, so he was very familiar with Su Yus aura.


No! Theres still the aura of the Beast Egg!The sky-covering patriarch cried out in shock again, and then he was furious. No wonder the Beast Egg disappeared. So it was you who stole it!

The sky-covering patriarch had personally taken care of that Beast Egg, so he was also very familiar with its aura.

The first time, he detected the location of the Beast Egg!