The Steward Demonic Emperor - Chapter 822: Gemini Shell

Chapter 822: Gemini Shell

Chapter 822: Gemini Sh.e.l.l


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The elder that fell in the field of flowers froze in place. But even so, his joy was long gone, now replaced by an ashen face.

He then slowly floated while watching the flowers beneath him with a sweaty brow and fearful eyes.

The others sighed in relief seeing him come out.

G.o.dd.a.m.n brat, you almost killed me!

The elder that almost fell slapped the sixth prince hard in anger.

Bleeding from the mouth, the sixth prince glared in defiance and hatred.

For some odd reason, the elder felt a deep-seated hatred coming from the sixth prince. So much so he wanted to end the brat then and there.

He realized the primal fury in the boys eyes could not be overcome. So it was better to get rid of him now, just to be on the safe side.

But he held himself back. He couldnt just kill his hostage, that wouldnt do.

Sect Leader pondered, Cover their mouths before they let something slip and ruin everything.

Yes, Sect Leader! The elder eyed the sixth prince and tapped his neck. The prince still glared in hatred.

The other two were dealt with as well.

Sect Leader eased up, then told someone to scout. Moments later, he returned, Sect Leader, h-hes coming!

He took the bait at last, ha-ha-ha! Sect Leader flicked his hand, Hide, dont let him find you!

The men scattered, though extremely careful to not get too close to the field of flowers.

The hostages shared a glance, knowing this was a trap for Zhuo Fan.

They were still thinking the best way to let Zhuo Fan know when the guy was already here, just across from the field of flowers.

Squinting, Sect Leader snickered on the platform as he pointed at his hostages, Zhuo Fan, did you finally come to save them?


Since you do Sect Leader thought itd be an obvious yes and took a long time for his brain to process the refusal. He cried out, Eh? What do you mean nope?

The anxious hostages were looking stumped at Zhuo Fan.

[Bro Zhuo, maybe you blurted that out without thinking. Why dont you try that answer again?]

Sect Leader tensed, Uhm, Zhuo Fan, theres no rush to reply. Theyre your closest friends.

Says who?

Ugh Sect Leader continued, perplexed, Or at least friends

Says who? Zhuo Fan scratched his head, not giving a d.a.m.n as usual.

Sect Leaders face twitched as he shouted, Then what are you anyway? You definitely cant be strangers since you want to save them!

Theres practically nothing between us, actually. Ive only seen two of them a couple of times, while the third Ive only known him for a day. Zhuo Fan looked stone-cold at Sect Leader, Did you really think there was something going on? They followed me in here for their own reasons. Were nothing more than strangers on the same road.

Twitching, Sect Leader was fuming mad, Then why are you here if not to save them?

Saving them never even crossed my mind.

Zhuo Fan shook his head holding out the flower spirit, Didnt I tell you, Im looking for your cultivation paradise. I have a flower spirit here that came from there. Im just following its directions. So you can kidnap them without a worry from me. I wont bother you.


Sect Leader almost spurted blood. He didnt give a d.a.m.n about the hostages, making their painstaking efforts go up in smoke.

The guy only came to their precious area to set up a drawing array. What was the point of using fancy tricks anyway?

Sect Leader facepalmed.

The hostages were even more shocked. Now they knew they were nothing to Zhuo Fan, not worth even a save.

The trio were crushed.

[How can you be so cold? We journeyed together!]

Zhuo Fan looked around then at Sect Leader, This must be the place I was searching for. You mustve laid an ambush as well, I bet. So to make sure nothing disturbs my concentration later, its best to remove all the variables.

Zhuo Fans eyes turned cold and shot for Sect Leader.

Wait, dont you care if they die? I have hostages here! Sect Leader cried out.

Snickering, Zhuo Fan continued, Are you deaf? You call those hostages?


In a pitch-black glow, Zhuo Fans hand was now holding the demonic sword and slashed.

Sect Leader panicked as he dodged.


The pitch-black blade went through the stone platform and the three pillars broke. The hostages cried out in shock, but their covered mouths blocked the sounds. Then, the pillars knocked into each other and suddenly stopped.

The trio eased a breath. Just witnessing an Ethereal Stage expert showing such fear to those flowers made them realize it was best to avoid it too.

This act of Zhuo Fan confirmed that he didnt give a d.a.m.n about their lives. Sect Leader was regretting it now.

The bait was useless.

A golden glow came from Zhuo Fans feet and his speed spiked.

Sect Leader shook in fear and released his soul, a red and blue sh.e.l.l.

It was ten meters wide, just like a s.h.i.+eld, as it blocked Zhuo Fan.

Gemini Sh.e.l.l?

Zhuo Fan squinted and slashed and cut the sh.e.l.l in two. But as it split, the sh.e.l.l turned into vanis.h.i.+ng lights, Thats quite a rare beast soul.

Zhuo Fan looked below to see Sect Leader fleeing with all he had.

Grinning, Zhuo Fan shot after him, Ha-ha-ha, Gemini Sh.e.l.l is a rare illusory beast soul. I wonder just how you managed to form it in this lonely mountain range. They say that each time this soul appears, one is false while the other is real. The real one wont appear until the fake one is destroyed. It can be a sort of barrier that helps attack and hide. But to make the fake part, a huge amount of Yuan Qi is needed. I wonder how long youll last, humph

s.h.i.+t! The Gemini Sh.e.l.l never appeared in western lands so how the h.e.l.l do you know it better than I do? Sect Leader cursed.

Zhuo Fan snickered, Ive been around. Mountain Destroyer!

Zhuo Fan flashed in front of Sect Leader and slashed.

Sect Leader shook and released a sh.e.l.l to defend, while he himself vanished behind it.

Smirking, Zhuo Fan hacked and the sh.e.l.l was no more.

But this time, he let the blade slash all the way into the field of flowers.

Zhuo Fan shook and cried out.

[Was this their trap?]

He felt the sword was stuck in a quagmire.

There was a pop behind him and a violent kick shoved him further in, completely into the field of flowers.


The flowers moved like waves on a sea. Zhuo Fan struggled to get out but something black was holding him and dragging him deeper.

He wanted to fly, but nothing he did worked.

Above him, Beast Taming Sects Sect Leader cackled like mad.

Ha-ha-ha, you dumb brat, got you now! He-he-he, didnt you want to see our eden? This is it. Any that enters the Abyssal Swamp, regardless of their power, cant come out. You may be the b.l.o.o.d.y first in Double Dragon Gathering, killing so many of my elders, but now youre finished!

Zhuo Fan frowned, his face stern as he looked below