The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years - Book 2: Chapter 479

Book 2: Chapter 479

Book 2: Chapter 479

The street lights had gone out a while ago. As dawn approached, very few people could be found.

Lukas looked at the completely relaxed figure of Pale.

Now that he thought about it, he didnt think hed ever seen her sleep before. That was because sleep didnt exist in the World of Void.

Yang In-hyuns story tugged on his heartstrings. And he now understood why he once had a negative view of humans.

His life had been completely ruined because of the greed and malice of humans. Wiping out the world called murim at the last moment could be considered a very restrained result when compared to the rage Yang In-hyun felt.

In all honesty.

He hadnt expected it. For Yang In-hyun to reveal his origin like this.

Something shouldnt be mistaken though. This man wasnt the type of person to confide in others for advice or comfort. In the first place, it wasnt possible to conclude that Yang In-hyun was a good person.

What had happened to Yang In-hyun was certainly tragic. And there was nothing wrong with sympathising with him. However, the ma.s.sacre hed carried out was definitely too far.

How many peoples blood did he have to be covered with in order to wipe out the murim?

Are you convinced?

After a short while, Yang In-hyun spoke.

Right. In the first place, the only reason hed brought up this story in the first place was to carry out his twisted conviction to kill martial artists. It was because he didnt want to have conflict with Lukas while carrying out this task.

right. I understand the situation.

Then you wont stop me from doing it.

I wont stop you.

Yang In-hyun made a puzzled expression when Lukas answered so pa.s.sively.

However, there is something Id like you to answer.

What is it?

You hated the world called murim. This includes all the elements that make up that world. However, do you not consider yourself a martial artist?

An ident.i.ty cannot be denied.

Im sure an ident.i.ty can be denied.

Yang In-hyuns expression changed.

What are you trying to say? If you have something to ask, just ask.

Lukas decided to follow through.

Looking into Yang In-hyuns especially sunken eyes, he asked.

Why do you consider yourself the Sect Leader of Flower Mountain?


He didnt hear the answer.

This was because Yang In-hyun had gotten up from his seat and prepared to leave. It seemed he didnt want to continue this conversation. Or Lukas words had given him a change of heart.

Just as Lukas was about to send Metel after him again, he heard a voice.

I will be right back.

It seemed he found Metels presence offensive.

Are you going to kill someone else?

You said you wouldnt stop me.

Im just asking.

Yang In-hyun was silent for a moment before answering.

Not tonight at least. Im not in the mood to kill anyone.

Tonight, he said.

It wasnt something one should say at dawn, but Lukas was convinced.

At the moment that Yang In-hyun left and Lukas prepared to go back to the castle,

[How boring.]

He heard the Lightning G.o.ds voice in his head.

[My excitement was shattered. I was curious about how such a strong being came to be, but it wasnt that big of a deal.]

thats surprising. Is that really what you thought after hearing that?

[Did you expect me to feel some kind of human emotion?]

The Lightning G.o.d smirked as he said that.

[I just realised if all Twelve of the Void Lords are like Yang In-hyun, those guys wont be able to respond.]

Respond? Do you mean to you Rulers?

The Lightning G.o.d continued without answering.

[An unprecedented being, someone strong enough to step into our domain, is only born in one case. By incalculable coincidence Those guys arent. They just had a couple incidents and low quality malice.]

Most of the things that we call incidents are born out of coincidence.

[Youre making stupid remarks. If you look back at an incident, you will be able to clearly see the cause of it. The only reason it can be dismissed as a coincidence is if you cannot grasp the causal relations.h.i.+p. Its like a natural disaster. The ignorant consider them to be the wrath of G.o.d.]

Then what coincidence are you talking about?

[Well the way the Seven Fanged Dragon G.o.d was born.]

Lukas said in disbelief.

Its not surprising that you treat every being that isnt a Ruler as trash, but did you forget? The one who brought down the Seven Fanged Dragon G.o.d was one of the Twelve Void Lords.

[Thats right. Kuku]

The Lightning G.o.d chuckled as if hed heard something unpleasant. Lukas had no desire to continue the conversation, so he just woke up Pale, who was lying beside him.

Wake up. Itll be dawn soon.


With a groan, Pale opened her eyes.

Then, with dishevelled hair and dopey eyes, she uttered.


It was 4:17 in the morning.

This remark was made 17 minutes after the closing time for the drinking shop.

Looking at the table, Pale said.

Wheres my food?

You ate it all.

Mm. Im sure I had a bit left.

They had eaten the leftovers as snacks.

It really was a bit.

Im hungry.

Pale muttered the word again.

Lets go back to the castle. You can eat as much as you want there.

Why? This is a restaurant. The food was delicious too.

Business hours have ended. We have to leave now.

Ayyy. Im hungry.

You cant.

At that, a dangerous glint appeared in Pales eyes.

I want to eat, now.

Lukas broke out in cold sweat. It was clearly the appearance of Pale, but, strangely, the tone was similar to that of the Blue Knight.

This might not end as a joke. If he didnt fill her stomach here, an unbelievable disaster might occur.

He didnt have the courage to try to forcefully take Pale to the castle in this state.

Excusing himself, he called for the owner who was closing up.

Hah? You want me to make food? Do you not see the time?! Thats really rude! Its already past closing time! (TL: Sir if you dont want us all to die)

Was what he said until he gave him way too much money for him to bring out food to feed Pale.


Pale grinned in satisfaction as she inhaled the food with puffed cheeks.


By nature, she was a glutton, but she didnt want food this often before.

Did something change after she came to this world?

With such doubts in his mind, he finally returned to the castle. It was just before dawn.

He didnt see Jiudad or Dok Go-yun in the throne room. But he could feel their presence in the private chamber beside it.

When he opened the door, he bore witness to a strange scene.

It was the forms of two men drinking tea.

Youre back?

Ku-, kuhum

Unlike Jiudad, Dok Go-yun seemed to have a hard time greeting Lukas.

Y-, youre here.

Then, with a determined expression, he spoke informally. But when Lukas gaze turned to him, he quickly flinched and added.


He didnt care if this man spoke formally or informally. Rolling his eyes, Lukas looked at Dok Go-yun and said.

You can go back and clean up the Demonic Cult. Ill come look for you soon.

Ye-, yes.

Dok Go-yun answered quickly and left just as quickly.

He could consider this an opportunity to escape, but he had no intention of doing so.

The magic that this blonde haired monster used was invisible, and he was also able to use some kind of amazing spatial movement.

It felt different from the Warp spell used by Wizards, the s.p.a.ce contraction method of the Magicians, or the portals of the Great Galactic Alliance.

One thing was certain though, as long as he had that bizarre technique, Dok Go-yun would never be able to run away from Lukas.

After confirming that Dok Go-yun had completely left, Lukas said.

Im sorry, but I ended up spending more money than expected.

Its fine for you to use all of it. After all, you are my benefactor.

Jiudad smiled as he said this.

There was still a hint of bewilderment on his face.

To be honest, I still cant believe it. To think the Heavenly Demon would show such a figure Who the h.e.l.l

Jiudad muttered for a moment before shaking his head.

I wont question your ident.i.ty. What is important is to keep my promise. You said you wanted my full support? As long as you do not harm the people of Luan.o.ble, I will grant your every request. Even at the cost of my life.

Of course, Lukas had no intention of making such a heavy request.

Id like to start with a simple question.

Of course.

Have you ever heard of an organisation called the [Trowman Rings]?

It was something he should have asked immediately after realising that Lukas Trowman existed in this universe.

You know about the Trowman Rings?

Right. Can you briefly tell me what you know about them?

Hmm. Fine.

Jiudad began to speak with a casual expression.

First off, theyre mostly made up of people born on Earth. The Leader is a young woman with the t.i.tle [White Flower]. Her name should be

Min Ha-rin.

Ah. Right. Thats it.

Although its made up of mostly young people, some of the founding members possess tremendous power that doesnt match their age. It is said that they gained power that defies common sense in an incident that occurred just before the Great Fusion. But I dont know the details about that.

The preliminaries for the Great Game.

The Great Game didnt just end after Lukas battle with Nodiesop. The rewards for the result had become meaningless, but the merit of being able to grow explosively in the field that had been prepared still remained, so it wasnt surprising that they had grown beyond recognition.

To be honest, he was a bit curious.

He wanted to see how strong his disciples had become with his own eyes.

However, meeting them would be difficult.

Although he had no intention of doing so, he asked.

Why is that?

The Trowman Rings are pan universal problem solvers that travel all across the world to resolve disputes. This means they never stay in one area for too long. They are probably some of the busiest beings since the Great Fusion.

Problem solvers that resolved disputes.

Lukas almost had the urge to laugh lightly for a moment.

are the Trowman Rings related to Lukas Trowman?

They dont seem to have any particular connection. But there are certainly many people who a.s.sociate them as Trowman is not an established vocabulary. There is also some overlap in their actions

It seems that youre interested in the Trowman Rings.

A bit.

Mm. Please wait for a moment.

After saying that, Jiudad took out his laptop again.

I have some information about the size of the Trowman RIngs and its members. Of course, nothing I have is certain since it was all independently investigated by Luan.o.ble, but it should serve as a reference.

Why did you investigate them?

I asked the Trowman Rings to help in our country. I had hoped that they would be powerful enough to drive away the Heavenly Demon. Of course I didnt receive a rep Mm?

Is there a problem?

Surprise s.h.i.+ned in Jiudads eyes.

the Trowman Rings accepted my request. A week ago.


Id been pretty busy recently so I didnt get the chance to check Mm. They say that they will be sending some of their members here, but according to the reply, they should be arriving today

Give it to me.

Lukas s.n.a.t.c.hed the laptop away.

Then, when he saw the names on the screen, his expression became a bit strange.