The Frozen Player Returns - Chapter 278. The Queen in Anguish (3)

Chapter 278. The Queen in Anguish (3)

[Absorption rate is 99.999%...]

[Absorption rate is 100%.]

[Congratulations, you have fully absorbed Janabi’s nucleus.]

[A new skill, ‘Cell Regeneration (A)’, has been acquired.]

The second nucleus absorption was over. As Seo Jun-Ho slowly opened his eyes, his friend in a wig waved his hand.

"Jun-Ho! Are you awake?"

"…Three days, right?"

"Yeah, it has been exactly seventy-two hours, so don't worry."

That was a relief. Truly a relief. He had already checked the nucleus’s data through the appraisal, but he was nervous since he had gotten burned before. With a sigh of relief, he confirmed the skills he possessed.

<Possessed Skills>

Frost (EX), Watchguard of Darkness (S), Hunter's Night (A), Confession of the Dead (A), Hero's Mind (S), Weapon Mastery (S), Keen Intuition (A), Cell Regeneration (A), Cold Tolerance (B), Circuit Strengthening (B), Thunder Resistance (C)

There was certainly a new skill. In fact, he already knew even before he looked at his status window that his body was being healed.

'…It's a fascinating feeling.’

He thought he had an inkling of how Rahmadat normally felt. He couldn’t regenerate as quickly as Rahmadat, but he could feel the cells’ active regeneration.

‘It’s like an itchy feeling.’

After closing his eyes for a while and feeling...