The Conquerors Path - Chapter 386 387-The Hunt

Chapter 386 387-The Hunt

Chapter 386 387-The Hunt

"Now that was fun..."

I whispered as I stretched my body, actually feeling a bit energetic, the dance was quite fun for me, it smoked out some of the late memories of my first life, the time of arcades and games, an age of no tension and just fun.

Looking around I could see that I was the only one that looked energetic and unhurt, the rest of the people had b.u.mps around their faces or hands, ones resembling misquote bites. I had noticed that those little light figures had a certain ability that let them break through most magic defenses and their spear's penetration while light hurt like h.e.l.l, similar to a splinter.

I could even see that Sabrina herself got some pokes, two small b.u.mps on her face, she turned her face towards me and and I made a laughing face at her, infuriating her even further with my words.

'A new look?'

The response I got was her turning her head away, I could tell that she is extremely annoyed. So I didn't go overboard with my teasing, At the end, the dance had become extremely troubling, the lights sprang on at higher speed while the patterns were complex, not to mention the annoying floating things around you.

"And with that, the third round has been finished! I could see that all of you had fun!"

This time the voice earned a lot of hostility from everyone, all of them were people with their noses up high and having been poked or played around with like this definitely didn't match their pride.

"I can see that all of you aren't happy! but fret not! because in this round all those that aren't kicked out will earn a gift!"

These words erased the heavy atmosphere, as the huge hall started to return to normal, turning into a white box room. This round definitely took out a lot of people as I could see that only 30 people remained here, it's quite a drop from the before numbers.

"Now even if everyone is getting a gift! there is still the best and the worst! so let's have a look!"

As the voice faded, the huge screen above flickered the ranking started to appear, instead of names the ranking was fixed on the with faces of the people, and now everyone was looking above.

Ranking Total Steps Steps Taken Pattern Mark

1)Austin 65,000 65000 Excellent

2)Sabrina 65,000 60000 Very Good

3)Some Girl 65,000 45000 Good






30)Some Guy 10000 10000 Barely Pa.s.s

Just as the ranking was chosen the eyes were once again on me and Sabrina, I could literally feel the greed filling up are in the room.

'Looks like we won't make it out of here without a fight, master'

Sabrina spoke.

'Oh? looks like someone is finally ready to talk'

I teased yet all I got was a cold gaze from her, making me chuckle.

'It's good, looks like those people you have aimed for are ready to take us down'

I replied, focusing on the group that Sabrina had chatted with before entering, their eyes were the worst among here as I could feel the subtle killing intent.

'Permission to deal with them, master?'

Sabrina asked.

'You do you but don't forget about the bet you made for this round'

My words had their effect as I saw a crack on the cold face that Sabrina was keeping.

"Now Let the rewards be given!"

The voice faded as the same light from the before team flashed and entered each body of the winner, the light entering inside me being the brightest among all.

"Good! Once that is over let's move to the last game! beware this will be dangerous!"

As the voice faded we were once more whisked away, soon all of us appeared above the sky, looking down I could see a huge forest filled with life. We were fixed there floating above as the voice was heard again.

"This round is called Find 'em! and take 'em!"

As the voice rejoiced, the atmosphere before me rippled as an orange color band floated in front of me, as I placed my hands on it, it disappeared and fixed itself on my hand, on it was a small display that now kept blinking, looking around I could see that everyone got the same band.

"The game is simple! each of you is awarded a certain amount of points based on from your performance from the previous rounds"

"The game is to take away the bands from others and make sure that you will have the highest amount of points till the time runs out!"

As the voice spoke a huge clock with 3 hours on it appeared.

"Of course! to make things interesting the points of each will be shown now!"

The same screen from before appeared, the same picture being available, this time the difference being the points one has, looking at my band I could see that the flickering was over and my points were given.

Ranking Total points

1)Austin 100,000

2)Sabrina 50,000

3)Some Girl 25,000






30)Some Guy 100

Yup, as everyone can guess I was the eye of the storm, this time there is no playing nor a focus on talent, it was pure power and ability that came into question and all the ones faithful to their powers were already marking me as their prey.

'The match seems to be very useful to you'

I spoke to Sabrina seeing that the zone for the match is a forest, with her blessing she will reign queen in this game, or might I add slaughter feast?

'I want a huge bet, master'

She replied, feeling interested I spoke.

'What are the stakes?'

'I don't know the depth of your power but I am Origin Level 6, match your powers to me and play the game, master'

Hearing this I pretended to think, taking a few seconds I replied.

'Again what are the takes?'

'If I win get rid of the contract for just the maid part but if I lose I will extend being for a maid for a month, master'

The words were extremely tempting to me, even if I hold back my powers to her level she won't be a match for me but knowing her I understood that she won't aim for me but the rest of the people, taking everyone down, thus adding up her points above mine.

With her lineage nothing will be able to hide from her eyes in the forest, it's her favorite playground, though I could tell that she's being cautious as she has no idea about my powers, everything is a mystery but looking at her I understood that she has some sort of trump card up her sleeves to win the match.

'Are you afraid, master?'

Suddenly Sabrina asked, her eyes a bit provoking, trying to smoother into my pride.

'Hehehe...I accept your challenge but don't come crying to me later....'

Even with my words, she kept her cold face as she nodded her head at me.

'Shall I swear on the G.o.ddess?'

'Yes, master'

Hearing so I did the swear with Sabrina listing to me, once it was done I looked back at the screen, the bet between us only took for about a few seconds hence when we focused back everything was done and ready.

"Looks like you all are ready! so go forth and hunt!"

Just as it finished speaking our bodied moved beyond our control as we started to fall into the forest, the view around me became distorted, probably done to not give anyone a head start, and soon I landed on the ground without getting hurt. pus.h.i.+ng away the dirt I tried to use a flight spell only for it to get canceled.

I wasn't surprised as the voice had spoken about flight not being applicable here, spreading my sense I got a good grasp of where I am, having understood so I moved my body and appeared above a tree, leaning against it as I started to sleep.

'Go hunt my maid, hunt, hunt to your hurts content'