The Bloodline System - Chapter 995: Gradier Xanatus's Return

Chapter 995: Gradier Xanatus's Return

Chapter 995: Gradier Xanatus's Return

Gustav had already arrived in front of another two and proceeded to make contact.

Loud bone crus.h.i.+ng sounds could be heard as Gustav squeezed both heads to the point where their skulls were smashed in even with the protective armor covering.


His body blurred once more and he arrived on another side where he punched through the gut of one of the mixedbreeds before proceeding to send a charge of energy through its insides, causing it to blast to pieces.

Once second Gustav was here and in the next second he had already destroyed more than ten mixedbreeds with the help of his physical strength.

However they were still more than a thousand so even with the way Gustav was speedily slaughtering them, they had managed to gather around him.

Gustav clasped his palms together as he noticed he had been completely covered by these mixedbreed.