The Bloodline System - Chapter 989: Officer Fola's Sentimentality

Chapter 989: Officer Fola's Sentimentality

Chapter 989: Officer Fola's Sentimentality

"Officer Crimson asked me to pa.s.s this message across. He says there is no preventing what is coming. If you want the people to survive you have to evacuate everyone," The curly white haired officer said once more.

"Officer Fola, while I understand that this is a message from Officer Crimson, you must understand that evacuation right now is simply just impossible," The other officer with a glowing green colored hair said with a regretful tone.

"You guys don't understand... the lives of everyone is at stake here. This has to be done or..." While Officer Fola was speaking again, the officer interrupted.

"No I do understand but the other cities will not open their borders to anyone from this city and the government is trying to prevent any possible spread so they're allowing it to happen... Evacuation is truly an impossible situation even though this is a request from our saviour," The officer with a glowing green hair stated.

Officer Fola had a look of defeat on his face as he heard this. He turned to the side to look out the window and down below he could spot thousands of Luchan City citizens standing outside a gate with downcast looks.

"They're all gonna die and get turned into infected... I don't think you two understand the severity of the situation," Fola started speaking once more with a decisive look.

He wasn't ready to give up yet in trying to convince these old farts to get the people out of here.

"If the entire city becomes a city of the infected its gonna be worse for the world and the culprits who had orchestrated this whole thing would have won because they will have more infected to control which means they could head to other cities with a larger army," He voiced out.

The two had contemplative looks as they heard this which made Officer Fola face lit up with a hopeful expression.

"I'm afraid it's still not possible..."

His hopes were doused with a bucket of cold water as he heard this response from one of the two high ranking officials.

"If this city ever gets taken over, the higher ups will give the command for it to be blasted off the map which means everything will be destroyed including the infected," The officer explained while placing his hand on Officer Fola's shoulder.

"The only way to save this city is by preventing the infected from breaking through," He added.

This closing remark made Fola feel as though this was an impossible situation.

With the way things were, the city getting taken over by infected was inevitable and evacuation was impossible. It really looked like an hopeless situation.

He turned to stare at the people waiting outside once more, 'Is this how lives are gonna be lost under my watch this night?' He gritted his teeth as he tightened his fist with a feeling of powerlessness rising from deep within.

He left the building a while later to return towards the wall.

As he pa.s.sed the front gate, the people all stared at him with respectful but tired gazes.

He tried not to look at anyone as he moved forward...

"Huh?" He noticed someone tugging at the sleev of his uniform and turned to the side.

"Officer, my mum says we're all gonna die is it true?" A beautiful blue eyed girl who looked no older than six years old voiced out with an innocent tone.

Officer Fola felt his heart tighten as he stared down at this girl. A flashback played in his mind as he squatted in front of her.

"No, n.o.body is dying," He forced a smile as he responded.

"The MBO is going to protect everyone," He added causing the girl's face to lit up with a smile.

"Mother!" The girl voiced out as she turned around with a joyful look and began running towards a young lady behind.

"I told you the MBO would protect us, they're heroes," She voiced out as she ran into the embrace of the young woman who looked quite tired.

Officer Fola turned around at this point and tightened his fist, 'I will protect this city even if its the last thing I do,' He decided internally.

At this same moment, loud blasts began to ring out in the direction of the west.

It was fleeting since the distance from here to where it was going down was far but it was obvious that some crazy battle was going down.

"It has begun," Officer Fola muttered as he leaped into the air.

A blueish aura like glow surrounded him as he blasted across the air with immense speed in the direction of the west.


-The West Wall

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sounds of explosion rang out as multiple officers could be seen below on the ground fighting against the infected that had gotten close.

The ones on the walls were hurling down attacks at the other infected behind causing the entire vicinity to tremble with different types of powerful attacks.

Some officers who were flying were handling some infected who also had flight abilities and it was proving to be a difficult battle despite only having gone on for about five minutes.

Deep within the ranks of these infected Gustav who was clad in a coat of flames charged through their midst as he ripped infected to shreds one after the other.

He was aiming for the weaker infected as he dashed across the place ignoring the stronger ones to cut down their numbers faster.

However while doing this he was also irking the more powerful infected to get them chasing after him.

He knew dealing with them would take a longer time so he evaded their attacks while making sure they continued chase.

His fist tore through the chest of another infected as he proceeded to leap upwards with his arm within it.


A black energy filled ball landed on where he had just leapt from causing an explosion to ring out.

Gustav proceeded to fling the infected his hand stabbed through towards the other infected who had sent out this attack.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

He floated in mid air as he joined his palm together with his eyes glowing an ominous red color.