The Bloodline System - Chapter 985: Helping Out From Space

Chapter 985: Helping Out From Space

Chapter 985: Helping Out From s.p.a.ce

Even if anyone knew of their precise location, Gustav couldn't head to them because he had to join the other officers in protecting the city. He just needed to talk to them so he could pa.s.s on the information he knew about the corpses.

He had no idea if they were aware or not but he knew it was worth the try since this would potentially save them a lot of time if they didn't already know.

He had made use of one of the temporary Bloodline Enhancement Cards he got as a reward from the system for finis.h.i.+ng the one year quest.

After using it on the Mental Manipulation Bloodline, he was able to spread the range of his mental perception.

He just needed to keep speaking in the minds of every life he encountered while spreading out his mental perception and based on the response he would know if the mind belonged to the people he was looking for.

Fortunately he found them and was able to pa.s.s across his message which all led to this moment.

He wanted to help them in pinpointing the locations of the Cemetaries within Gildian City.

It was impossible to use computerized devices in Gildian City so he had to come all the way up here just so he could use one to mark out the cemetaries on the map.

Gustav proceeded to keep the tab that pinpointed these locations and activated G.o.d Eyes.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His sight zoomed down with speed as he locked in on one of the cemetaries.

This was the precise location where Gradier Xantus and Red Shadow were situated.

A spherical shaped purplish orb suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

The orb which was gleaming with bright lights and reddish lightning like arcs swimming around it suddenly began to descend from the sky with speed.


It dropped at an insanely fast speed, heading in the same direction Gustav had his eyes on.

Despite the purplish fog that enshrouded the city, Gustav's sight was still extremely clear from this height while he made use of G.o.d Eyes.


"It's been almost two minutes now, we really don't have time to waste," Red Shadow said with a tone of impatience.

"Yeah but it's Gustav... he's definitely up to something and I'm sure we'll be seeing in a few," Gradier Xanatus stated in response.

Immediately after Gradier Xanatus finished saying that a head sized glowing orb suddenly fell from the sky.

It took them by surprise but in the next instant it stopped falling before it made contact with the ground.

It floated upwards and stopped right in front of Gradier Xanatus. It paused in mid air after arriving in front of him.

Gradier Xanatus turned to glance at Red Shadow with a 'I told you so look,'

They thought they would be hearing a voice next or something but instead the orb began moving.


It turned to head in the southwest direction, causing them to give chase.

Gustav who was far above, was not just leading them to a cemetery but leading them towards the cemetery where he had spotted some people doing shady deeds.

He wanted to be quick with this so he could get down back to Luchan City before the next wave of infected arrived there.

The orb was moving very quickly and both of them gave chase. They were both very quick so it wasn't a problem even when the orb was moving at a speed of two thousand feet per second.


About a minute later, they noticed they were closing in on a particular location and Red Shadow could sense the presence of living creatures.

"We're here," Red Shadow voiced out as they closed in on a particular area.

"We have to head forward subtly at this point... they must not see us coming," Gradier Xanatus also voiced out as he suddenly paused his movement.

Botu of them stood behind a particular tree as they stared at an area up ahead which had broken down fences erected around it.

The orb had also stopped moving at this point and was about to turn around.

"Thanks kid," Gradier Xanatus was unaware of whether Gustav could hear him or not but he still voiced out.

The orb turned around at this point and began to speed back towards Luchan City borders.


Far up in s.p.a.ce, Gustav noticed he had finished playing his part and took his eyes off the area he had sent Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow in.

He had left them to take care of the rest since he knew just how capable they were.

He had to still worry about the side of the city walls he was protecting.

"d.a.m.n it they're close!" Gustav suddenly voiced out with a tone of urgency as he spotted the infected heading towards the west side of the wall.

At this same moment...

[Hover Has Been Deactivated]

Hover got deactivated after it's activation time finished counting down and now it went into cooldown mode.

Gustav began to lose his balance in s.p.a.ce due to this and quickly activated his Flames Death Ace mixedbreed Bloodline, sprouting ma.s.sive batwing from his back.

However even with this he was barely able ti stabilise himself since being in earth atmosphere was a lot different than being in s.p.a.ce.

Gustav knew if he headed down at this point, the infected would get to the wall before he did so he focused intensely at this point even with the bad stability.

His...o...b..flew speedily in the direction he wanted and in a manner of seconds it was already tearing through the ranks of infected from behind.

Gustav waited for a bit till it arrived at the area he wanted it to before stating in his mind, 'Detonate,'


In the west area of Luchan City walls, there were barely any officers standing in this part since Gustav had sent them to a.s.sist the others on the south side.

However, a dangerous situation was currently brewing as large numbers of infected were heading this way.