The Bloodline System - Chapter 983: Clearing A Hoarde

Chapter 983: Clearing A Hoarde

Chapter 983: Clearing A h.o.a.rde

[Power Boost Has Been Activated]

[-500 EP]

Gustav moved the katana to the side as he prepared to swing it. His muscles expanded intensely that it even showed through his uniform.

As the infected closed in, Gustav finally swung sideways with intensity.


A gigantic reddish arc carrying tremendous energy suddenly blasted forth as the ground trembled violently from the sudden outburst.


The grounds split open in Gustav's position as the residue energy from the attacks affected the grounds and every area surrounding him, including behind.

The reddish arc was so gigantic it had streched out to cover no less than half of the area surrounding the walls.

Even before making contact, some of the infected were already getting ripped to shreds by the intense energy it generated.

The officers on the walls watched from above with their jaws loosened as they saw the intense destructiveness the attack was wreaking on the surroundings.

In just an instant, over ten thousand infected were cleared before the arc thinned out and disappeared.

The entire area had been turned into a pit fall as the ground caved in from the attack despite Gustav's attack not aimed at it.

Currently Gustav was floating in the air due to the land caving in from his attack.

Gustav's arms had exploded but he managed to keep the katana back in his storage device before they fell into the pit that had been created.

He was flying armless as he stared at the destroyed surroundings.

Only dark and caved in ground could be spotted for as far as the eyes could see.

He had practically cleared the first h.o.a.rde of infected who were way ahead of the others.

-"How is he so powerful?"

-"I'm a Echo ranked but even I can't do that,"

-"I can't even spot any of the infected right now,"

The officers on the walls behind all had looks of astonishment as they looked downwards.

There were only a few Kilo ranked officers on the walls and they were the ones who were managing to destroy fifty of these normal looking infected with every attack.

However the more powerful infected werre difficult to take down with a single attack sometimes especially when they were also aiming at the wall with their own attacks.

Some MBO officers had already been been hit by attacks which proved just how dangerous those ones were.

The southern side of the wall was still being attacked by the infected who had branched to that side but the ones in the western side had practically been completely cleared for now.

"Go a.s.sist those on the Southern side. I'll take care of this place myself," Gustav voiced out as he flew upwards to have a better view of the environment.

The MBO officers on this side of the wall who were no less than Two thousand five hundred began to move towards the southside after hearing what Gustav had said.

There was no doubt he could hold his own in the meantime since currently there were no infected in sight.

The ones on the south side were having it difficult because the numbers had tilted after some of the infected moved towards that side when they sensed the outburst of energy.

On the southern side of the wall Gustav had also created a pit in front but it had been filled up already.

Some MBO officers who coulf fly could already be seen in the dark sky raining down attacks on the infected that caused the entire vicinity to quake.

Gustav breathed in as he made use of G.o.d Eyes to peer forward.

The rest of the h.o.a.rde behind were already closing in on the wall again. There were no more trees or vegetation in the vicinity as everything had been destroyed from the initial attack.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]

Gustav suddenly disappeared as he turned into a streak of lightning and reappeared hundred miles away instantly.

The infected who was charging forward had not expected to suddenly see someone appeared before him but then he noticed Gustav was armless and lunged forward.

A pair of arms suddenly pushed out from Gustav's intially empty shoulders as he reached out and grabbed hold of the infected head.

"Time to go back to the land of the dead," He muttered as he squeezed.


The head of the infected bursted open like a watermelon that was smashed with a sledgehammer.

Gustav had found himself in the midst of the infected again and all of them were lunging for him.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

[Energy Discharge Has Been Activated]

An outburst of reddish energy suddenly blasted out from his being.



-Gildian City

"How do they keep evading us?" Red Shadow asked as he looked around the vicinity only to see holes all over the place.

"If we had a way of pinpointing all the locations of cemetery within Gildian City it would make things a whole lot easier," Gradier Xanatus voiced out as he inspected the place.

"Now we're only retracing their steps and it's making us slower in catching them," Red Shadow voiced with a sigh.

They had been on this for up to a day now and they had no idea about the situation of Luchan City since they couldn't communicate back to them.

Due to what they had found out recently they knew Luchan City was in real trouble.

If the culprits were gatekeeping some of the infected just so they could gather them in large numbers and send them all at the same time, Luchan City would definitely fall due to the high number of corpses.

"We need to find a way to pinpoint all of the ceme..." Gradier Xanatus suddenly paused as he sensed something.

"Did you hear that too or its just me?" He said with a low tone.

"I heard it as well..." Red Shadow responded with his eyes depicting confusion.

"That voice..." Gradier Xanatus muttered as he stared at Red Shadow.

"It's the kid," Both of them stated at the same time