The Bloodline System - Chapter 95 - Picking A Mask?

Chapter 95 - Picking A Mask?

Chapter 95 - Picking A Mask?

"This particular one as you can see looks like a fox so it symbolizes more than one thing. They are very simple to understand but also contradictory..." The old man paused for a brief moment before continuing, "Back then, it was said that this mask symbolizes spiritual blessings which are received from paying tributes to gods and other supernatural creatures... Whenever people wore it back then it would be to worship their gods before offering a sacrifice... The second symbolism is a simple one. Just as the name implies it's a fox... People that also wore this type of mask were the ones who were crafty and deceitful. They could be the type that is both vicious and heroic should they choose to... Their ability to fool others is said to be the highest," The old man finished explaining and dropped the third mask too.

"Which of the three has caught your interest young lad?" He asked again.

Gustav had a look of contemplation on his face.

He stared at the three masks with his eyes moving from one mask to the other while contemplating their ancient symbolism.

"I'll go for this one," After some time Gustav pointed at the third mask.

The old man smiled in return and packaged the mask for Gustav before calling out the price.

It was only one hundred and fifty rad so Gustav was able to easily purchase it.

The old man waved at Gustav as he left the shop and mixed into the crowd.

After a few minutes had gone by, he was surprised to see Gustav approaching the shop again.

"Did you forget something, young lad?" He asked with a concerned look.

"No I didn't forget anything," Gustav answer had the old man wondering why he would come back in the first place.

"I want to purchase the other two masks," Gustav said.


When it was close to evening time the students finally returned to the hotel.

Today had been pretty adventurous for them.

Gustav also returned with the students.

In the ancient market, Gustav was able to easily meet up back with the rest of the students because he memorized all the routes, twists, and turns he took when leaving them earlier.

He got back to their meeting point without using a map after the time was up.

On his way back he bumped into Angy in the ancient market.

At first, he was surprised to see her and wondered why she would be there alone instead of being with her group.

Upon listening to her explanation Gustav had the urge to facepalm.

Angy was disconnected from the herd of students because she noticed a kid who was lost within the sea of people inside the market.

She decided to help that kid find their parent and after doing that she was unable to locate her group anymore.

The group was also trying to locate her but was unable to.

The ancient market was a really big place so it was very easy for people to miss each other.

After bringing her back with him, the teachers contacted the other group and informed them about Angy being found.

On arriving back at the hotel Gustav was walking towards his room when he heard someone call out to him.

"Gustav please wait!"

Gustav paused his steps and turned around.

He already recognized the voice, "Principal Erwin," he said with a low tone.

Principal Erwin was headed towards him from the entrance and he was able to call out to Gustav before he got to the elevator.

"What can I do for you, principal Erwin?" Gustav asked.

"Gustav, the exchange of knowledge event is tomorrow, please lead the group that will be representing Echelon Academy," Principal Erwin begged.

'Not this again,' Gustav sighed internally.

"I'm not interested principal, find someone else... There are lots of candidates for you to chose from, please don't bother me again," Gustav said with a look of disinterest and turned around.

"Bye principal Erwin," He said and proceeded to enter the elevator.

He didn't wait for principal Erwin to try and convince him because no matter what he had decided not to help Echelon Academy in any way.

Principal Erwin glanced at the elevator that had closed up with a provoked look.

"Looks like I have to call her... I'm sure he will listen to her," Principal Erwin muttered.


Just like that, the night had gone by and the next morning had come.

The students were currently headed for Atrihea city high school.

Today was when the exchange event would truly start and tomorrow was when it would end. They had used the entirety of yesterday to visit important places in the city.

The only place they weren't able to visit that was also known as one of the most important parts of the city was the spacecraft stationed in the middle of the skies above the city.

Yesterday they were told that this was where the MBO branch was located within the city and it was off-limits to non-MBO personnel. Even citizens of the city couldn't visit the place.

Gustav felt that the only difference between this one and the one in Plankton city was, one was located on the ground while the other was in the skies. Just like Atrihea city, the MBO branch in Plankton city was also off-limits to non MBO personnel.

They arrived at Atrihea city high school after some minutes of traveling on the road.

Atrihea city high school happened to be located in a highland area so when they got down from the bus and started walking it felt like they were climbing stairs.

With the large size of the school, if a normal human was to walk around they would easily get tired because it was constantly like climbing the stairs but It wasn't really a difficult thing for the students since the physical fitness of mixed-bloods were higher than normal.

Multitudes of students flocked into the school's hall and took their seats.

Surprisingly when Gustav took his seat he was accompanied by two beauties.

One sat on his left and the other sat on his right.

The students around would occasionally turn their heads to stare at him and point fingers.

Most of them murmured into their friend's ear but Gustav could hear the words of those within his perception range.

"That's him, he survived the attack of the engine room spacecraft without suffering a single scratch,"

Whenever Gustav heard this he would wonder if his explanation yesterday was didn't enter into the ears of the students.

He had given a perfect cover-up explanation yet the scene was still trending in the lips of the students.


A loud voice reverberated across the hall.