The Bloodline System - Chapter 934: Closing The Singularity

Chapter 934: Closing The Singularity

Chapter 934: Closing The Singularity

Gustav reckoned atomic disintegration was far from being as powerful as that. No atomic manipulation ability was powerful enough to get rid of the singularity of this size.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud banging sounds could be heard from behind as different attacks from the guards collided with the wall of iro silk Gustav erected.

Despite how st.u.r.dy the iro silk was, Gustav knew he didn't have much time.

"Can I just blast this entire place off the map?" Gustav said as tens of dark purplish orbs began to appear around him.

Reddish electric-like arcs swam around the orbs as they appeared in numbers causing the s.p.a.ce around to start trembling from the energy the orbs projected due to their numbers.

("Do that and risk blasting Plankton City off the map as well. We have no idea how the singularity will react to making contact with another chaotic energy... Mixing chaos with chaos just brings about more destruction dummy,") The system explained.

"Then stop insulting me and come up with a good idea," Gustav retorted as he moved closer to the singularity.

("Your devouring power... that's the best I can think of right now,") The system suggested.

"Cohilia?" Gustav voiced with a contemplative look.

("Yeah, using its power or rather your power to devour the singularity might be the only way out of this,") The system stated.

"I've tried so many times to use it but it doesn't work... as you said, my body probably sealed it within me because it knows I'm not powerful enough to use it just yet," Gustav said while raising his right hand slightly.

("You have to try again, it might be the only option we have right now,") The system voiced internally.

Gustav sight peered into his right hand and he could still see the multicoloured slanted squares trapped within what seemed like a spherical bubble.

"Alright here goes nothing," Gustav voiced out as he stretched his right hand forward.

His face squeezed up as he tried using the power. He imagined devouring an existence like he did that day in the dungeon. He tried to recall that feeling and kept pus.h.i.+ng his hand forward to try and use the ability.

This continued for a few minutes and still, Gustav was unable to use Cohilia's power.

Bang! Bang!

The sound of the iso silk being broken through could be heard from behind. It wouldn't be long before it gave way from the looks of things.

("It is not working, we have to get out of here,") The system stated.

At this point, Gustav opened his eyes with a look of disappointment knowing the guards would soon break through.

("Come on, Let's go,") The system reminded.

At this point, a crazy thought appeared in Gustav's mind and he began to move closer to the singularity.

("What are you doing?") The system asked.

"I gotta try this," Gustav voiced out as he activated Hover.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

He floated in the air right in front of the singularity. He could feel the intense chaotic energy more now.

He gulped down saliva and began to stretch his right hand towards the singularity.

("Gustav we don't know what will happen if you make contact with the singularity! It's dangerous!') The system yelled in his head once more.

Gustav didn't listen to the yells of the system, he finally pushed his hand through the middle of one of the glowing strings.


A loud metallic sound rang out as the singularity began to pulsate increasingly. Gustav felt absolutely nothing at first but in the next moment, he turned transparent, then...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A chiming sound rang out repeatedly before a blinding multicoloured glow burst forth from Gustav's right hand.

Even after it had disappeared into the singularity, the immense multicoloured glow shone forth from within.

Gustav began to feel intense pain coming from his chest area.

He groaned a little in pain as it increased by the second almost like it was connected to the glowing multicoloured light beaming from his hand which kept increasing in brightness.

The higher the light the more intense the pain to the point Gustav was struggling to breathe as his muscles began to have spasms.

Gustav couldn't hold it in again and screamed out, "ARRGGGGHHHHH!!!!"

The entire vicinity trembled intensely due to his scream as well as the power of the singularity trying to fight back getting devoured.

s.p.a.ce was twisting and turning in this dark place and mini rifts kept appearing all across the place as chaotic energy blasted forth repeatedly.

In the next few seconds, the blinding multicoloured light had encapsulated the whole of the singularity.

And in the next instant...


The singularity disappeared and the multicoloured blinding glow receded into Gustav's right hand.

It made the shape of multiple slanted multicoloured squares cl.u.s.tered together on his palm before disappearing.

Gustav's eyes dimmed and he fell from the air while pa.s.sing out.


-"Breaking News! Luckily no casualties have been reported despite the shockingly widespread earthquake that affected the entire city."

-"The focal point of the earthquake has been identified but it is still unknown what could have caused such an earthquake which covered so much range,"

-"Some city folks living close to the focal point have claimed it was a disturbance underground and they have spotted multiple people in white clothing leaving there with convoys and choppers. It is still an unproven theory..."

All across Plankton City, News of an earthquake was being broadcasted. This was a man made earthquake of course.

The focal point they were referring to was the area where the surface of the underground secret base was located and the earthquake was caused when Gustav was trying to close the singularity.

Everyone had no idea of what had just happened except for those who were underground at the time.

Gradier Xanatus who was currently on site with a few more MBO officers scanned the location thoroughly and found the access to the underground base.

They destroyed the surface area and went in to scan the place.

At the bottom of the platform, Gradier Xanatus scrutinized the place from behind while the MBO officers checked the different laboratories within.

"Its empty sir,"

One of them approached him while voicing out.