The Bloodline System - Chapter 856 - The Devourer Of Existences

Chapter 856 - The Devourer Of Existences

Chapter 856 - The Devourer Of Existences

'What is that thing?' Gustav thought as he slowly walked forward.

All of sudden, strange energy phased out of these slanted squares glowing in the distance.


It spread across the place, dominating the entirety of this finite s.p.a.ce in nearly an instant.


A loud eerie voice reverberated across the place as the squares began to expand.


Bright multicolored light glowed across the place as Gustav paused his steps after finding out he was unable to sense the state of his body.

'What is going on?' Gustav said Internally as he found out he couldn't move.


A white stream of light began to phase out of Gustav, flowing towards the multi-colored squares.

'I am devouring your existence...' He heard a voice answer in his mind.

'What are you?' Gustav asked but there was no response.

This unknown power had an absolute hold over this s.p.a.ce. It was as if it had just woken up from a slumber.

Gustav could feel himself getting drained from the very depths of his soul and he couldn't fight back.

It was one of those times when he could do absolutely nothing. Trying to move wasn't working, channeling his bloodline wasn't working, trying to contact the system was well wasn't working...

He could feel his memories slowly fade, as he got weaker with every pa.s.sing second.

He now understood why Tabitha said he would die if he ever came to this floor. No one was expected to get here because all that would be awaiting them in this unknown dimensional was existential erasure.

How would a person fight against this? There was nothing to throw hands with, the moment a person got here they had entered a world controlled by this unknown existence.

Gustav felt if there was a G.o.d this is how powerful he would expect G.o.d to be. Having the ability to erase someone from existence without them being able to fight against such incredible power.

But what Gustav was most intrigued about was what exactly this thing was and why it was placed here. Obviously, it wouldn't be trapped here if no one would be unable to overcome it.

However, it made sense now that no one was supposed to get here. Gustav felt this thing was probably sealed here just like how Tabitha was also imprisoned on the previous floor.

The person responsible for this would be either Jack or Mack. This meant for this power actually had a limit and wouldn't affect everyone or better still, it could be overpowered.

Thinking about it to this point, Gustav realized that there should be a way to fight this.

The presence itself was stunned internally that it was taking so long to devour Gustav's existence. It felt for someone of Gustav's strength level, he should have devoured him completely by now, memories included.

However, it could be seen that Gustav's body was slowly turning more and more transparent as time pa.s.sed.

While the white stream was flowing out of him he was slowly losing himself.

Gustav groaned internally as he thought of ways he could fight against this power since it wasn't limitless.

'It is devouring my existence... Which means there's a part of me currently within it,' As this thought appeared in Gustav's mind he instantly spread his sense beyond his body.

His senses followed the trail of the white stream flowing towards the slanted multicolored glowing squares, infiltrating it.

'Now I'm inside of you,' Gustav said internally as his mind entered a different s.p.a.ce.

'This earthling! How did you manage to get here?' Gustav could hear the voice of this unknown being in his mind just as the being also heard Gustav's voice in its mind as well.

s s ..

'You're trying to devour me, which means you're giving me access to infiltrate you... Oh, what do we have here?' Gustav chuckled in the mind of this unknown being as he spotted a white light in the center of the s.p.a.ce his mind found itself.

'How did you..? What are you...? Stay away, you vile creature!' The being voiced out with a terrified tone in Gustav's mind.

Gustav disobeyed and sent his senses peering into the white light.

The memories of this unknown being began playing in his mind like a series.


'Oh, you're an artificial lifeform I see...'

'You...? Stay Away from my memories!'

'Looks like you've gone through a lot... Or rather a lot has gone through you,'

'How are you doing this! You're just a mere earth weakling! Stay away!'

'Hmm I see so this is your purpose but you wreaked havoc on earth in the past?'

'You..! Stay Away!!! I will devour your existence even faster!'

A dialogue went on between Gustav and this unknown being in their subconscious as this being continued to devour Gustav's existence.

It seemed to have emotions as it got even angrier the more Gustav spoke and devoured Gustav's existence even faster.

Gustav was mostly phasing through the subconscious of this being not only looking through its memories but also looking for a way to retract everything that had been pulled out from him.

After some time he finally found an interesting memory. The part where the being was attacking earth and how Jack overcame it.

Using this new piece of information, Gustav managed to pause the devouring process.

'...You!!! Do you really think you're powerful enough to stop me from devouring your existence?' The being yelled in Gustav's mind as it increased the power of its pull on Gustav's existence and resumed the devouring process once more.

Gustav internally used every bit of strength he could and a tug of war began between them. This being was repeatedly put in a pause and resume situation as Gustav interfered with the process as much as he could.

Neither side was willing to give up the pull but even with this Gustav knew he was still losing the fight.

The mental and spiritual toll this internal battle was taking on him was not in any way little. If it had been any other person, they would have been long devoured which astonished this being a lot.

It had even managed to put Jack in a tough spot for a brief moment which proved just how almost irresistible its strange power was. Jack being Jack it was expected he would overcome but the same couldn't be said for Gustav who was way weaker in comparison.