The Bloodline System - Chapter 854 - Tsukonomi?

Chapter 854 - Tsukonomi?

Chapter 854 - Tsukonomi?

"Yes Commander Cilia. It was reported by a group who is currently missing a member. They never met the group responsible but they spotted the floor cleared," One of the guards voiced out.

"We have to get down there now!" Commander Cilia voiced out with a tone of urgency.

"Understood!" The guards voiced out as they stormed out of the office with Commander Cilia.

'Let's hope they haven't met Tabitha yet or drastic measures will have to be taken,' Commander Cilia said internally.

Although she was worried, she wasn't too bothered because the floors got way more difficult the lower one went.

Just because the so called group managed to scale the 42nd floor, it doesn't mean they would be able to scale the 43rd and 44th floor. Even if they could, Commander Cilia and the guards felt it would take a lot of time and less than thirty minutes had gone by since they received the information.

"Do we have any information on the cadets in this group or any speculations on who they could be?" Commander Cilia asked as they made their way to the dungeon.

The guards responded with a 'no' and mentioned once again that there had been no sightings whatsoever and even the scene left no clues as to what other abilities were used beside flames.

This made Commander Cilia to think deeply as she recalled the strongest flame user among the final years. Unfortunately this person was below the top fifties on the final years ranking so she didn't believe he was capable of accomplis.h.i.+ng such.

There was no claim of any other clues besides ashes so everyone believed it had to be flames but then things didn't add up the more Commander Cilia thought of it.

They had no idea Gustav was responsible for all that by himself. The power of Yarki gave him the ability to disintegrate anyone within the range that had already fallen under the domination of it's power.

With the experiment of how power it was that Gustav had carried out, he now knew Kilo ranked Mixedbloods could fall under the effect of his Yarki.

This gave him a sense of invisibility but he knew not to use Yarki casually. Only when he found himself in a precarious situation would he activate it.

Gustav was still interested in testing out Yarki to find out it's current limit of dominance but there was no way for him to do that due to the fact that the strength of the Mixedbreeds in the dungeon was not beyond the Kilo rank.

He wasn't even sure if it peak Kilo ranks could be affected but if he wanted to confirm whether or not they'd be, he would have to try it on one of the instructors. Gustav wasn't interested in revealing that he had such ability so he had discarded such thoughts from his mind.

Using it against Tabitha too was out of the question because not only was Tabitha immensely more powerful than even the Delta rank, he was not meant to battle him to get to the next floor.

In a few more minutes, Commander Cilia and the guards had arrived at the dungeon and were headed towards the bottomost part of it with speed.

"HOW DID YOU GET THE ANSWER?" Tabitha voiced out with a surprised tone.

"I told you I was going to employ the help of another source," Gustav responded with a light snicker.

Tabitha had a look of astonishment wondering how Gustav could employ the help of another souce while still in here. Even if he had the ability to communicate with people outside the dungeon or had a communication tool, such devices or abilities would not work here.

What Tabitha didn't know was, the other source Gustav had contacted, lived within him.

The system had made enquiry on this, once more hacking into the database of the MBO to find the answer to this specific question.

The System was not aware of every secret in the universe and on earth, unless it decided to research on a particular subject, it would also remain clueless to some things.

Which was why it was unaware of the existence of intelligent Mixedbreeds on this level.

There happened to be three more Mixedbreeds like Tabitha currently in existence but they were scattered across the world in remote and hidden locations.

Tabitha stared at Gustav once more scrutinizing him. He could sense that this kid was special in some kind of way which had him in deep thought.

'He will die if he gets to the next level and he's not the one... But this kid is special, I should try my best to make sure he fails here so he can head back to the surface. It would be a huge loss on the MBO's part if they lost someone like this,' Tabitha thought with look of generousity.

"Last Question?" Gustav voiced out after noticing Tabitha had been quiet for some time.


"Yeah wouldn't you like that..." Gustav said with his eyes dropped.


"Tsukonomi? What's that?" Gustav voiced out with a look of confusion.

"OH I DON'T KNOW... THE QUESTION IS FOR YOU, NOT ME," Tabitha said with a light chuckle.

Minutes went by and Gustav still hadn't responded. Tabitha had a relieved look as felt Gustav would finally lose a question and get sent out.

("...Yeah so it's precisely where we are right now but that's what it's really called... He's trying to confuse you because the name is not known,") The system voiced in Gustav's head.

'Oh I see...' Gustav responded internally.

He seemed to have been chatting with this system all this time.

"The Tsukonomi was created by Mack," Gustav suddenly voiced out.

"...ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS ANSWER?" Tabitha asked with an inexplicable look.