The Bloodline System - Chapter 809 - How Is He Dodging Them?

Chapter 809 - How Is He Dodging Them?

Chapter 809 - How Is He Dodging Them?

Rays of light looking like lasers in disco parties appeared all across the place, encompa.s.sing Gustav.


The lights tore lines across the icy ground, even cutting through an icy mountain up ahead.

Gustav spun around at this point with his hands glowing a milky-colored light.

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]


A milky-colored starfish-shaped light burst forth from Gustav's palm.

The tentacles part of the starfish-shaped milky light surrounded Gustav's frame as it grew ma.s.sive instantly.

The lights that were initially about to make contact with him touched the glowing milky-colored light and instantly disappeared.

'Huh? My lights... They just got snuffed out?' Rufai was unable to understand what had just happened as he stared at the ma.s.sive milky energy in front.

The lights were usually able to cut through everything, but upon contact with what Gustav had just conjured, everything disappeared.


Gustav made the star-shaped glow spread out, becoming larger in size and disintegrating everything in its path.

Rufai jumped backward as quickly as he could the moment his palm made contact with the milky-colored energy, and he felt all the light covering it disappear.

He felt a part of his foreskin was gone already, and even just the small contact his clothes made with the milky-colored energy, a big part of it had disappeared.

Gustav had to deactivate the power and jumped back, landing on an icy mountain several hundred feet back.

Cracks spread from where they were situated earlier as the hole in the middle extended in radius.

Rufai had managed to get away as well, but this power had terrified him. There was now a ma.s.sive hole in the icy ground.

The ice on the ground extended as deep as a thousand feet since it was man-made. Usually, it was so strong that breaking through the surface would require a lot of strength, and right now, the ma.s.sive hole left within it was so deep that the water underneath could be seen.

Rufai and Gustav stared in each other's direction from over a thousand feet away, standing on the icy mountains opposite each other.

"I don't have to get into close quarters with him before attacking," Rufai voiced out as his spectrum glowing hair floated in mid-air.

Thrrrih~ Thhrrriihh~ Thrriiihh~

b.a.l.l.s of light began to appear in the air around him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A very thin line of laser lights that were not visible to the naked eyes suddenly shot out in multiple numbers.

'He can't counter if he can't see it,' A grin appeared on Rufai's face as he said Internally.

Gustav's tilted his head slightly to the left with speed, to his surprise and everyone's astonishment.

Everyone that didn't understand why he would perform such action was left bewildered.

They came to understand the reason for this a moment later as a ma.s.sive blast occurred behind the icy mountain Gustav was standing on.


A part of the ice caved in, some of the spectators still didn't understand where the attack had come from until Gustav started swerving across the place.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

More blasts rang out as different icy areas on the ground caved in from the effect.

-"Is he dodging an invisible attack?"

-"The attacks must be taking the form of lights that are invisible to the naked eyes,"

Some people from the crowd of spectators could figure it out as they watched.

They were bewildered that Gustav could dodge them so casually like they were visible.

'How is he dodging them?' Rufai could not believe his eyes as his hands waved about, conjuring more lights around him.

He was aware that Gustav was amongst the fastest Mixedbloods in camp, but even the fastest person in the world would be unable to dodge something invisible, or so he thought.

He raised his hand, causing more lights to appear, and clasped his hands together.

All the light merged into one ma.s.sive one, s.h.i.+ning a blinding spectrum of light across the area.


In the next instant, it suddenly shot out a ma.s.sive pillar of light in Gustav's direction.

An atomic blade appeared in Gustav's hand at this point as the beam arrived in front of him in an instant.

Gustav swung it out at full force, causing the part of the light that was supposed to hit him to disappear.


The residual energy slammed heavily into the mountains, causing them to crack as they began to collapse.

Gustav knew this was his cue to move and leaped off the collapsing icy mountain towards the one by the side.

Another beam shot out once more towards the one he had just arrived at. Gustav finally decided to try out an improved ability.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

A burst of gravitational energy spread forth from his being, warping the gravitational force in the area.


The ma.s.sive pillar of light suddenly paused in mid-air as Gustav raised his hand.

Swiping his hand to the side, it slammed into the icy mountain area he had just leaped from.

[Energy Discharge Has Been Activated]

'Now to mix the two up,' Gustav thought as he stretched his palm forward.


A ma.s.sive surge of red energy blasted out from his figure, spreading in every direction.

The three thousand feet tall icy mountain he was currently standing on blasted into smithereens sending chunks of ice in every direction as the energy spread outwards.

Rufai's eyes widened as he created a cl.u.s.ter of lights to surround him. He was also able to turn light in the environment into solid objects, so he instantly created lots of light barriers around himself.



The instant the energy hit, everything in the vicinity was ruptured. The barrier of light he surrounded himself with got blasted apart as the energy slammed into him as well, sending him flying.

The spectators had looks of awe as everything within the barrier was blasted into pieces the moment the energy surge hit, turning the whole vicinity into a world of dew.