The Bloodline System - Chapter 729 - Feeling The Loss Of A Loved One

Chapter 729 - Feeling The Loss Of A Loved One

Chapter 729 - Feeling The Loss Of A Loved One

Thinking about the whole scenario now, Gustav realised that rage and destruction were all he could think about when the DECIMATION skill activated.

The power granted to him with that skill was only capable of destruction.

He recalled how powerful he felt during that period like he could destroy the entire city if he kept going off.

However, now that he was awake, he could feel that something wasn't quite right with the way he felt now due to his body feeling extremely weak.

He felt like he wouldn't be able to channel bloodline energy at the moment.

Gustav held his hand up slightly and stared at it.

'I lost control... Boss Danzo... I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, but I have destroyed the bastards responsible for your death, and I don't regret what happened,' Gustav said internally.

'I know you wouldn't have wanted me to do anything, especially when none of these actions would bring you back, but... I would never be able to live with myself if I had let them get away with this...' Gustav looked down as he thought.

'...Revenge truly doesn't take the pain away...' Gustav didn't know when droplets of tears began to fall from his eyes.

'Even with all that power, in the end, I'm still a miserable piece of shit who was unable to change the outcome of the situation... You were the very first person to ever treat me like I was not an empty space in the world... A leech... A thorn... An invisible entity... A useless existence...'

'Your personality made me have a little faith in humanity... Made me think there might still be hope for the species living on the face of this planet... If there were more people like you, the world would definitely be a better place, but good people get to suffer the worst fates while cruel and merciless people like myself survive and rule the world... It's not fair...' Deep in thoughts, Gustav lamented.

He had never known the pain of losing a loved one, and he never thought he would because right from his childhood days, he couldn't consider anyone a loved one.

He didn't think it would hurt this bad for someone who had been portrayed to have a steel heart.

"Gustav..." Sir ZiL voiced out and placed his hand on Gustav's left shoulder.

"I cannot fathom how much Danzo must have meant to you but you. Sorry for your loss once again, but you have to stay here till we figure out how to handle the situation on the surface," Sir ZiL said with a compassionate tone.

"Alright, thank you," Gustav responded while cleaning the tears off his face.

"I will leave you alone for now and come back sometime later. If you need anything, just tell Zuke. It will meet your demands," Sir ZiL said while pointing at the four feet tall humanoid assistant bot moving about in the lab.

Gustav nodded in response while Sir ZiL proceeded to head out of the lab.

'Four days is enough to get regenerated fully... Am I still weak because of the skill? A backlash, maybe?' Gustav thought as he tried channeling his bloodline.

His body made some weird bubbling sounds for a few seconds before going silent.

'I can barely channel any strength from my bloodlines,' Gustav noticed.

His original bloodline especially was affected, and Gustav couldn't shapeshift in this state. This made leaving the lab even more impossible since he couldn't change his looks. He would instantly be discovered.

"System Interface," Gustav called out.


"What?" Gustav exclaimed with a dumbfounded tone.

"System interface," He called out again.


The same notification as before popped up in his line of sight.

"What's going on?" He wondered.


Another notification popped up in Gustav's line of sight.

'Timer?' His mind quickly brought up a myriad of theories as he saw this notification that didn't give full details.

'I've been asleep for four days now... It says four out of seven which could mean the system became inoperable since I blacked out. Three more days are left till it becomes operational again,' This was the most meaningful theory he could come up with at this time.

He remembered that this was like the time the system had an upgrade over a year ago. He had to wait for three to four days before he could use the system.

However, in this case, he knew it wasn't a system upgrade since the system was whole again. It would need an immense amount of power to upgrade beyond its current state.

Gustav could already tell that this had to do with the hidden rage skill, but he still wondered how and why the system was affected.

'Looks like I have to wait now,' Gustav sighed as he thought.

He hated this feeling of vulnerability, but there was no choice right now.

As he lay on the bed, he suddenly recalled something and jerked up.

"Charisas and the other kid..."

He recalled creating a barrier of iro silk around them, but Boss Danzo was able to appear in front of him and block the hit, which meant the wall was encirclement was broken through.

"If they were among the deceased, it would also be Breaking News since the other kid has a powerful and popular background," Gustav analysed.

"That means they're alive somewhere... Probably hiding away for now. The authorities must be searching for them as well," Gustav felt the survivors must have mentioned the presence of two other kids in the vicinity.

Since both of them were witnesses, the authorities would definitely want their input on what happened. These two were the only ones besides Gustav who knew how the incident began.

'I'll have to ask Sir ZiL to find them for me,' Gustav thought.


In an unknown region, several high-standing MBO officials sat in a board room.

Twelve of them sat around a massive table in the middle, which displayed a holographic image of Gustav dressed in his Cadet outfit.