The Bloodline System - Chapter 727 - Intense Investigation Ongoing

Chapter 727 - Intense Investigation Ongoing

Chapter 727 - Intense Investigation Ongoing

"But whoever this kid is, that was mentioned... We need to figure out his identity as soon as possible. He is the key to finding out what has happened in the city today," The MBO officer voiced out with a tone of decisiveness.


In a flash, three days went by, and the city was finally no longer in a state of emergency.

The news about the incident that took place three days ago had circulated across the whole world as a city hadn't experienced such destruction in a long time except it was at the hand of mixedblood terrorists.

The difference was everyone knew this didn't happen because of terrorists. It was more of a personal vendetta.

Although Burning Sands City closed its borders and prevented travels during this time, there were still lots of authorities coming in from all over the world to assist with the case in the past few days.

The Burning Sands City government was under fire from the world government for not properly governing their city due to the high death toll.

They couldn't wait for the MBO and Police Officers to figure out something, so they could have someone to pin all the blame on and take the fall.

They were starting to regret stopping the MBO from building a tower here.

Such an incident would have been prevented to a certain extent if the MBO forces were higher in the city since it was a mixedblood-related incident.

The number of MBO officers in the city at the time of the incident was no more than fifteen. They couldn't even fan out and handle the affected areas properly due to their low numbers, which was one of the reasons why more destruction happened right underneath their noses, and they couldn't stop it.

At the moment, many powerful MBO agents had been sent into this city to fully investigate and bring down whoever was responsible for the happenings.

The city was still shaken after the death toll was announced to be a whopping amount of two thousand, seven hundred.

In a city of around forty thousand people living within, the number of deaths was already at a high amount.

Fortunately, there were hundreds of survivors, but many of them were in critical condition when they found them.

But in just these three days, every survivor had been treated and already had a full recovery. So right now, the authorities were questioning every single person close to the scenes of the incident.

It had been revealed that the first place destroyed was the industrial district area run by the three Ring Lords, Vanisher, Halow, and Banshia.

The three of them mostly owned the industrial buildings in that area that were completely sunken from the destruction.

Other parts of the city that had suddenly exploded were also places that belonged to Ring Lord Vanisher.

All of his houses and every single landed property that he owned across the city were destroyed.

Some people were able to get out in time, saying they heard a warning in their heads while those who ignored and remained within were burnt to ashes along with the buildings.

As the news upon news of the discovery was released in the past three days, everyone understood that this was a personal vendetta against the three Ring Lords.

The other powerful figures in the city employed more powerful Mixedbloods during this time to protect themselves due to fear that whoever the culprit was would come after them too.

Many citizens were trying to leave the city as well, and those with higher status had already flown out with their families.

The fourth day arrived, and finally, an important discovery was made public about the case...


'Destroy everything!'

'Let everything they have worked for turn into dust!'

'Raze it all to the grounds!'

'Let them feel your wrath!'

'Let them know of your pain!'

'Let their loved ones suffer just as you have!'

Gustav could sense his thoughts getting darker and darker as he felt the will to snuff out the existence of all life around him.

He performed actions of destruction involuntarily and voluntarily at the same time.

He was unable to quench his rage, which birthed his thirst for destruction.

After causing so much chaos, he felt his body weaken as a familiar voice resounded in his head, but he was too tired to listen to anything before passing out in an unknown location.

Flicker! Flicker!

He opened his eyes slowly. His vision seemed a bit blurry for a few seconds before he was finally able to see properly.

A circular glow of light was above him, and the ceiling above looked tiled. It seemed like he was in a standard facility of some sort.

Surprisingly, this facility looked familiar to him.

It had been four days since the incident, and Gustav felt like he had been asleep forever. He could barely feel any form of energy in his body even know he knew he must have been asleep for some time.

Looking around weakly, he could see the laboratory table and equipment in the vicinity.

A bot carrying a tray of chemicals passed by his left side, and he slowly turned his head around to follow it.

"You're awake," A familiar voice resounded from behind.

Gustav could see the back of a twelve feet tall male figure standing towards the left behind him.

"Scientist ZiL... How did I get here?" Gustav asked weakly as he sat up, on the stretcher-like bed.

"I found you... Luckily, I caught sight of you before anyone else did," Sir ZiL voiced out as he stirred some chemicals together in some containers on the table.

"Hmm? What..." Gustav was about to say something when everything started coming back to him.

Memories about Boss Danzo's death and how much havoc he wreaked all came back to him as he held his head. His face squeezed up as his eyes widened.

He recalled vividly the scenes of destruction and the cries of victims in his ears as he reigned down powerful attacks on them.

"Do you remember?" Sir ZiL voiced out as he mixed two chemicals together, and sparks started appearing above.